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Ph.D. Thesis supervised
1. "Reconfigurable Architecture in Resistive Switching Crossbar" , Pravin Sakharam Mane (2009PHXF420G)
      Ph.D. Thesis (Ongoing)
1. " Spectrum Sensing and Perfor   mance Analysis of Cognitive Radio System",
      Mrs. Rajalekshmi Kishore (2012PHXP401G)
2. "Design and Development of Pattern and Polarization Reconfigurable Microstrip Antennas for Wireless                      Applications" ,
      Mr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu (2013PHXF409G)
3.   "Ultra-wideband Microstrip Antenna Beamformer for Wireless Applications",
       Mr. Kadam Bhushan Vinayak (2013PHXF010G)
4.   "Energy Efficient Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network with Sectored Antenna",
       Mr. Shamanth N (2011PHXP405G). 
ME Research Project Supervised
1. Physics, Simulation and Modeling of Nanoscale Devices, Devesh Chandra, 2012.
2. Nanoelectronics, Prateek Bindra, 2012.
3. Schottky diodes and MOS capacitors based on SiC, Pradeep Joy, 2013.
4. Schottky contacts to SiC, Neha Pachauri, 2013.

BE Projects Supervised
1. Implementation of Dual VT dynamic CMOS circuits, Sreesan V, 2009.
2. PC based oscilloscope, Adity Agrawal, 2009.
3. Speech recognition using MATLAB, Karthik M, 2009.
4. Reconstruction of torn-up documents using image processing, M. Alekhya, 2009.
5. Fingerprint recognition and authentication, Abhay Ashok Patil, 2010.
6. Microcontroller based power dissipation analysis and characterization in a circuit through infrared
    imaging, Amrit Devasish Moharana, 2010.
7. Omptimization of filter coefficients using genetic algorithms, Nihar Joshi, 2010.
8. Implementation of  2x2 OFDM-MIMO system using MATLAB, Thirumalesh K C, 2010.
9.Complete design and verification of UART protocol, V Sandeep and T S S Rohith, 2010.
10. Microcontroller based Solar charger, Madhura Kamat and Sindhura Malireddy, 2010.
11. Ultrasound guided Autonomous Robot Navigation, K Arvind, 2010.
12. Design of RISC Processor using Verilog, P Sree Neethika Reddy, 2011.
13. Synthesis, Implementation and Analysis of varios Pass Transistor logic circuits and current mirror circuits,
      V Bhavyashree and N Mahita, 2011.
14. Study of organic optoelectronic devices- OLEDs, Vikas Chauhan, 2011.
15. Character Recognition on a touch screen using PSoC-1, Saksham Bhatla, 2012.
16. Active noise cancellation in headphones, Amrita M, 2012.

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