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  • List of Publications - 2014

    1. Amit K. Verma, Mandeep Singh, Existence Of Solutions For Three-Point BVPs Arising In Bridge Design, Electronic J. Differential Equation, 2014(173) (2014) 1-11. [Published from Department of Mathematics, Texas State University-San Marcos, USA., I.F.: 0.43]

    2. Mandeep Singh, Amit K. Verma, Ravi P. Agarwal, Nonlinear three point singular boundary value problems, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, Accepted (2014).[Springer, IF: 0.46]

    3. Amit K. Verma, Lajja, Higher order time integration formula with application on Burgers' equation, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Accepted (2014). [Taylor Fran cis, IF: 0.721]

    4. Dubey B., Dubey Preeti and Dubey Uma S., Role of media and treatment on an SIR model, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, (2014), In Press, (Korean Society for Internet information, Vilnius University, IF: 0.860)

    5. Upadhyay R. K., Patra Atasi, Dubey B. and Thakur N. K., A predator-prey interaction model with self- and cross-diffusion in an aquatic systems, J. Biol. Systems, 22(4) 2014, 1450028. (World Scientific, IF: 0.955).

    6. Sharma, B. K., Gupta, S., Krishna, V. V. and Bhargavi, R. J. : Soret and Dufour effects on an unsteady MHD mixed convective flow past an infinite vertical plate with Ohmic dissipation and heat source. Afrika Matematika. 25 (3), 2014, 799-821 (Springer),.

    7. Sharma, B. K. : Comments on the paper "A study of induced magnetic field with chemically reacting and radiating fluid past a vertical permeable plate". J. Eng. Phys. Thermo phys 86 (1), 2013, 238-239, (Springer).

    8. R. Mehrotra, V. Jain, C. Shekhar, S.Mehrotra, ‘Genome wide analysis as Arabidopsis Thaliana reveals high frequency of AAAGN7CTTT motif’ Metagene Journal, 2 (2014) 606-615 (Elsevier).

    9. M. Jain, C. Shekhar, S. Shukla, ‘Machine repair problem with an unreliable server and controlled arrival of failed machines’, OPSEARCH, 51(3) (2014) 416-433.

    10. C. Shekhar, M. Jain, S. Bhatia, ‘Fuzzy analysis of machine repair problem with switching failure and reboot’, Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies, 7 (2014) 41-55.

    11. M. Jain, C. Shekhar, S. Shukla, ‘Markov model for switching failure of warm spares in machine repair system’, Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies, 7 (2014) 57-68.

    12. M. Jain, C. Shekhar, Versha Rani, ‘N policy for a multi-component machining system with imperfect coverage, reboot and unreliable server’, Production and Manufacturing Research, 2(1) (2014) 457-476 (Taylor and Francis).

    13. M. Jain, C. Shekhar, S. Shukla, ‘Vacation queueing model for a machining system with two unreliable repairmen’, International Journal of Operational Research, 20 (4) (2014) 469-491 (INDERSCIENCE).

    14. D. K. Maiti & R. Bhatt, Vortex Shedding Suppression and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Square Cylinder due to Offsetting Rectangular Cylinder Towards a Plane, Ocean Engineering (An Int. J. of R& D) 82 (2014), 91-104. (Elsevier, IF:1.178)

    15. D. K. Maiti & R. Bhatt, Aerodynamic Characteristics: Square Cylinder and Eddy-Promoting Rectangular Cylinder Near Wall, Aerospace Science and Technology 36 (2014), 5-20. (Elsevier, IF:1.022)

    16. Sarvesh Kumar and Sangita Yadav, Modified Method of Characteristics Combined with Finite Volume Element Methods for Incompressible Miscible Displacement Problems in Porous Media, International Journal of PDEs, 2014 (2014), 1-16. (Hindawi)

    17. Deepjyoti Goswami, Amiya K. Pani and Sangita Yadav, Optimal L2 estimates for semidiscrete Galerkin method applied to parabolic integro-differential equations with nonsmooth data, ANZIAM J., 55 (03) (2014) 245-266. (Cambridge Journals, IF: 0.829)

    18. S. Kumar, L. Xu, Observational constraints on variable equation of state parameters for dark matter and dark energy after Planck, Physics Letters B 737 (2014) 244-247. (Elsevier, IF: 6.019)

    19. S. Kumar, Probing the matter and dark energy sources in a viable Big Rip model of the Universe, Modern Physics Letters A 29 (2014) 1450119. (World Scientific, IF: 1.338)

    20. O. Akarsu, S. Kumar, R. Myrzakulov, M. Sami, L. Xu, Cosmology with hybrid expansion law: scalar field reconstruction history and observational constraints, JCAP 01, (2014) 022. (IOP Science, IF: 5.877)

    21. O. Akarsu, T. Dereli, S. Kumar, L. Xu, Probing kinematics of the Universe with linearly timevarying deceleration parameter, The European Physical Journal Plus 129, (2014) 22. (Springer, IF: 1.415)

    22. Trilok Mathur, Ruchi Mathur and Deepa Sinha, Characterization and subordination properties for λ-spirallike generalized Sakaguchi type functions, Palestine Journal of Mathematics, 3(1) (2014) 70–76 (Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine)

    23. Trilok Mathur, Ruchi Mathur and Deepa Sinha, Sufficient conditions for generalized Sakaguchi type functions of order β, Turkic World Mathematical Society Journal of Applied Engineering Mathematics, 4(1) (2014) 127-131 (Turkic World Mathematical Society, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey)

  • List of Publications - 2013

    1. Mandeep Singh and Amit K. Verma, [Invited Article] Picard type iterative scheme with initial iterates in reverse order for a class of nonlinear three point BVPs, International Journal of Differential Equation, 2013 (2013), 728149. [Hindawi, IF: 0.5]

    2. Mandeep Singh and Amit K. Verma, On a monotone iterative method for a class of three point nonlinear nonsingular BVPs with upper and lower solutions in reverse order, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 43 (2013) 99–114. [ Springer, IF: 0.46]

    3. A Tiwari and S Deo, Pulsatile flow in a cylindrical tube with porous walls: applications to blood flow, J Porous Media, 16(4) (2013), 335-340 (Beagall House publisher, IF: 0.467).

    4. Pramod Kumar Yadav, Ashish Tiwari, Satya Deo, Manoj Kumar Yadav, Anatoly Filippov, Sergey Vasin, Elena Sherysheva, Hydrodynamic permeability of biporous membrane, Colloid Journal, 75(4) (2013), 473-482 (Springer, IF: 0.735).

    5. Dubey B., Patra A., Srivastava P.K. and Dubey Uma S., Modeling and analysis of an SEIR model with different types of nonlinear treatment rates, J. Biol. Systems, 21(3) (2013) 1350023 (World Scientific, IF: 0.955).

    6. Upadhyay R. K., Naji R. K., Raw S. N., and Dubey B., The role of top predator interference on the dynamics of a food chain model, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 18(3) (2013) 757 – 768, (Elsevier, IF: 2.569).

    7. Dubey B, and Patra Atasi, Optimal Management of a Renewable Resource Utilized by a Population with Taxation as a Control Variable, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, 18(1) (2013) 37-52, (Korean Society for Internet information, Vilnius University, IF: 0.860).

    8. Sharma, B. K.,  Mishra, A. and  Gupta, S. : Heat and mass transfer in magneto-biofluid flow through a non-Darcian porous medium with Joule effect. J. Eng. Phys. & Thermo Phy. 86(4), 2013, 716-725 (Springer).

    9. Sharma, B. K. : Comment on "Steady mixed convection stagnation-point flow of upper convected Maxwell fluids with magnetic field ". Int. J. Phys. Sci., 8(13), 2013,508-509.

    10. Sharma, B. K., Singh, A. P., Yadav, K., & Chaudhary, R. C. : Effects of chemical reaction on magneto-micropolar fluid flow from a radiative surface with variable permeability. International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering18(3),2013, 833-851. (Impact Factor: 1.35)

    11. C. Shekhar, M. Jain, ‘Finite queueing model with multitask servers and blocking’, American Journal of Operational Research, 3(2A) (2013) 17-25 (Scientific and Academic Publishing).

    12. M. Jain, C. Shekhar, S. Shukla, ‘Queueing analysis of two unreliable servers machining system with switching and common cause failure’, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, 5 (4) (2013) 508-536 (INDERSCIENCE).

    13. Devendra Kumar, A computational technique for boundary value problem with two small parameters Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2013 (2013) 1-10.(Texas State University-San Marcos, USIF: 0.426)

    14. Sangita Yadav, Amiya K Pani and E.-J. Park, Superconvergent discontinuous
      Galerkin methods for nonlinear elliptic equations, Math. Comp., 82 (2013), pp 1297-1335. (American Mathematical Society , IF: 1.409)

    15. Sangita Yadav, Amiya K. Pani and Neela Nataraj, Superconvergent discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonselfadjoint and indenite elliptic problems, J. Sci. Comput. 54 (2013) 45-76. (Springer, IF:1.698)

    16. Deepjyoti Goswami, Amiya K. Pani and Sangita Yadav, Optimal error estimates of two mixed finite element methods for parabolic integro-differential equations with nonsmooth initial data, J. Sci. Comp., 56 (2013) 131-164. (Springer, IF:1.698)

    17. S. Kumar, Anisotropic model of a dark energy dominated Universe with hybrid expansion law, Gravitation & Cosmology 19 (2013) 284-287 . (Springer, IF: 0.491)

  • Books Published

    • Numerical Analysis - Devi Prasad
    • Linear Algebra - Devi Prasad
    • Fuzzy Logic - M Ganesh
    • Basics of Computer Aided Geometric Design : An Algorithmic Approach - M Ganesh
    • Optimization & Linear programming - B. K. Mishra
    • Probability & Statistics for Engineers - Richard A Johnson & C B Gupta
    • Quantitative Methods - C B Gupta
    • Engineering Mathematics-I - C. B. - Gupta & A. K. Mallik
    • Engineering Mathematics-II - C. B. - Gupta & A. K. Mallik
    • Application of Optimization in Operations Research - C.B. Gupta
    • Topics in Mathematics - S. Banerjee 
    • Applied Mathematics II - B K Sharma
    • A Text Book of Engineering Mathematics II - B K Sharma
    • Introductory Linear Algebra - B Dubey
    • Engineering Mathematics III - C.B. Gupta, A.K. Malik and V. Kumar
    • Advanced Mathematics - C.B. Gupta, A.K. Malik and V. Kumar
    • Discrete Mathematical Structures - B Kolman, RC Busby, SC Ross Nadeem-ur-Rahman

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