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News Corner

News Corner
  • BITS Pilani Students wins Bosch iNSCRIBE-2015

    Bosch iNSCRIBE is one of the major Campus-Corporate Connect activities by Bosch India comprising of technical paper presentation and a business model round. This time the contest was launched on July 2015 to 31 technical colleges and over 800 students participated in it. After rigorous short listing at multiple stages, the best 15 teams including 2 from BITS Pilani were invited for the Grand Finale of iNSCRIBE 2015 on 23rd & 24th November, 2015. 

    Students from chemical engineering department of BITS-Pilani prepared a novel process for corrosion prevention. The process acts as an alternative to galvanization reducing the hazardous chemicals. The paper was presented in the category of "Metal Engineering". It was selected as the best idea in the category and qualified  for the business model round. The team won the final round showcasing the industrial model for the same. 

     The team was highly appreciated for their novel idea and team members were awarded with internship opportunity at Bosch. 


  • Talk by Prof. Munawar A. Shaik

    Department of Chemical Engineering, BITS, Pilani, Pilani Campus along with IIChE Pilani Regional Center had successfully organized an invited talk by Prof. Munawar A. Shaik, Associate Professor, IIT Delhi on 13th August, 2015. The topic of the presentation was "Planning and scheduling of Batch and Continuous Process Operations". The talk covers different mathematical programming approaches for modeling and solution of process planning & scheduling problems for chemical batch and continuous process operations with applications in refinery, petrochemicals, polymers, pulp & paper, bio-pharmaceuticals, pipeless plants, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing. The talk was attended by faculty members, PhD scholars and students from graduate and postgraduate programmes.

  • WAICEE-2015 Organized

    Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), and Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology 
    and Science, Pilani jointly organized a  workshop on Analytical Instruments for Chemical and Environmental 
    Engineers (WAICEE-2015)" during February 27-28th, 2015.
    WAICEE was organized for the 2nd time after WAICEE during March, 2013. It took a great deal of time and efforts, 
    contributed sincerely and passionately by the faculty, staff and remarkably energetic students of the department.
    Theory & Experiment – are complementary to each other in our systematic and in-depth understanding of Science, 
    Engineering and Technology.This workshop, with this thought in mind, was designed to amalgamate Expert Lectures 
    and Demonstrations.
    The workshop commenced with the inauguration by Chief Guest : Dr. S. N. Chakravarty and Vice Chancellor : Prof. B. 
    N. Jain, in the presence of Director : Prof. G. Raghurama.
    The workshop included 1 Keynote Address, 6 Expert Lectures and 9 Demonstrations.
    They ranged discussing : Reinforcement of Rubber and Latex Compounds with Nanofiller, Thermal Analysis & Surface 
    Characterization, Gas Chromatography ( GC ), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy ( AAS ), X-Ray Diffraction ( XRD ), 
    Scanning Electron Microscopy ( SEM ), Transmission Electron Microscopy ( TEM ), Various techniques for Elemental 
    Analysis and emulsion / suspension / dispersion via multiple light scattering.
    This charged discussion on “theoretical understanding” of various Analytical Techniques, was coupled with 
    “practical in-sight” demonstrated by the use of Analytical Instruments like : TGA, DSC, BET Surface Area Analyzer, 
    GC, AAS, UV-Visible, FTIR, XRD, Dynamic Foam and Volume Trace Analyzers.
    A good overview of Research in the department was shared by Head of the Department. 
    Apart from all this, there was a “Poster Session”  displaying 17 themes sharing a spectrum of relevant and current 
    aspects of research in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. There were participants from  inside and outside 
    BITS. The posters were judged by Dr. S. N. Chakravarty from KPS Consultants, New Delhi and Prof. P.K. Mitra, 
    former professor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. 3 posters were awarded best poster prize : Mr. Ashok Sharma from 
    Chemistry, BITS Pilani (1st), Mr. Shravan Pradeep and Mr. H Sai Raghuram from Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani 
    (2nd) and Mr. Sunil Nahata, Biotechnology, BITS Pilani (3rd).
    A cultural event was organized for participants, guests, speakers and organizers. Ragamalika, a renowned dance and 
    music club in BITS Pilani, taged a music concert "Rasanubhav". The performance, which lasted for a tad more than 
    an hour, showcased assorted styles of Carnatic and Hindustani music. The concert engrossed the audience of 
    students, faculty and attendees of WAICEE 2015 alike. 

  • Dr. Suresh Gupta‚Äôs paper is among the most cited articles

    The paper, “Removal of toxic metal Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions using sawdust as adsorbent: Equilibrium, kinetics and regeneration studies” published in Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 150, Issues 2-3, August 2009, Pages 352-365 ( authored by Dr Suresh Gupta, Department of Chemical Engineering (co-authored with Prof B V Babu) has been listed as one among the most cited articles in the journal since 2008 (Source : The highly rated journal has an impact factor, 3.461.

  • WAICEE-2013 Organized

    The department of chemical engineering and IIChE Regional center, Pilani under the convenership of Dr Pratik N Sheth and Mr Amit Jain has organized the "Workshop on Analytical Instruments for Chemical and Environmental Engineers (WAICEE-2013)" during March 22-23,2013.The objectives of WAICEE-2013 was to equip participants with skills required to handle and operate sophisticated analytical instruments, which are vital in the present research scenario. The workshop provided a sound knowledge of the basic principles of analysis, an understanding of the instrumentation involved and gave opportunity to become familiar with practical techniques. The workshop comprised of two sessions. In the pre-lunch sessions, theoretical aspects related to various analytical instruments were addressed. The post-lunch sessions consisted of practical demonstration on various instruments, which helped  to  consolidate the presentations and discussion. 

     Dr S S Ray, Senior Principal Scientist and Head, NMR, UV, IR, and thermal area of the analytical sciences division of IIP Dehradun had kindly accepted to be chief guest for this workshop. Dr M I S Sastry, Chief Research Manager, Analytical Department, IOCL, R & D, Faridabad; Dr Asit Dutta & Mr Avinash Srivastava, Toshvin Analytical Ltd.; Dr Yogesh Satpute, Global Application/Product Specialist,Perkin Elmer India Limited;  Dr Arvind Sharma, Dr Suresh Gupta, Dr Santosh Padhi & Dr Banasri Roy, BITS - Pilani delivered the key-note lectures. The demonstration of analytical equipment were handled by Dr Harekrishna Mohanta, Dr Pradipta Chattopadhyay, Dr Dipaloy Dutta, Mr Nikhil Prakash, Ms Priya Sande, Mr Ajay Kumar Pani, Mr Utkarsh Maheshwari, Mr Subhajit Majumder, and Mr Basheer Ahmed.

  • Faculty visit to 3rd World Congress on Biotechnology

    Dr. Suresh Gupta, Dr. Smita Raghuvanshi and Mr. Subhajit Majumder attended 3rd World Congress on Biotechnology organized by OMICS Group which was held at Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC), Hyderabad, India during September 13-15, 2012. They presented their research there. The title of their research presentations were:
    • Dr. Suresh Gupta, Utilization of mixed microbial culture to mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Dr.Smita Raghuvanshi, Biodegradation and biofiltration studies for removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Mr. Subhajit Majumder, Bioremediation of Cr(VI) by Acclimated Mixed Culture: Kinetic Study

  • Faculty visit to AIChE Annual Meeting, USA

    Mr. Nikhil Prakash and Mr. Dipaloy Datta, Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering visited USA to present their papers in the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting during 28th October - 2nd November, 2012 in David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, USA.

    The titles of papers were: 

    • Nikhil Prakash, Modeling and Kinetic Parameter Estimation of Ethylene Polymerization with Silica Supported Dimethylsilylene bis (η5-inden-1-ylidene)zirconium dichloride Catalyst using Differential Evolution Approach
    • Dipaloy Datta, Extraction and Back-Extraction Studies of Picolinic Acid Using Tri-n  Octylamine Dissolved in 1-Decanol

  • Professor from NTU visited Department

    Dr. Samir Hemant Mushrif, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has visited Department of Chemical Engineering during 29-30th October, 2012. He has been instrumental in possible collaboration in graduate studies and research between BITS, Pilani and NTU. He met the faculty members of department of chemical engineering and expressed his concern for the possible collaboration in research. In this regard, he has delivered a seminar focusing on his research areas and of various faculty members of SCBE, NTU such as such as Catalysis & Chemical System Engineering, Nanotechnology & Printed Devices, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology and Biosensors & Devices, etc. This insightful and interactive session certainly paves the way for possible collaboration between the two universities. He has also interacted with the UG and PG students. This interactive session includes the information on infrastructural and funding support available for scholarships and research opportunities at SCBE, NTU.


  • SCHEMCON 2012 organized

    8th Annual Session of Students' Chemical Engineering Congress "SCHEMCON 2012"

    Department of Chemical engineering, BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus and the Students’ chapter of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), Pilani Regional Center jointly organized the 8th Annual Session of Students' Chemical Engineering Congress "SCHEMCON 2012" with the theme "Energy Efficient Technologies for Green Environment" during 21st-22nd September 2012.

    The inauguration session of SCHEMCON 2012 started with prayer to Goddess Saraswati (vandana) performed by the group of Prof. Anil Rai on 21st September morning. It was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest Mr. P. Vijayaraghavan, President of IIChE and ex-President of Reliance Industries Ltd., Vadodara Manufacturing Division and other members sitting on the dais. During the ceremony, there were esteemed guests available from the various fields of Chemical engineering society such as Dr. Ashim Kumar De, Honorary Secretary of IIChE, Prof. V K Rattan and Mr. C.P. Ramulu, Vice Presidents of IIChE and other IIChE council members. The guest of honor for the inauguration was Prof. G.Raghurama, Director, BITS-Pilani, Pilani campus.

    The total participants registered for SCHEMCON 2012 was 397 of which there were 89 female and 308 male candidates. There were 122 IIChE student members and 16 IIChE council members present during SCHEMCON-2012. The total number of papers presented was 141. There were participation from 56 colleges including 4 IITs (Kanpur, Delhi, Madras, BHU) and 2 NITs (Jalandhar and Durgapur). Some of the colleges with top participations were MVGR College of Engineering- Vizianagaram (72 Nos.), St. Joseph's College of Engg-Chennai (34 Nos.), BITS Pilani-Pilani Campus (30 Nos.), Annamalai University (30 Nos.), Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engg.- Visakhapatnam (29 Nos.),  &  NIT Jalandhar (28 Nos.).  

    There were total 6 technical sessions with 10 themes (Bioprocess Engineering & Biotechnology  (BEB), Energy Engineering  (ENG), Environmental Engineering  (EE), Modeling, Simulation & Optimization (MSO), Petroleum Engineering  (PE), Process Control & Instrumentation (PCI), Reaction Engineering  (RE), Separation Techniques (ST), Transport Phenomena (TP),New Materials and Polymers (NMP)). 9 key note speakers delivered their talk on the various aspects of the theme “Energy Efficient Technologies for green Environment”. A technical quiz was also been conducted in two stages – one elimination round and a final round. The technical quiz was uniquely designed under the able guidance of Dr. Pradipta Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering.

    There was also an MP Chary Memorial Award for which, there were 10 applications received out of which 5 were shot listed for final presentation, but only 4 could present their work . Mr. Sandip Patil  from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian institute of Technology Kanpur was awarded the MP Chary Memorial Award which contains a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and a medal. The cash prize was given here and the medal will be given in CHEMCON 2012 to be held in NIT Jalandhar during December 27-30, 2012.

    The best papers in each of 6 technical sessions and the winner and runner up teams in technical quiz were also awarded.

    There was a cultural night organized for the participants in the institute auditorium on 21st September evening followed by the gala dinner at VFAST hostel.

    The valedictory session for the conference was conducted on 22nd September 2012 evening. The chief guest for the function was Mr. P. Vijayaraghavan and the guest of honor was Prof. R.N.Saha, Deputy Director (Administration), BITS-Pilani.

    The student delegates as well as the IIChE council members expressed their deep satisfaction on the successful conduction of the conference. The IIChE president Mr. P. Vijayaraghavan remarked it as a benchmark for the future SCHEMCONs.


  • TACEE-2012 Organized

    A two day conference on Technological Advancement in Chemical and Environmental Engineering(TACEE)-2012 was successfully organized by our Department of Chemical Engineering from 23-24 March 2012. There were more than 200 participants from all over the country. Director of Central Electronic Research Institute (CEERI), PIlani had inaugrated the conference on 23rd March.

  • Faculty Visit to Dubai

    Dipaloy Datta visited Dubai from December 28-30, 2011 to attend International Conference on Biology, Environment and Chemistry (ICBEC-2011). There he have presented a paper titled "Statistical Modeling and Differential Evaluation Optimization of Reactive Extraction of Glycolic Acid".
    The paper is also awarded Best Paper of the session.

  • Faculty visit to Malaysia

    Dr. Suresh Gupta, Dr. (Ms.) Smita Raghuvanshi, Mr. Utkarsh Maheshwari and Mr. Subhajit Majumder visited Malaysia for participating in 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (ICCE 2011) organized by Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment(RJCE) from 27th to 29th May, 2011. The theme of the conference was Recent Avances in in Chemistry and Environment.
    Mr. Utkarsh Maheshwari has also chaired a session during the conference for which he was also felicitated by the organizers.
    The papers they have presented there were
    • Maheshwari, Utkarsh and Gupta, Suresh, "Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Cr (VI) Removal from Aqueous Solutions using Activated Neem Bark". Proceedings of 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (ICCE-2011) in association with International Partners, Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Senbilan, Malaysia, May 27-29, 2011.
    • Majumder, Subhajit, Raghuvanshi, Smita and Gupta, Suresh, “Biodegradation Kinetics of Cr (VI) by Acclimated Mixed Culture”. 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (ICCE-2011), Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Senbilan, Malaysia , May 27-29, 2011.
    • Aditya, D., Parmar, Rohan and Gupta, Suresh “Nano-adsorbents for Wastewater Treatment: A Review”. 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (5th ICCE-2011) at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson , Malaysia from 27th to 29th May 2011.
    • Raghuvanshi, Smita and Gupta, Suresh, “Environmental Impact Assessment of Metro Rail Project”. 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (5th ICCE-2011) at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson , Malaysia from 27th to 29th May 2011.

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