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  • Research

    The Department is involved in quality research in multidisciplinary areas. Research work in the department can be broadly be classified in following groups,

    • Astronomy and Cosmology
    • Atomic and Molecular Physics
    • Condensed Matter Physics
    • Nuclear and Particle Physics
    • Optical and Plasma Physics
    • Statistical Physics and Complex Systems
    A brief presentation of departmental research profile can be downloaded from here. 
    Various research groups along with their members are listed as follows,
     Astronomy and Cosmology:
    • Biswanath Layek : Phase transitions in the early universe, Baryogenesis, Lithium problem in Big Bang Nucleosythesis (BBN)
    • Kaushar Vaidya : Observational Astronomy, Star formation
    • Tapomoy Guha Sarkar : Cosmological structure formation, Understanding of the nature of Dark energy

    Brief presentation of the activities of the Astro club can be downloaded from here

    Atomic and Molecular Physics:
    • D.D. Pant : Excited state dynamics, surface second harmonic generation, fluorescence up-conversion.
    • Rakesh Choubisa : Study of ionization differential cross-section and its applications
    • Kusum Lata : Collision of microscopic particles
    Experimental Condensed Matter Physics : 


    Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics :

    • Navin Singh : DNA protein interaction, biopolymer zipping unzipping transition dynamics
    • Debashis Bandyopadhyay : Nanoclusters and cluster assembly, Alloys phase diagram, superatoms, Li-ion batteries, Catalysis, H2 storage, TM@Si,Ge clusters
    • Niladri Sarkar : Nanostructured Transport, Physics of Nanoscale Devices, Electronic Transport of Mesoscopic Systems
    • R.R. Mishra : CNT, CNT-FET
    • S.N. Karbelkar : Physics of Graphene 

    Nuclear and Particle Physics: 

    • Biswanath Layek : QCD Phenomenology, QGP physics in the context of URHIC
    • Madhukar Mishra : Particle physics beyond standard model, QGP, Heavy ion collision, AdS/CFT correspondence and its application to QCD
    • Rishikesh Vaidya : Particle physics beyond standard model including supersymmetry, neutrino physics and flavor physics

    Optical and Plasma Physics :

    • Amol Holkundkar : Laser Plasma Interaction, Atomic clusters, Particle acceleration, Particles-in-cell simulations
    • S. N. Karbelkar : Quantum Optics, Wave propagation in random medium 

    Statistical Physics and Complex Systems:
    • J.N. Bandyopadhyay : QM in biological processes, Quantum nonlinear dynamical systems and random matrix analysis
    • Kunal Bhattarchaya : Collective motion in different systems, Structure and function of social, biological and economy networks
    • Niladri Sarkar : Application of Markov chain, Mesoscopic and Atomistic transport
    • Rakesh Choubisa : Application of non-linear discrete maps in cryptography
    • Navin Singh : Phase transitions in biological systems, Breaking of polymer networks

  • Funded Projects


    Projects: (ongoing projects, sanctioned/completed this year):  08 Running : 06 Approved


    Sponsoring Agency



     Theoretical Study of Electron impact double ionization of atoms and molecules (Approved) DST - SERBRs. 22.63 lacs Dr. Rakesh Choubisa 
     Studies on Quarkonium Suppression in Asymmetric Nuclear Collision at LHC (Approved) DST - SERB Rs. 16.11 lacs Dr. Madhukar Mishra
     Dynamical and Topological Properties of Floquet Systems: A comparative study of perturbative schemes (Approved) DST - SERBRs. 19.12 lacs  Dr. J.N. Bandyopadhyay (PI), Dr. T. G. Sarkar (Co-PI)
     Generation and Characterization of Attosecond Pulses with Specific Polarization and its Applications (Approved) DST - SERB Rs. 19.7 lacs Dr. Amol Holkundkar (PI), Dr. J.N. Bandyopadhyay (Co-PI)
     Soft Computing framework based Integrated Multi Sensor Array for Water Quality Assessment: Targeting Fluoride as major parameter (Approved) DSTRs. 40 lacs    Dr. K K Gupta (PI), Dr. R. K. Gupta (Co-PI) 
     EXAFS Investigations on Polymer nanocomposites (Approved) DAE CRSRs 11 lacsDr. Anshuman Dalvi 

    Development of surface

    plasmon resonance with

    a novel optical design.

    DST sponsored under Instrument Development Programme

    Rs. 25.6 lacs

    Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta

    (Co-PI: Manjuladevi.V)

    Steady state measurements of

    Fluorescent molecules in

    restricted environments


    Rs. 11.63 lacs

    Dr. D. D. Pant

    Time-resolved Spectroscopy of Fluorescent Molecules in Micellar Systems.

    DST Major project

    Rs. 55.5 lacs

    Dr. D. D. Pant

    Investigations on QuarkGgluon

    Plasma through quarkonia suppression in QCD matter.


    Rs. 11.40 lacs

    Dr. Madhukar Mishra

    Study of Indus Valley Scripts Through Linguistic and Markov Chain Methods

    Indian National Academy

    Rs. 6.8 lacs

    Dr. Niladri Sarkar

    A multiple-scattering computing

    platform for nanomaerials

    Marie Curie International

    Research Staff Exchange Scheme

    (IRSES) of the European

    Commission (EC) (7th

    Framework Programme (FP-7))

    € 25,200

    Dr. Rakesh Choubisa

    Design and characterization of

    eletrochromic rear view mirrors

    using conducting polymers

    DST major

    Rs. 24.35 lacs

    Dr. S. Sindhu

    (Co-PI: Manjuladevi. V)

    The study of post-reionization HI distribution using the redshifted 21-cm signal and Ly-alpha forest towards understanding cosmic acceleration

    DST fast track

    Rs 10.38 lacs

    Dr. Tapomoy Guha Sarkar

    Study of laser interaction with atomic clusters and preformed plasmas

    DST Fast Track

    Rs. 15 lacs

    Dr. Amol Holkundkar

    Growth and Characterization of Substrate Supported Transition Metal Nanostructures Useful for Catalytic, Electronic and Sensor Applications

    BITS Research Initiation Grant

    Rs. 2 lacs

    Dr. Subhashis Gangopadhyay

    Transition Metal Induced Epitaxial Growth and Characterizations of Single layer Graphene : a High-Tech Material for Next Generation.

    UGC Start up Grant

    Rs. 6 lacs

    Dr. Subhashis Gangopadhyay

    Preparation and CharacterizationThin films of electrochromic polymer and fabrication of smart pixel display


    Dr S Sindhu

     Detection of contaminants in water using functional ultrathin films  BITS Pilani  Rs. 9.35 lacs
     Dr. Raj Gupta and Co.PI. Dr. Paritosh Skukla 
     Thermodynamic studies of force induced transitions in DNA in crowded environment DST-SERB  Rs. 18 lacs
    Dr. Navin Singh
    Completed Projects:


    Sponsoring Agency


    Design and characterization of electrochromic rear view mirrors using conducting polymers

    DST's Instrument Development Programme

    PI: Dr. S. Sindhu
    CO-PI: Dr. Manjuladevi V.

    Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument using a Novel Optical Design  DST Fast Track
    PI: Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta
    CO-PI: Dr. Manjuladevi V.
    Crystallization studies on AgI & CuI based superionic glasses  DST Fast Track    Dr. Anshuman Dalvi
    Study of spin polarization of electrons in the relativistic (e,3e) process in atom  DST Fast Track Dr. Rakesh Choubisa
     Studies on electo-optic efect of liquid crystals DST Fast Track
    Dr. Manjuladevi V.
     Force induced unzipping in biopolymers UGC-Major Dr. Navin Singh
    UGC's Special Assistant Programme (SAP), DRS-I
    Coordinator: Dr. R. R. Mishra
    Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta

  • PhD Qualifying Syllabus

    Click here to download the PhD qualifying syllabus. 

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