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Recent Book / Book Chapter(s) & Patents

Recent Book / Book Chapter(s) & Patents

Recent Book / Book Chapter(s)

  • Bhand S., Bacher G. (2018) Impedimetric Sensors in Environmental Analysis: An Overview.      Environmental, Chemical and Medical Sensors, Springer. online on 23 Dec. 2017.
  • Nitin Sharma, A. Anpalagan and M. Obaidat (Mohammad Obaidat, Petros Nicopolitidis, Faouzi Zarai Editors of the book) "Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks and Systems" Elsevier's publication.
  • Nitin Sharma, A. Anpalagan, M. Obadiah, Modelling and Simulation of Computer Networks and Systems, Elsevier, 2015, Evolutionary Algorithms for Wireless Network Resource Allocation, pp 629- 652.


  • K.R. Anupama, Neena Goveas, Lucy Gudino, Barathy S Multi-Parameter Cross Layer Dynamic - Hierarchal Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring of Cross Country Gas Pipelines, Process Plants and Customers. [Provisional Patent Filed: Appl No. TEMP/E-1/13846/2015-MUM]
  • Bhand Sunil, Chandra Sudhir, Pandya Hardik, Bacher Gautam & Kanun Go Lizy“Device for Analysis of Mycotoxins” Filed as
(a) Indian Patent Application No.1203/MUM/2013 filed on 28 March 2013, Publication date: 10 july 2015.
(b) PCT International Application PCT/IN2014/000176, Publication number WO2014155391 A2, Publication date 2 Oct. 2014 also published as WO2014155391A3.
(c) UK Patent application 1517725.6 (2015)

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