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Department of Civil Engineering

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Welcome to the Civil Engineering Department of BITS Pilani-Dubai Campus. With Dubai slated to host the 2020 World Expo and with the growing opportunities for Civil engineers… in the UAE and Gulf countries, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus introduces offering of B.E. Civil Engineering programme from the academic year 2016-17. 

Civil Engineering is instrumental in developing country’s infrastructure as it deals with planning, design, construction, sustenance and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment that improves and increases mobility and convenience for its society. While the traditional side of civil engineering education focuses on structures, buildings and bridges, foundations, ports and waterways, energy and industrial facilities, and transportation, there is now a growing trend to branch into other areas of critical importance to society like environmental engineering. Construction management, transportation logistics, sustainable development, smart cities, infrastructure management and disaster recovery, which have also become important components of today’s Civil Engineering education. Civil engineers work to protect society from natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, as well as help manage our water and energy resources. As their work is crucial to the day-to-day lives of most people, civil engineers bear an important responsibility to the public.

The department offers First Degree programme with the modular structure and various flexibilities which includes options such as Electives, Practice School components etc. The curriculum provides broad-based foundation to the Undergraduates. Students experienc by enhancing their conceptual knowledge and skills of engineering design, planning, execution and management through varied specialized course work in Structures, Construction materials, Water Resources, Transportation and utility lifeline systems, Environmental engineering and infrastructure management under the guidance of experienced faculty. Practice School is a unique component of BITS Pilani programmes wherein the students are exposed to the professional world through Industry internship for seven and half months and get hands on experience in solving real life problems within the 4 year programme.

Civil Engineering graduates are highly sought after by design firms, engineering consultants, materials manufacturers, and government agencies, in addition to contracting and construction companies. Graduates will have an option to work as Project engineers, Structural designers, Transportation planners, Technical sales engineers, Engineers at construction site, Design researchers and so on. The field remains very popular with a number of industries, not only in construction, but also with government agencies such as Roads and Transport Authorities, Electricity and Water Authorities, and Real Estate Development Authorities.
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The department has been involved in various research activities in the thrust areas as mentioned below.

  • Environmental Engineering: Water quality management, Transport theory, Waste minimization and sustainability, Physical and chemical processes in environmental systems, Hazardous Waste Management, Groundwater Contaminant Transport modeling and Simulation. 
  • Water Resources Engineering: Reservoir Optimization, Drip Irrigation, Sustainable water resources development, Water quality and quantity management modeling, Optimization and soft computing techniques in water supply and wastewater treatment systems, River basin planning and Watershed hydrology, Rain Water Harvesting, Ground water modeling. 
  • Soft Computing in Civil Engineering: Application of Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithm, Optimization, Multi-criterion Decision Making (MCDM) system. 
  • Transportation Engineering: Rural accessibility planning, Traffic Flow Modeling, Traffic Engineering, Capacity and Level of Service analysis, Public Transportation System Planning and Management, Recycling of materials, Pavement Management.
  • Green Buildings: Passive solar architecture, Solar energy, Building performance simulation, Energy efficient building materials, Life cycle cost analysis, Sustainable Architecture, Energy Efficient Building Design.
  • Planning and Management: Construction and infrastructure Planning and Management.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering. 


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Currently the Department of Civil Engineering is offering First Degree and Doctoral Degree programmes at Dubai Campus. The programmes offered are as follows:


  • B.E. (Civil Engineering)
  • Ph.D


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Our faculty have extensive experience in industry, research as well as teaching. Our staff members typically have a high sense of purpose and derive great meaning from working together to ensure that BITS Pilani's academic and research excellence is sustained.

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