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UAE Entry and Visa FAQs for returning students

UAE Entry and Visa FAQs


Is it safe to travel to UAE?

You may be aware that UAE and particularly Dubai, is one of the safest destinations in the current scenario and is 100% operational by adhering to the normality with all the safety and precautionary measures in place. UAE is named among the top 10 safest places during the pandemic (

Can we enter the Country after 180 days?

The UAE Government has announced extension of residence visa and permitting to travel beyond 180 days requirement. However  you need to take mandatory procedures to travel back

What are the mandatory procedure to return to UAE?

According to the information collected by us regarding return of residence visa holders to UAE, please note that the following steps need to be followed.

Step 1.  Checking the Visa Validity.

Step 2.  Checking the authenticity of travel document

Step 3. Getting Entry Approval. 

Step 4.  Book your Air Ticket

Step 5.  Undergo COVID - 19 Test 

Step 6.  Health Declaration Form 

                                                 Checking the Visa Validity

How and why to Check my Visa Validity?

Visa of some residents got expired in the Lockdown period. Considering the COVID-19 situation,  UAE Government extended the Resident Visas of the UAE residents. Indian Immigration Officers may also need you to have a minimum validity of 3 months before travelling to UAE. If your Visa has expired in your passport or is having a validity of less than 3 months at the time of travel, please check the current validity of your Residence Visa extension by clicking the link below  

When the link is opened you will find File Validity Heading

Next will be Search by – File name (Already will be enabled)

Next Select Type – Residency – (Already will be enabled)

Then File Type – Emirates Unified Number (Your Emirates Identity Number–Type continuously without - )

Next select Nationality – India

Then type Date of Birth in the specified format

Click Search

You will get a tick mark with comment in bottom of the page

Please take the printout printed and carry it along with you while travelling to UAE

 Checking the authenticity of travel document

How can I check the authenticity of my travel Document?

The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship has recommended to upload your data- Emirates ID number, passport and nationality to verify the authenticity of your travel documents on the  

Click the link

Type Emirates ID Number

Passport Number

Passport Type – Select

Current Nationality – Select

Then click search

 Please take the printout and carry with you while travelling to UAE.

                                                Getting Return Entry Approval

Why and How can we apply for Getting Return Entry Approval?

It is mandatory to get the Return Permit for entry for Dubai residence visa holders.

Entry Approval can be obtained from General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs- Dubai(GDRFAD) only for Residence Visa holders of Dubai. 

You need to register for getting GDRFADthrough the link   under the head {Registration for residents outside UAE}.  

  The Studenthas to apply with following information:

Residence No. xxx/xxxx/xxxxxxx (File No) – Please see her visa page stamped in her passport

Nationality : Select India (Code 205)

Year of Birth :xxxx

Then click continue

In the next page you have to select coming from the country and the arrival airport should be Dubai and provide your email id and  contact information, then click the undertaking for quarantine.

Click continue and in the third page you can attach documents

Attach Passport first page, visa page, last page and Emirates Identity Card (front & back)

Then click submit

You will get submission confirmation. You will get Return Permit by email along with a health declaration form within two days normally.

Print the permit and carry it during your travel along with the filled up forms attached with the permit.

What I should do in case of GDRFAD rejection?

In case of any application getting rejected, you need to apply again. In some instances, people have got approval from the authorities after their request were rejected multiple times. Hence no need to panic and keep applying until you get the approval.

Which Airport I need to take for travel?

We advise students with Dubai Residence Visa to land at Dubai Airport.

                                                            COVID 19 PCR TEST

Why should I need to take COVID test from the place where I live now?

It is mandatory to get yourself tested for Covid-19 (PCR Test) in approved centers to enter UAE.


Which are the Covid 19 test approved Centre recognized by UAE?

The following link provide the details regarding checking centres in general 


At India you need to check at any ICMR approved laboratory nearest to your home town.  Link to list of approved laboratories by ICMR is also given.

All passengers should have the negative PCR result issued by approved Centers not more than 72 hours prior to arrival in the UAE. 


 Whether the COVID 19 test should have 72 hours or 96 hours prior to travel?


It is better to do the covid 19 test 72 hours prior to travel. Also you can check about the same with your Airlines.

Where can we get the Health Declaration Form?

You will receive the form along with the Return entry approval explained above. Fill the Health Declaration form and print.  

                                    Health Declaration Form

What answer we need to provide in the health declaration form with regard toAccommodation if we BPDC Hostlers?


1.What type of accommodation? - Single Accommodation Flat

2.If shared accommodation how many people are living in the shared accommodation? Not applicable

3.Will I be able to self isolate - yes

4.Do I have a separate toilet ----- It is a shared toilet

5.Will I be able to fund my stay if isolation is required.- Yes* (*here you can write yes if you have the valid insurance if you dont have either apply medical insurance  through BPDC or personally which covers the COVID 19



Where  is the COVID  - 19 (PCR) Test done in Dubai,UAE after landing?

Upon your arrival, you will be tested for Covid-19 at Dubai Airport as well. you  will be given instructions related to Covid-19 by Airport authorities, after which you will be allowed to return to your residence/hostel.  

Explain the quarantine and self Isolation?

The quarantine is required only after the clinical assessment of  the individual shows the covid-19 Symptoms or if the PCR Test is positive. If none of these conditions exists then quarantine is not required.


Is it necessary to take the medical Insurance?


Medical Insurance is mandatory for visa stamping in UAE. Also BPDC has facilitated a comprehensive medical insurance coverage  with direct billing service which covers COVID-19 as per the coverage terms and conditions of the medical insurance service provider other than following  the normal guidelines of the health Authority of UAE especially Dubai



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