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For an institute like ours imparting cutting edge technology to our students, we understand that engaging in high quality research is vital to keep up in the forefront. We emphasis on research by offering dissertation option for both undergraduates and higher degree students in addition to practice school .Our dept has well equipped computer labs with all the software required to carry out advanced research. In fact we are in the process of getting latest Microsoft software tools including window 7.5 mobile programming tool Mango, windows Azure programming tool, Visual studio 2010, exchange servers, and other tools through an academic alliance with MSDN .In fact students from other depts. also can make use of the above MSDN academic alliance facilities. The above tools will facilitate students to undertake advanced research in emerging areas like cloud computing and mobile computing. Research in CS department is mainly focused on areas of Web Services and Security, cloud computing, Software Engineering and Component based modeling, Computer Networks protocol verification, Web Mining and Data Mining and mobile computing. Students pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can work on a Thesis for a period of six months in the final year of the program. Our students and faculties from the CS Department have contributed to high quality publications in reputed international/national conferences and journals.


A. Publications: 

1. Alina Zaidi, Siddhaling Urolagin, "Worldwide Gross Revenue Prediction for Bollywood Movies using Hybrid Ensemble Model" Accepted in Int. J. of Business Intelligence and Data Mining, 2018. Index: Elsevier Scopus.

2. Siddhaling Urolagin, "Sentiment Analysis, Visualization and Classification of Summarized News Articles: A Novel Approach" in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), Volume 9 Issue 8, pp. 616-625, August, 2018, Index: Web of Science, Scopus.

3. Siddhaling Urologin, Sunil Thomas, "3D Visualization of Sentiment Measures and Sentiment Classification using Combined Classifier for Customer Product Reviews",  International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), Volume 9 Issue 5, pp. 60-68, June, 2018. Index: Web of Science, Scopus.

4. Rida Khan, Siddhaling Urologin, "Airline Sentiment Visualization, Consumer Loyalty Measurement and Prediction Using Twitter Data", in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), volume 9, issue 6, pp. 380-388, 2018. Index: Web of Science, Scopus.

5. Yang Yang, Siddhaling Urolagin, Abhishek Niroula, Xuesong Ding, Bairong Shen and Mauno Vihinen, "PON-tstab: Protein Variant Stability Predictor. Importance of Training Data Quality", in International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(4), March, 2018. Impact Factor 3.22, Index: Science Citation Indexed, Scopus, Web of Science.

6. Praseetha and S.Vadivel ,”Deep Learning models for Speech Emotion Recognition”, published in Journal of computer science, NOV   2018, 14 (11): 1577.1587 (scopus indexed journal)

7. Milu Mary Philip, Vaibhav Shah and Vijayakumar , Estimation and Generation of Software Architectural
Specification to Handle Variation Points, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Vol. 28, No. 10 (2018), World Scientific Publishing Company, Oct. 2018. pp. 1517-1534, indexed in Scopus and SCIE.

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10. Raja Muthalagu, " Modifying the structure KASUMI to improve its resistance towards attacks by inserting FSM and S-Box” Journal of Cyber Security Technology, Taylor & Francis,(Accepted in May. 2018).

11. Raja Muthalagu, "Both the Single user and Multi user MIMO System Design with Individual Transmit Power Constraint and Improper Constellation” International Journal of Space-Based and Situated ComputingInderscience Publishers, (Accepted in May. 2018). (SCI)

12. Raja Muthalagu, "A novel Nonlinear and Non-iterative Precoding Technique for Single and Multi-user MIMO Systems” Wireless Personal Communications, Springer, (Accepted in Jan. 2018). (SCI, SCOPUS)

13. Raja Muthalagu, "Transceiver Design for MIMO Systems with Individual Transmit Power Constraints", Int. Journal of Electrical and computer engineering. Vol.8, No. 3, 2018. (SCOPUS).

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19. Milu Mary Philip, Vijayakumar B, Department of Computer Science, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Dubai, UAE, Design and Implementation of Combinational Software Architecture for Batch Image Processing System, International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Application Vol.11, No.6 (2017), pp.79-88, Science and Engineering Research Support Society, South Korea. 

20. Ramakrishnan Raman, Dr. S. Vadivel and Dr. Benson, "A Framework for Cost-Effective Distributed Data Mining in academic institutions using Intelligent Agents", IEEE Conference on Information Technology Trends,2017, Higher Colleges of Technology, Oct. 2017,1.UAE. 

21. Zaidali Khoja and Sujala D Shetty, ”Hybrid Recommender System for College Courses”,2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI’17) Dec 14-16,2017,Las Vegas, USA.

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27Saugaat Allabadi and Sujala Shetty  "Leveraging Blockchain for Identity Management and Recruitment Sector", International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Sustainability in Business Management,2 May 2019, Middlesex University Dubai.


B. Invited talks / technical visits arranged by the department:


The following invited talks have been arranged in the CS department, BPDC during 2018 and 2019:
1.     Invited talk on “How to land your dream job” by Sallyann Della Casa. Sallyann started her own Foundation and Tech Company, became a lawyer at the age of 21, is a published author and her foundation has made difference in the lives of 25,000 youths and counting. Sallyann is a graduate from Harvard. Talk was conducted by Microsoft Tech Club. Date: 31-JAN-2019
2.     Invited talk by Prof S .R. Subramanya, National University San Diego , California Topic: Complex Algorithms in Real Life Applications. Date : 06-FEB-2019
3.     Dr Anand Rao , was in Campus to collect this years Distinguished Alumni Award he gave a talk on Artificial Intelligence. He is currently Global Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Lead (Data & Analytics) & Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), USA. Talk was conducted on September 2nd 2018.The talk was very well received by more than 175 students who attended.
4.     Mr Subhash from Scan Technology along with a team from ZOHO visited and met the CS Department faculty and students. Zoho is India’s largest SAAS based company with 6,500 employees and 40 applications which are used by 30 million users throughout the world. They have an academic program for University students to learn low code programming either as a part of curriculum or as an extracurricular activity.Date:October 22nd 2018.
5.     Mr Chaturvedi head of IT, Al Sharawi group visited and met Faculty from CS for a discussion on pain points in the industry and Academia Industry collaboration. Date 23rd October 2018. 
6.     Mr Danish Syed , Mr.Danish Syed is currently at Harvard University, specializing in Education, Human Development and Psychology. Mr Danish gave a talk on “Inter-Disciplinary Programmes for Computer Science Graduates at the Premier Universities”. Date: 30th October 2018.
7.      Prof. Hoda Al Khzaimi, Director, Centre for Cybersecurity, NYU, Abu Dhabi and Prof Nasir Memon, Professor, CSE, New York University, USA gave a talk on "CYBER-SECURITY" on 08 OCT. 2017.
8.     Dr.Prabhu Ram, Consultant – IT (Former Faculty: Univ of North Dakota), gave a talk on "Introduction to Data Sciences", on May 14, 2017.
9.     Mr. Dil Sukh Jain, Former Dy Director & Project Director, NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad, India and EminentAlumnusof BITS Pilani, 1975 Batch EEE, 1977 Batch M.E. Electronics, gave a talk on "Satellite Remote Sensing & Space Program in India",on April 05, 2017.
10.     Colonel Ajay Arora gave a talk on “Communication and Risk Management in Corporate Environment”, Date : 15/4/19,Colonel Ajay Arora of Indian Army and after serving for 20+ years took Pre mature Retirement in 2012. He has seven years of Corporate experience having served with Persistent Systems Ltd (as Deputy General manager IT Operations) and now with Infosys Limited (as Senior Project Manager).
11.     Faculty of the Computer Science Department interacted with Ms.Jenni Jones AWS Academy Program Manager, AWS Training & Certification from London, United Kingdom and deliberated on collaborating on AWS Academy. Date : April 16th 2019 
12.     A talk on IBM AI and High Performance Computing by Mr Ganesan Narayanasamy. Mr Ganesan is  Senior Technical Computing Solution and Client Care Manager at IBM, Poughkeepsie, New York. Date: 1st May 2019

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