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Research Areas

Innovation through Research

Research Areas

Chemical Engineering
Process systems engineering, heat transfer, fluid engineering, process optimization, Waste Water Treatment, Separation Process, Reaction Engineering.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Speech processing for hearing impaired; Communication Theory, Power Electronics & Drives, Digital Signal Processing, Applications of Image Processing, Digital Electronics and VLSI Design, Telecom Management. Communication; Cognitive Radio; Information and Communication Technologies and Applications; VLSI Design, Electrical Machines and Drives; Power Electronics and Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, On-line Power System Analysis in a distributed Environment; Agent based on-line power system engineering; Embedded system applications to power system engineering, Wireless Communications, Control Strategies using Intelligent Techniques (ANN & Fuzzy), Medical Image Processing and Communication, Intelligent Control in Buildings, Automated lighting Control, Energy Efficient Buildings, Simulation assisted light control, Daylighting control, Integrated lighting, Zero energy buildings, Medical Information; ANN, Application of Engineering in  Medical & Biology; Electronic Instrumentation, Sensors; Instrumentation circuits; Systems & Devices; Fiber optics, Medical Instrumentation & Electromagnetic Field Effects on Tissues, Biomedical Instrumentation; Fetal ECG extraction in early pregnancy.

Mechanical Engineering
Robotics & Intelligent Systems, MEMS, e-waste, Multiphase flows, Laser optical diagnostics in fluid flow, Turbulent flows.
Processing & Characterization of composite materials, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Renewable Energy, Measurement Techniques, Steam & Gas Turbine, Multi-Phase flow, Thermodynamics, Hydraulic Turbines & Pumps, Condition Monitoring and Diagonistic Analysis of machinary, Internal Combustion Engine, Lean Supply Chain.

Computer Science
Web Services & Security; Enterprise Java applications; Pervasive Computing applied to Hospital Management System; Semantic web and web services; Windows and J2ME enabled mobile applications, Distributed Database Systems; Component Based Software Development; Web Mining Algorithms, Data Mining, Computer Networks (Protocol Verification). Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems, Web Services- Application development, Interoperability, Mobility and Security Issues, Semantic Integrity Control and Interoperablity in component based software development; Information Communication Technology (ICT); Webservices;

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
Medical Information; ANN, Application of Engineering in  Medical & Biology; Electronic Instrumentation, Sensors; Instrumentation circuits; Systems & Devices; Fiber optics, Medical Instrumentation & Electromagnetic Field Effects on Tissues, Biomedical Instrumentation; Fetal ECG extraction in early pregnancy.

Environmental studies; Studies on photoreception; Ethological studies; Studies on nutritional values of animal tissues, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioremediation and Interdisciplinary Research, Agricultural Biotech, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Agribusiness Management, Biodegeadable plastics, Bioremediation, Development of Biosensors.

General Sciences
Heterogeneous catalysis, Studies on pillared clay catalysts, Environmental Chemistry, Electroorganic; Environmental Chemistry; Textile Chemistry, Biological activities (Antibacterial, antifungal and DNA binding) of metal complexes. Theoretical chemistry, Water Treatment; Corrosion and Antifouling paints, Air, Water and Soil Pollutant analysis and control; Desalination and electrochemical water treatment studies, Spectroscopy, Material Science and Laser Physics, Boundary layer flows with suction, injection and Heat Transfer Analysis, Approximation Theory, Magnetohydro dynamics, Non-linear convection in cavities, Policy Analysis, Data Analysis, Mathematical Modelling of Inventory Systems , EXAFS and XANES study of local ordering in metallic glasses like Fe-B, Cu- Zr systems and superconducting materials like YBaCu system, Domination Theory, Existence of solutions for certain equilibrium problems; Study of vector variational inequalities, Deep inelastic scattering of leptons on nucleons; Ultrasonic studies on molecular interactions of liquid mixtures; Elastic constants of nanomaterials using ultrasonic interferometer, Crystal Growth, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Quark Gluona Plasma.

Humanities and Social Sciences
Phonology, Language Teaching Methods (Applied Linguistics), Middle East History, Business/ Technical Communication, Business Communication, English Language Literature, Globalization, Behavioural decision Making, Organisational Change & Culture, Retail Marketing, HRM, Oraganisational Behaviour, Leadership Development.

An Institution Deemed to be University estd. vide Sec.3 of the UGC Act,1956 under notification # F.12-23/63.U-2 of Jun 18,1964

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