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A. In Journals       

  1. J.K. Sahoo, G. Maharana, B. Sitha, N. Thome, 1D inverse and D1 inverse for square matrices, Miskolc Mathematical Notes, 2023.
  2. J.K. Sahoo, P. Boggarapu, R. Behera, M. Z. Nashed, GD1 and 1GD inverse for bounded operators on Banach spaces, Computational & Applied Mathematics, 42(212), 2023.
  3. S. Das, J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, Further results on weighted core inverse in a ring, Linear & Multilinear Algebra, 2022.
  4. G. Satyanath, J.K. Sahoo, R.K. Roul, Smart parking space detection under hazy conditions
    using convolutional neural networks: a novel approach, Multimed Tools Appl, 2022.
  5. R. Behera, G. Maharana, J.K. Sahoo, P. S. Stanimirovic, Characterizations of Weighted Core-EP Inverses, Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. , 2022.
  6. B. Sitha, J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera,  Characterization of Weighted (b,c) Inverse of an Element in a Ring, FILOMAT, Vol 36 (14) 2022.
  7. R. Behera, Dijana Mosic, J.K. Sahoo, P. S. Stanimirovic, Weighted Inner Inverse for Rectangular Matrices, Quaestiones Mathematicae, 45, 11-39, 2022. 
  8. R. Behera, J.K. Sahoo, Generalized inverse of Boolean tensors via Einstein product, Linear & Multilinear Algebra, 70, 531-556, 2022. 
  9. R. Behera,J.K. Sahoo, R.N. Mohaptra, M.Zuhair Nashed, Computation of Generalized Inverses of Tensors via t-Product, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 2021.
  10. P. Ghosh, A. Neufeld, J.K. Sahoo, Forecasting directional movements of stock price for intraday trading using LSTM and random forests,  Finance Research Letters, 2021.
  11. A. K. Nandi, J.K. Sahoo, Regularized iterative method for ill-posed linear system based on matrix splitting,  FILOMAT, Vol  35 (4), 1343-1358, 2021. 
  12. P. S. Stanimirovic, J.R. Sendra, R. Behera, J.K. Sahoo, Dijana Mosic, J. Sendra, A. Lastra, Computing tensor generalized inverses via specilization and rationalization, Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales - Serie A: Matematicas (RACSAM), 2021. 
  13. Dijana Mosic, P. S. Stanimirovic, J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, V. N. Katsikis, One sided weighted outer inverse of tensors, Journal of Computational & Applied Mathematics, Vol 388, 2021. 
  14. P. S. Stanimirovic, D. Gerontitis, P. Tzekis, R. Behera, J.K. Sahoo, Simulation of Varying Parameter Recurrent Neural Network with application to matrix inversion,  Mathematics and Computer in Simulation,  Vol 185, 2021. 
  15. D. Gerontitis, R. Behera, J.K. Sahoo, P. S. Stanimirovic, Improved finite-time zeroing network for time-varying division, Studies in Applied Mathematics, 146, 526-549, 2020. 
  16. R. Behera, G. Maharana, J.K. Sahoo,  Further results on weighted core-EP inverse of matrices, Results in Mathematics, 75(4):1-21, 2020. 
  17. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, A novel approach for ranking web documents based on query-optimized personalized PageRank, International Journal of Data Science & Analytics, 11, 37-55, 2020. 
  18. J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, P. S. Stanimirovic, V. N. Katsikis, Computation of outer inverses of tensors using the QR decompositions, Computational & Applied Mathematics, 39, 2020. 
  19. R. Behera,  A.K. Nandi, J.K. Sahoo, Further results on the Drazin inverse of even-order tensors, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 2020. 
  20. J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, Reverse-order law for core inverse of tensors, Computational & Applied Mathematics, 39(11), 2020. 
  21. J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, P. S. Stanimirovic, V. N. Katsikis, H. Ma, Core and Core-EP Inverses of Tensors, Computational & Applied Mathematics,39(9), 2020. 
  22. A. K. Nandi, J. K. Sahoo, D. Mishra, Three-step alternating iterations for index one and nonsingular matrices, Numerical Algorithms, 27, 2019. 
  23. A.K. Nandi, J.K. Sahoo, P. Ghosh, Three-step Alternating and Preconditioned scheme for rectangular matrices, Journal of Applied Mathematic & Computing 60(1-2), 485-515, 2019. 
  24. C.S Singh, A.K. Singh, J.K. Sahoo, Numerical Scheme based on Operational Matrices for Integro-Differential Equations, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(4.41), 50-54, 2018.
  25. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, An effective topic-based ranking technique for categorized research articles, Int. J. of Computational System Engineering, Vol 4(1), 35-45, 2018.
  26. J.K. Sahoo, Deepak Rishi, Speaker recognition using Support vector machines, International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication, 2(1), 1-4, 2014.
  27. J.K. Sahoo, A. Singh, A modified regularization scheme for classification problems, Int. J. Comput. Appl. Math. 6(3): 267-280, 2011.
  28. J.K. Sahoo, A. Singh, An estimate of misclassification error with Hinge and square loss, Int. J. Comput. Appl. Math. 5(1): 89-102, 2010.
  29. J.K. Sahoo, A. Singh, An error analysis of Lavrentiev regularization in learning theory, Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, 2(1):129-140, 2009. 


B. In Conference Proceedings 

  1. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, A novel modified harmonic mean combined with cohesion score for multi-document summarization, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13145, 2022
  2. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Study the significance of ML-ELM using combined PageRank and content based feature selection, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,  2020. 
  3. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Sentiment analysis and extractive summarization based recommendation System, Advances in Intelligence Systems and Computing, vol 990 page 473-687, 2020.
  4. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Near-Duplicate Document Detection Using Semantic-Based Similarity Measure: A Novel Approach, Advances in Intelligence System and Computing, vol 990 page 543-558, 2020.
  5. Shriya T P Gupta, J.K. Sahoo, R.K. Roul, Authorship Identification using Recurrent Neural Networks, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Information Systems and Data Mining, ACM digital Library, 2019.
  6. S. Rajaa, J.K. Sahoo, Convolutional Feature Extraction and Neural Arithmetic Logic Units for Stock Prediction, Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1045, page 349-359, 2019.
  7. R.K. Roul, S. Mehrotra, Y. Pungaliya, J.K. Sahoo, A New Automatic Multi-document Text Summarization using Topic Modeling, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11319, 212-221, 2019.
  8. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Kusagr Arora. Query-Optimized PageRank: A Novel Approach, Advances in Intelligence System and Computing, vol 711, page 673-683, 2019.
  9. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Document Labeling Using Source-LDA Combined with Correlation Matrix, Advances in Intelligence System and Computing, vol 711, page 697-707, 2019.
  10. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Text Categorization Using a Novel Feature Selection Technique Combined with ELM, Advances in Intelligence System and Computing, vol 709, page 217-228, 2018.
  11. R. K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, K. Arora, Modified TF-IDF term weighting strategies for text categorization, In 14th IEEE India Council International Conference (INDICON), pp. 1–6. IEEE, 2017.
  12. R. K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, R. Goel, Deep Learning in the Domain of Multi-Document Text Summarization, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10597, page 575-581, 2017.
  13. R.K. Roul, J.K. Sahoo, Classification of Research Articles Hierarchically: A New Technique, Advances in Intelligence System and Computing, vol 556, page 347-361, 2017.
  14. J.K. Sahoo, A. Balaji, Optimizing Support Vector Machines for Multi-class Classification, Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 721, page 393-398, 2017.
  15. Kratarth Goel, Raunaq Vohra, and J.K. Sahoo, Modeling Temporal Dependencies in Data Using a DBN-LSTM, Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA-2015), IEEE Explore, 36678, 1-4, 2015.
  16. Kratarth Goel, Raunaq Vohra, and J.K. Sahoo, Polyphonics Music Generation by modeling Temporal Dependencies using RNN-DBN, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8681, 217-224, 2014.
  17. Alok Upadhyay, J.K. Sahoo, Vibhor Bajpai, A Novel Architecture for Secure Communications in Mobile Systems, Proceedings 7th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2012), Page: 801-805, IEEE Explore- 2012.


C. Submitted in Journals

  1. J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, S. Das, Weak core and central weak core inverse in a proper *-ring.
  2. R. Behera, J.K. Sahoo, R. N. Mohapatra, Characterization and representation of weighted core inverse of matrices.
  3. B. Sitha, J.K. Sahoo, Generalized core_EP inverse for square matrices.
  4. S. K. Panda, J.K. Sahoo, R. Behera, P. S. Stanimirovic, D. Mosic, The CEPGD-inverse for square matrices.

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