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Dr. Rayson K. Alex

Degree: Ph.D. (University of Madras, Chennai)

Contact Details:


Phone: 0832 – 2580397

Mobile: 8975297188
Chamber No. A 305
About the Faculty

Rayson K. Alex is currently Assistant Professor at BITS-Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 2011 for his dissertation titled Symbiosis in the Songs of Mudugar from University of Madras, Chennai. He is the secretary of tiNai [formerly, Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment-India (OSLE-India)], a pioneering academic body in India promoting the area of ecocriticism. He is one of the editors of Essays in Ecocriticism (Sarup and Sons, New Delhi; 2007), the first volume in the area of ecocriticism in India, Culture and Media: Ecocritical Explorations (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 2014), Ecodocumentaries: Critical Essays (Palgrave Macmillan, USA and UK, 2016), the first volume on Indian ecocinema, and Ecocultural Ethics: Critical Essays (Lexington Books, USA, 2017). He has directed/co-directed a few ethnographic video-documentaries of which the popular ones are The Story of Mudugar, Narikuravar (Life of a gypsy community in Tamil Nadu), Jenukurubar (Life of a tribal community in Karnataka), Learning from Jenukurubar and Nila Paranjathu (What the Nila Said - art forms of the communities living on the banks of river Nila in Kerala). He is the Founder and co-Director of tiNai Ecofilm Festival.



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