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  • B.Pharm.

    • # PHA C311 Natural Drugs
    • # PHA C312 Forensic Pharmacy
    • # PHA C321 Anatomy Physiology & Hygiene
    • # PHA C322 Dispensing Pharmacy
    • # PHA C331 Industrial Pharmacy
    • # PHA C332 Pharmacology and Toxicology
    • # PHA C342 Medicinal Chemistry
    • PHA C411 Physical Pharmacy
    • PHA C412 Veterinary Pharmacy
    • PHA C413 Pharmaceutical Management & Quality Control
    • PHA C414 Biopharmaceutics
    • PHA C415 Pathophysiology
    • PHA C416 Chemistry of Synthetic Drugs
    • PHA C417 Pharmacoeconomics
    • # PHA C421 Pharmaceutical Formulations and Biopharmaceuticc
    • PHA C422 Cosmetic Science
    • PHA C431 Pharmacognosy
    • PHA C432 Hospital Pharmacy
    • PHA C441 Biochemical Engineering
    • PHA C442 Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    • PHA C461 Phytochemistry
    • PHA C491 Special Projects

    All the courses marked (#) are the courses currently decided to be Compulsory Discipline Courses (CDC) by the Clause 1.08 Committee. In addition, one or two courses are required to be taken compulsorily in some Disciplines from the courses marked (*). The remaining courses will be available as electives under the category Discipline Courses Other than Compulsory (DCOC).

  • M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)

    Core Courses

    • PHA G532 Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
    • PHA G543 Clinical Research
    • PHA G612 Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy
    • PHA G542 Advanced Physical Pharmaceutics
    • PHA G617 Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
    • PHA G632 Dosage Form Design
    Elective Courses (any five)
    • BITS C467 Bioethics and Biosafety
    • PHA G611 Advanced Pharmacology
    • PHA G613 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    • PHA G614 Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
    • PHA G616 Pharmaceutical Administration and Management
    • PHA G619 Screening Methods & Techniques in Pharmacology
    • PHA G642 Lab Projects 6


Ph.D Admissions ( I Semester 2020-21) :
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Department of Pharmacy BITS Pilani ranked 6th in NIRF ranking 2020.

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The  Department of Pharmacy has been sanctioned a total amount of Rs. 134.40 Lakhs to augment research facilities from DST under Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology. 

Student Achievements


Year – 2020

•Lavanya S received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020.

•Kumbham Soniya received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020

•Ch Sai Sanjay received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020.

•Girdhari Roy received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Parmeswar patra received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Ridahunlang Nongkhlaw received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Priyadarshini Sathe received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Girdhari Roy received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Parmeswar patra received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Ridahunlang Nongkhlaw received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Priyadarshini Sathe received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

Year – 2019

•Dasari Deepika received DST-Inspire fellowship, January-2019.

•Kirti received CSIR-SRF fellowship, March-2019.

•Deepanjan Dutta received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Kalyani received CSIR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Raghuraman Manimaran received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Chandra Teja received LTMT-SRF fellowship, August-2019.

•Mohammed Shareef Khan received LTMT fellowship, August-2019.

•Manisha Malani received UGC-JRF fellowship, September-2019.

•Samrun Nessa received ICMR-SRF fellowship, September-2019.

Year – 2018

•Himanshu Bhatt received CSIR SRF fellowship, 2018.

•Sony Priyanka received DST-Inspire fellowship, April-2018.

•Avantika V Dalvi received ICMR-SRF fellowship, May-2018.

•Jaspreet Kalra received CSIR-SRF fellowship, May-2018.

•Pulya Sravani received CSRI-SRF fellowship, August-2018.

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Faculty Achievements

•Prof. P. Yogeeswari is appointed as Shri B. K. Birla and Shrimati Sarala Birla Chair professor.

•Prof. D. Sriram has been selected for the prestigious Tata Innovation Fellowship of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for the year 2015-16 in recognition of his outstanding research contributions. The fellowship is meant to honor and encourage scientists involved in translational research dedicated to finding solutions by innovative scientific knowledge and platform technologies.

•Prof. D. Sriram received the prestigious Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize, as part of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Centenary Celebrations.

•Prof. Yogeeswari received ICMR Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize 2010 from Union Health Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad.

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