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List of equipment available in Department of Pharmacy :
Department of Pharmacy has well equipped laboratories to conduct research and train students. Below are the list of equipment housed in Pharmacy and central analytical laboratory.

  • Analytical Instrumentation

    Multi-mode plate reader
    Small volume spectrophotometer
    UV-Visible spectrophotometer
    HPLC systems (3 No.)
    Flash chromatography systems
    LC-mass spectrometry
    Atomic absorption spectrometer
    Gas chromatography system
    Flame photometer

  • Solid State Characterization

    Differential scanning calorimeter
    Thermogravimetric analyzer
    Particle size analyzer
    Texture analyzer
    CHNS/O Analyzer
    Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer

  • Formulation and drug delivery equipment

    Franz diffusion cell apparatus
    Ultra sonicator
    Tablet punching machine 
    Multi-purpose equipment 
    Dissolution apparatus
    Stability chamber  
    Orbital shaking incubator
    Hot air oven 
    Tray dry oven
    Tablet compression machine
    Tablet coating machine
    Humidity chambers (3 No.)
    Extruder & Spheroniser
    Fluid bed processor
    Cooling centrifuge (2 No.)
    High shear homogenizer

  • Pharmacology laboratory

    Sherrington kymograph machine 
    Eddy’s hot plate apparatus
    Projection microscope 
    Cooks-pole climbing apparatus 
    Elevated pulsmaze 
    Digital tele thermometer 
    Randel selitto apparatus 
    Multiple configuration animal closure
    Organ bath system
    Paraffin embedding system
    Tissue processor

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory

    Microwave reactor
    Rotary evaporator (3 No.)
    Fuming hoods
    Immersion cooler

  • Cell culture facility

    Biosafety cabinets
    CO2 incubators
    Upright fluorescence microscope
    Cell counting machine

  • Molecular biology related equipment

    Western blotting unit
    Protein and nucleic acid gel electrophoresis system
    Gel documentation system
    Thermal cycler
    Gel electrophoresis system (2 No.)

  • Histology and Imaging

    Epi-fluorescence microscope
    Automatic tissue processor 

  • Other Equipment

    Other equipment
    Gaseous anesthesia system
    Refrigerated centrifuge
    -80oC freezer
    -20oC freezer
    Freeze drier
    Milli-Q water system
    Vapo meter

  • Central Animal Facility

    Animal cage change work station
    Individual ventilated cages
    Laser doppler blood flow meter


Ph.D Admissions ( I Semester 2020-21) :
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Department of Pharmacy BITS Pilani ranked 6th in NIRF ranking 2020.

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The  Department of Pharmacy has been sanctioned a total amount of Rs. 134.40 Lakhs to augment research facilities from DST under Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology. 

Student Achievements


Year – 2020

•Lavanya S received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020.

•Kumbham Soniya received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020

•Ch Sai Sanjay received ICMR-SRF fellowship, Oct-2020.

•Girdhari Roy received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Parmeswar patra received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Ridahunlang Nongkhlaw received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Priyadarshini Sathe received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Girdhari Roy received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Parmeswar patra received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Ridahunlang Nongkhlaw received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

•Priyadarshini Sathe received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2020.

Year – 2019

•Dasari Deepika received DST-Inspire fellowship, January-2019.

•Kirti received CSIR-SRF fellowship, March-2019.

•Deepanjan Dutta received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Kalyani received CSIR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Raghuraman Manimaran received ICMR-SRF fellowship, April-2019.

•Chandra Teja received LTMT-SRF fellowship, August-2019.

•Mohammed Shareef Khan received LTMT fellowship, August-2019.

•Manisha Malani received UGC-JRF fellowship, September-2019.

•Samrun Nessa received ICMR-SRF fellowship, September-2019.

Year – 2018

•Himanshu Bhatt received CSIR SRF fellowship, 2018.

•Sony Priyanka received DST-Inspire fellowship, April-2018.

•Avantika V Dalvi received ICMR-SRF fellowship, May-2018.

•Jaspreet Kalra received CSIR-SRF fellowship, May-2018.

•Pulya Sravani received CSRI-SRF fellowship, August-2018.

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Faculty Achievements

•Prof. P. Yogeeswari is appointed as Shri B. K. Birla and Shrimati Sarala Birla Chair professor.

•Prof. D. Sriram has been selected for the prestigious Tata Innovation Fellowship of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for the year 2015-16 in recognition of his outstanding research contributions. The fellowship is meant to honor and encourage scientists involved in translational research dedicated to finding solutions by innovative scientific knowledge and platform technologies.

•Prof. D. Sriram received the prestigious Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize, as part of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Centenary Celebrations.

•Prof. Yogeeswari received ICMR Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize 2010 from Union Health Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad.

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