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Research Scholars

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Full time scholars

Name: K. Lakshmi Jahnavi 
Supervisor: Dr. Suchismita Satpathy
Email ID:
Areas of research interest Sociology of Development, Sociology of Environment and Sustainable Development.

A UGC-SRF research scholar, working on land conflicts for her doctoral thesis. She is interested in looking at various narratives around land acquisition.
Name: Ms. Kopal Khare 
Is currently enrolled as a PhD Scholar at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences - BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad campus, she completed her M.A in Rural Development and Governance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Hyderabad. She has been a full time Freelance Consultant in Research and Documentation to BIMTECH, Noida and Agribusiness Systems International, Lucknow. Prior to this, she has also worked as young professional in Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty, Government of Telangana for a year. Her areas of research interest are human development, female empowerment: concepts and measurement, and policy.
Name: Revathy Hemachandran
Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Maya Vinai,
(Assistant Professor, Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, BITS Pilani-Hyderabad Campus)
Email ID (BITS):
Revathy Hemachandran is doing her PhD in Bits-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. She has done her Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies in English Literature from University of Delhi and Ambedkar University of Delhi respectively. Her research interests are in Trauma Narratives, Malabar Rebellion, Post-colonial literature and Cultural Memory Studies.
Name: Rohit Jha 
Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Suchismita Satpathy, Department of Humanities and Social Science, BITS Pilani Hyderabad 
Email ID: 
Research Topic: My research interest largely falls under Urban Sociology.
I am looking into the urban political economy of urban space. To begin with I am trying to develop an index that will measure the development of different wards of Hyderabad based on access to urban amenities. I will be dealing with the political economy of growth of Hyderabad city for my Ph.D. work. 
Name: Vinay Sankar P
Supervisor: Dr Lavanya Suresh, Department of Humanities and Social Science, BITS pilani Hyderabad 
Email ID:
Research Interest: Political Ecology of Common Pool Resources and Common Property Regimes Educational Background: MA in Economics (Sri Sathya Sai University) and PG Diploma in Development Management (Tata-Dhan Academy)
Work Experience: Over four years in reputed NGOs like FES and WOTR, as Project Manager.
Certification: UGC-NET in Economics, November 2017.
Name: Ahmed Shabin KK
Name of the Supervisor: Prof. Shilpaa Anand
Research Area: Literature and Cultural Studies
The researcher looks into censorship and surveillance issues in India focusing on the recent instances of literary censorship and censorship laws. 
Email ID (BITS): 
Name: Anwesha Mohanty
Name of the Supervisor:  Dr. Lavanya Suresh
Research Area: Political Ecology
She explores common property debate under the broader framework of Political Ecology
Email Id: 
Name: Archita Majumder
Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Santosh Mahapatra
Research Area: ESP- Teacher Education
Email Id:
Educational Qualification: Masters in English Language and English Language Teaching Certificates: Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

She is trying to make the case for the ESP teacher development programmes in India.  It mainly focuses on the various aspects of the teacher-education vis-a-vis ESP. 
Name: Jaya Sarkar
Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Anhiti Patnaik, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Shilpaa Anand
Research Area: Literature and Cultural Studies
The research aims to explore how cyborg figures within science fiction literature represent the posthuman, and functions to comment on a contemporary process of post-humanization of the human species. This encompasses fields such as Post-structuralism, Feminism, Object-Oriented Ontology, and Deconstruction, which interrogate the centrality of the normative subject. This research intends to contribute to the study of real and imagined, science and technology blending into one another and give an estimate of the rise of an awareness that can change entire terminologies in use today, keeping in mind that the posthuman is not just a literary or a cultural studies trope, it is a biological reality in the making
Name: Md Shahid Akhter
Name of Supervisor: Dr. Biswanath Dash
Research Area: Impact of Climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction of Smart city in India. 
The research is identifying the risks of climate change in smart city and it's remedial mitigation measure through the approach of disaster risk reduction
Email ID:
Name: S Saritha Sasidharan
Name of Supervisor: Prof. M. G Prasuna
Saritha Sasidharan is a research scholar in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus. She completed her Masters in English from Manipal Centre for Humanities in 2018. She qualified UGC-NET in 2018. Her research interests include queer literature and gender.
Email ID:
Name: Malavika Kwatra
Name of Supervisor: Dr. AK Jayesh
This researcher is interested in looking at ethics and sites of knowledge production in the Asian context.
Educational background: MA Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad; BA hons English, Ambedkar University, Delhi.
Email ID:
Name: Manomita Das
Name of Supervisor: Dr. Biswanath Dash
Research Area: Disaster studies. 
Education: B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology, M.Sc in Disaster Management
Work Experience: Over four years of experience working as associate with consultancy and research organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd and Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
Certification: UGC- NET JRF in Social Work, June 2019
Email ID:
Name: Krithika Nambiar
Name of Supervisor: Dr. Pranesh Bhargava
Research Area:Educational Psychology, Educational practices and performance differences of learners who are differently abled. 
The researcher has an M.Phil in English Language Studies from the University of Hyderabad. The research was on ‘Effect of achievement motivation on language task performance of learners with ADHD’.
Email ID:
Name: Vipasha Ray Hajong
Name of Supervisor: Dr. Md Zakaria Siddiqui
Research Area: Development Studies, Economics of development. 
The researcher has a Master of Arts in Applied Economics. Previously she has worked on understanding the effects of socio-demographic variables on women empowerment specifically that of the Hajong pathin weavers in Meghalaya.
Email ID:

  • Part-time Scholars

    Name: M. Chandra Shekher 
    Is currently enrolled as a PhD Scholar at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences - BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad campus. His research interests focus on Public Health, Disabilities Studies, Visual Impairment and Social Entrepreneurship. A post graduate in Public Health from University of Hyderabad, Chandrashekher also holds an Integrated Master’s degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences. With many participations and recognitions to his name, Chandrashekher has presented in many national and international conferences including the Global Public Health Conference 2014 (GPHCON); 58thAnnual National Conference of Indian Public Health Association (IPHACON-2014); ASIA ARVO International Conference in October 2013 and participated in 2nd Science Conclave: A Congregation of Nobel Laureates hosted by IIIT-Allahabad in December 2009.He received Best Service award in National Service Scheme by Kendriya Vidyalaya for contribution towards various social activities in 2008.
    Name: Ms. Madhuri Mathur 
    Is a research scholar in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, BITS Pilani-Hyderabad campus. Ms. Mathur has pursued BA (Hons) English and MA (English) at the University of Delhi. She has a teaching experience of ten years. Her teaching career began with a short stint at the Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram, New Delhi. She has since worked at Meera Bai Polytechnic, New Delhi, and at Bhavan's Public School, Ghaziabad. She is currently employed as Lecturer at Bhavan's Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad. Ms. Mathur proposes to pursue research in the field of digital media.  
    Name: Shruti Chakraborti
    Name of the Supervisor: Prof. M G. Prassuna
    Research Area: Fiction and representations
    Email ID (BITS): 

    Shruti Chakraborti is a research scholar in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus. She has completed PGCTE and PGDTE at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has qualified UGC-NET in 2013 and has a teaching experience of five years. She is pursuing her research on contemporary Indian English mythic fiction.
    Name: Sai Ram C V H S
    Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Md Zakaria Siddiqui
    Email ID (BITS): 

    Research Interest: Under the guidance of Dr Md Zakaria Siddiqui, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, I am working in the area of Public Health Policy. Research interests include Maternal and Child Health.

    I have been teaching Community Medicine at Apollo Medical College, Hyderabad since 2012. Our focus is on training medical students in community based primary health care. Previously I was part of the Polio Eradication program of World Health Organization.

  • Completed Research Scholars

    Name: Jayashree Hazarika 
    Supervisor Name: Dr. Maya Vinai
    Email ID:,
    Research Topic: The Global Mélange: Interrogating the Consequences of Globalization in the works of Vikram Seth.
    Research Abstract : Globalization has a profound impact on literature as writers gained knowledge not only about their native culture but also other cultures. This research focuses on the works of Vikram Seth, one of the most prolific Indian English writers. An exploration will be undertaken within the critical and sympathetic narrative of Seth’s notion of Globalization and Cosmopolitanism, if there is an underlying subtext which manoeuvres into the anti-globalization principles or of ‘closing the borders’. Also, there will be an attempt to decipher whether in retelling the story of migrant who finds a ‘home’ in a third country, the author re-narrates and reaffirms his experiences of love, bonding and faith with his own life and family in India.

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