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Department of Mathematics

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About us

Mathematics department offers various Mathematics courses to all the engineering and science streams. Our objective is to make our students more competent, motivated engineers and scientists with a strong mathematical background. The Department of Mathematics has 14 well experienced faculty members: one Professor, four Associate Professors, nine Assistant Professors. All faculty members are doctorates from IITs and reputed Universities of India and have a track record of good research. Some faculty members have sponsored research projects funded by various government agencies. Our strength is their skills, innovation and drive. For individual faculty pages Click here.
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Programmes Offered

Department offers M.Sc (Mathematics), dual degree in M.Sc Mathematics with Engineering,   both part-time and full-time Ph.D programs. Currently, the department has eleven research scholars working in various research areas. The department also offers several research problems to the undergraduate students in the form of SOP, DOP and Thesis which can be completed in a semester. The department also contributes substantially towards the Work Integrated Learning Programs (WILP) of the Institute, specifically designed for the professionals working in various industries.
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Our faculty members participate in several academic and non-academic activities. Delivers invited lectures, presents research papers in different national and international conferences. Faculty member are also engaged in providing training to other institutes. Every year number of events and programs are being organized to enrich the knowledge and interests for Mathematics such as Guest lectures, paper presentations along with the various competitions like solving Mathematical puzzles, writing programs and codes etc. during inter-intra institutional technical events in the campus.
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Our faculty members are not only excellent in teaching but also active in research. They have produced more than 100 research publications in national, international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. We are also offering some research oriented projects to our students in the form of SOP, DOP, and Thesis. The faculty research areas include:
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical modelling of Fluid flows, Computational and Non-linear Dynamics.
  • Cosmolgy and Relativity, Dark Energy, Modified Theories of Gravity
  • Graph Theoretic Algorithms
  • Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Financial Mathematics
  • Dynamic Optimization, Mathematical Modelling, Neural Networks 
  • Multivariate Data Analysis, Bio Statistics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Include Relativity, Cosmology, Dark energy, Dark matter and   Alternative Theories of Gravity
  • Pseudo-Differential Operators, Distribution Theory, Wavelet Analysis and its Applications, Digital Image Processing, Cryptography and Information Security
  • Discrete Fractional Calculus, Difference Equations, Nonlinear Analysis
  • Numerical solutions to elliptic partial differential equations,  Numerical Linear Algebra 
  • Theoretical Seismology, Elastic Wave Propagation, Solid Mechanics 
  • Topological Dynamics 
Click here to find the list of Ongoing and Completed sponsored projects.
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Our faculty have extensive experience in industry, research as well as teaching. Our strength is a reflection of their skills, innovation and drive. Click here for faculty profiles.


Ph.D Admissions ( I Semester 2018-19) :
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FDTS Pre Registration Notice I Semester 2018 - 2019

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"The Department awarded FIST support of Rs. 45 lakhs by DST, Govt of India, for a period of 5 years". 


1. Dr. B.Mishra has been chosen as a member of International Scientific Committee of the ??I International Meeting on Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT - 2019) to be held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow during 01-05 July 2019. You can find the details in the following link:
2. Prof. P. K. Sahoo delivered a talk on "Traversable wormholes in Modified gravity" at the International Conference on Recent advances in pure and applied Mathematics which was held during October 23-25, 2018 at Department of Applied Mathematics, Delhi Technological University, Delhi.
3. Dr. B.Mishra has delivered an invited talk entitled "General formulation for String Cosmological models in an extended gravity theory" in the  International Conference on Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics, held at DTU, New Delhi during October 23-25, 2018.
4. Dr. Manish Kumar has presented a paper on "Two stage hyper-chaotic system based image encryption in wavelet packet domain for wireless communication systems" in International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 2018 during August 01-09, 2018 at Rio de janeiro, BRAZIL. This talk is highlighted in the ICM News. This visit was supported by both Open Arms Grants (ICM 2018) and BITS Pilani.
5. Prof. B. Mishra visited CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), Switzerland under the "Exposure of BITS faculty to Universities Abroad" programme during 21st May-16th June, 2018.
6. Prof. B.Mishra has presented a paper entitled " String Cosmological Models in f(R,T) Gravity with Hybrid Scale Factor" in the International Conference on String Math-2018 held at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, during 18th-22nd June, 2018.

Recent Research Grants

Dr. Sharan Gopal received a project from SERB-DST entitled "Characterizing the sets of periodic points of automorphisms on a solenoid", Grant Rs. 20.89 Lakhs, Duration: 2017-2020.  
Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma received a project from DST-SERB entitled "Comparison of Phase velocities of Rayleigh waves, Love waves and Torsional waves in various anisotropic geo-media", Grant Rs. 15.48 Lakhs, Duration: 2017-2020. 
Dr. Manish Kumar received a project from DST-SERB entitled "Development of an encryption algorithm for secure transmission of color images", Grant Rs. 15.08 Lakhs, Duration: 2016-2019. 
Dr. N Kishore Kumar, received a project from NBHM entitled "Spectral element methods for elliptic and parabolic interface problems in R2 on parallel computers", Grant Rs. 13.59 Lakhs, Duration: 2015-18. 


Conference Presentations and Foreign Visits by Faculty & Students

Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma has presented a paper titled "On Love wave frequency under the influence of linearly varying shear moduli, initial stress and density of orthotropic half space" in 'SIAM conference on Mathematical and Computational issues in Geoscience' held at Erlangen, Germany during September 11-14, 2017.
Dr. B.Mishra has presented a paper on "An Accelerating Dark Energy Model with Hybrid Scale Factor" in International Conference on Physical Interpretation of Relativity Theory held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia during July 3-6, 2017.

Books Published

Dr. T.S.L. Radhika, T. K.V. Iyengar, T. Raja Rani published a book on “Approximate Analytical Methods for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations”, CRC press (Taylor & Francis group) on November 14, 2014.

Picture gallery for Mathematics

Picture gallery for Mathematics

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