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Our faculty have extensive experience in industry, research as well as teaching. Our strength is a reflection of their skills, innovation and drive.

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Prof.Addepalli Ramu


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Prof. Bivudutta Mishra Associate Professor 
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Prof. Michael Alphonse
Associate Professor
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Prof. Dipak K Satpathi

Associate Professor (HOD)

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Prof. Pradyumn Kumar

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Dr.K.Venkata Ratnam

Assistant Professor

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Dr.P.T.V.Praveen Kumar

Assistant Professor

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Dr.TSL Radhika

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor Click here
Dr. Jagan Mohan Jonnalagadda
Assistant Professor
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Dr. N Kishore Kumar
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma
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Dr. Sharan Gopal  Assistant Professor  Click here
Dr. N Anil  Assistant Professor  Click here 
Dr. Jhuma Sen Gupta Assistant Professor  Click here 
Prof.  V Venkata Hara
Visiting Professor

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Dr. Santanu Koley Assistant Professor  Click here
Dr. Deepika  Assistant Professor  Click here
Dr. Debopam Chakraborthy  Assistant Professor  Click here 
Dr. Gujji Murali Mohan Reddy   Assistant Professor Click here 
Dr. Nirman Ganguly
Assistant Professor  Click here 
Dr. Pratyusha Chattopadhyay 
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Research Scholars

Name Fellowship
Area of Research Supervisor / Co-supervisor
1 Sankarsan Tarai RGNF
P2014411 Modified Gravity Prof. B. Mishra/Prof. P. K. Sahoo
2 Pratik Premadarshi Ray Institute P2015009 Theoretical Dark Energy Prof. B. Mishra/Prof. P. K. Sahoo
3 Gopishetty Shirisha Part Time P2016116 Mathematical Modelling Dr. V. R. Kota
4 Rupinderjit Kaur Part Time P2016117 Wave Propagation Dr. S. K. Vishwakarma
5 Ravilisetty Revathi DST-Inspire  P2016412 Computational Fluid Mechanics Prof. A. Ramu/ Dr. J. M. Jonnalagadda
6 Alasakani Karthik Institute P20170019 Bio-Fluid mechanics Dr. TSL Radhika (Notional Supervisor)
7 Selvakumar V Part Time P20170106 Multivariate Data Analysis Dr. PTV Praveen/Prof. D.K. Satpathi
8 Tapas Ranjan Panigrahi DST-Project P20170412 Wave Propagation Dr. S. K. Vishwakarma (Notional Supervisor)
9 Basua Debananda Institute P20170428 Fractional Differential Equations Dr. J. M. Jonnalagadda
(Notional Supervisor)
10 Kottala Panduranga Institute P20180027 Integral Equations Dr. S. Koley (Notional Supervisor)
11 Tusharakanta Pradhan Institute P20180028 Pseudo Differential Operators Dr. M. Kumar (Notional Supervisor)
12 Faiz Imam DST-Project P20180029 Topological Dynamics Dr. S. Gopal (Notional supervisor)
13 Sri Sakti Swarup Anupindi  Institute P20180442 Analysis Prof. M. Alphonse
(Notional Supervisor)
14  Sanjay Mandal DST-Inspire P20180444 Cosmology Prof. P. K. Sahoo
(Notional Supervisor)

Project Fellows

Sl. No Name Email
Project title Project PI/Co-PI Duration
1 C.S. Srikanth srikanth.c.sathyanarayana Development of an unstructured grid-based adjoint solver for compressible turbulent flows PI- Dr. N. Anil
Co-PI - Prof. C. Praveen, TIFR - CAM, Bengaluru
2 Juveria Fatima juveriafatima1493 Development of an encryption algorithm for secure transmission of color images PI-Manish Kumar 2016-2019

Ph.D Awarded

Sl. No. Name Year of completion Supervisor Co-supervisor Title of the thesis
1 Narasimhulu Dunna 2018 Prof. A. Ramu Prof. Dipak Satpathi Self-Similar Solutions to Compressible flow Problems.
2Parbati Sahoo 2019Prof. P.K. SahooProf. B. MishraStudy of accelerated expansion of universe in the framework of f(R,T) gravity 

Picture gallery for Mathematics

Picture gallery for Mathematics

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