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Academic Flexibilities

Academic Flexibilities

  • Dual Degree Programs: The dual degree scheme enables a student to pursue two programmes of study concurrently typically within 5 or 5.5 years. There is no compromise in terms of the Discipline requirements of either degree. The most common combination is of a degree from among the Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics and Finance, Mathematics, Physics) Programmes and from among the Engineering (Chemical, Civil, EEE, ECE, E&I, Mechanical, Computer Science) programmes. Admission to a second degree in Engineering (offered in the concerned campus), is virtually guaranteed for every student admitted to a Science programme through a competitive process that is based on the performance in the first year. The General Institute Requirements will remain the same as single degree for the dual-degree program and therefore need not be repeated. The Discipline Requirements of each of the two degrees in a dual degree program have to be met separately, any course that meets the discipline requirements of both the degree programs need not be repeated. In addition, the Discipline Elective courses of either of the two degrees in a dual degree program may be used to fulfil the open elective requirement of the other degree. A PS-II or Thesis must be done to meet the requirements of each degree. Therefore, to complete the dual degree program a student must complete one of the following: 2 Practice School-II courses,  2 Thesis courses, 1 Practice School-II course and 1 Thesis course. A thesis for 9 units with concurrent course work for at most 9 units over a full semester duration is also possible as an option.
  • Transfer: A student can transfer from one First Degree to another after the first year. It is also possible to transfer from a First Degree to a Higher Degree or Ph.D. programme.

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