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PhD Thesis Guidance at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

  1. Mallikarjuna Patil. Electric two-wheeler choice modelling in Indian settings. (Jan, 2019- ongoing)
  2. SIDDARTHA KORAMATI. Urban Road Safety Assessment. (Jan, 2020- ongoing) DST-SERB JRF
  3. Naveed F. Congestion Pricing and Behavioral Implication (July, 2020- ongoing) Co-supervisor
  4. Md. Zabiulla. Electric Assist Bicycle Planning (August, 2021- ongoing) Co-supervisor

ME Thesis Guidance at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus 

  1. Nikitha Vendoti. “A user perception based analysis of factors influencing safety and walkability of pedestrian facility in Indian Urban settings” (2018-19)
  2. Malavika Jayakumar. “Transporttaion and Quality of Life” (2019-2020) (Co-supervisor)
  3. M. Hemanth “Congestion pricing strategies” (2019-2020) (Co-supervisor with Dr. Prasanta Sahu)
  4. Aparna Joshi. “User perception towards BOPIS, BSSD” (2020-2021) (Co-supervisor with Dr. Prasanta Sahu)

ME Research Practice Guidance at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

  1. Nikitha Vendoti : Pedestrian environment evaluation at urban Indian setting (2018)
  2. Jay Panchal: Evaluating the feasibility of Bicycle-metro integration in Hyderabad city (2018)
  3. Ankita Badane: Investigation of service quality of Access modes to Metro in Hyderabad city (2019)
  4. Subham M Pawar: Rural Road Safety Evaluation
  5. Saksham Dixit: Urban Road Safety Evaluation
  6. Malavika Jayakumar (co-guided with Dr. Prasanta Sahu): Transportation Quality of Life
  7. Nanditha : Congestion Pricing Applications
  8. Rishikesh: Geometric consistency evaluation using V-Box
  9. Aditya: Feeder Mode Quality Evaluation
  10. A Babbar “ Road Safety Evaluation of Hyderabad city.

BE Thesis Guidance at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

  1. Prateek Agarwal “Analysis and Evaluation of attributes influencing fatal crashes at Urban Indian context: A case study of Hyderabad, India” (2018)
  2. Avanindra Singh Rajput “Service quality evaluation of Metro rail specific attributes” (2018-19)
  3. Prasad Rao Deshmukh “Geometric consistency evaluation of Urban roads”(2019)
  4. Maitryee Talnikar. “Autonomus Vehicle Routing Problem” (2021)

BE Short-term Projects Guidance at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

  1. Rweetam Bhattacharya “ Demand responsive bus routes” (2019)
  2. Rweetam Bhattacharya “ Hyderabad Metro user’s perception modelling” (2019)
  3. Jomal Jochan “Congestion pricing aspects” (2019)
  4. Govardhan Roji “On Congestion pricing accepteance in Indian settings” (2019)
  5. Akshay Anand “ Road safety analysis using data mining techniques” (2019)
  6. Bandari Shiva Sai Krishna “ Hyderabad accident map preparation” (2019)o
  7.  Rohith Reddy M “ Comprehensive Database Development for Hyderabad Accidents” (2019-ongoing)
  8. Rudra Pratap Singh “ Metro user’s data analysis” (2019)
  9. Santanu “ Rural Road safety Analysis” (2019)
  10. Maitryee Talnikar “Road Safety Data analytics”. (2020)
  11. N Sri Sai Teja “Congestion management” (2020)
  12. Yatharth Singhal “Road Crash Database Development: Hyderabad” (2020)
  13. KS Reddy “Road Crash Database Development: Hyderabad” (2020)
  14. Himanshi “Road Crash Database Development: Hyderabad” (2020)
  15. MD Satwik “Road Crash Database Development: Hyderabad” (2020)
  16. M Manoj “Electric two-wheeler LCA” (2020)
  17. G Akhil “Electric two-wheeler LCA” (2020)
  18. Aayush Malik “ Road Crash Database Development” (2021)
  19. G Akhil “Road User Safety perception analysis” (2021)
  20. Sarthak Das “Road Safety Mitigation Measures” (2021)
  21. Arnab Mukherjee “Road Safety Analysis” (2021)
  22. Shubh Madhavan “Road Safety Analysis” (2021)
  23. Shubham Srivastava “Road safety mitigation measures” (2021)
  24. Mashatti Manoj “Elecetric Two-wheeler Mobility planning” (2021)
  25. Akshat Mohan Gupta “Metro Feeder Mode Quality Evaluation” (2021)

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