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Research Interest

Research Interest

Research Interest

  • Genetic markers for vulnerability to chronic human diseases
  • Screening strategies for low-cost settings
  • Medical devices for field deployment in low resource settings
  • Prevention of diseases through herbal/natural products


   As Supervisor:

Name of the Research Scholar in the Group

Thesis Title

Ms. Anuradha Pal

Functional mutations of oprm1 gene and it’s impact on immune cells

Ms. Shivani Gupta

Isolation and genetic modification of naturally occurring acyl transferase or related class of enzymes for synthesis of HMG CO-A Reductase inhibitors

Mr. Rupak Kumar

Biological approach of treating industrial effluents containing Morpholine

Ms. Madhu Rani Bharati

Evaluation of Saponins from Indian plants for their use as vaccine adjuvants

Mr. Pavan Kumar Mujawdiya

High Fat Diet Induced Intestinal Permeability And Protective Roles of plant polyphenols/alkaloids


Mr. V. Srinivasa Rao

Synthesis and evaluation of Phytochemical-Metformin Conjugates for ameliorating clinical symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome in Diet Induced Experimental Obesity

Ms. Sai Chinmayi Jillellamudi

Identification of role of microRNAs in disorders contributing to metabolic syndrome in Indians 

Dr. Manish GehaniJoined in 2014 (Evaluation of rapid strip test for screening bacteriuria among pregnant women and its effect on incidence of low birth weight and prematurity in new-borns)
Ms Harsha Bharwani         Development of a field operable testing system for ensuring quality of     milk
 As Co-supervisor:

Name of the Research Scholar

Thesis Title

Ms. A. Rashima Dinesh

Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the eye

Mr. Jameel Rizwana H.

Prevalence of binocular vision anomalies among children in rural and urban Tamil Nadu
Ms. Vimalin JeyalathaTo determine the effect of UV radiation (370 nm) on the corneal limbal stem cells in cadaver eye balls
Ms. Vidhya SrinivasanBiochemical role of adipokine in health and diseases
Ms. Shabna A.
Comparative study of the biology of cells in 2D system with biological and non-biological matrix based 3D culture systems for the development of a better in vitro infective model for viruses
Ms. S. SrilekhaMoleular genetics of inherited retinal degenerative diseases based on linkage studies
Ms. Srikrupa N. N.Molecular genetic analysis of candidate genes in retinal degenerative disease using high throughput resequencing technology

Name of the Senior Resident

M.D Thesis Title

Dr. Ravi Dutt 

Haplotype based analysis for 6q24-25 for association with Rheumatoid Arthritis


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