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Important Proformas & Guidelines

Proformas & Guidelines


Departmental Research Committee(DRC) formation
  •  Format for approval of DRC ( pdf/doc)
Doctoral Advisory Committee(DAC) formation
  •   Format for selection of DAC member (pdf /doc)
  •   Format for change of Supervisor and Co-Supervisor (pdf /doc)
Ph.D course work 
  • Format for submitting the course work (pdf /doc)
  • Format for Pre-PhD Course Handout (pdf /doc)
  • Format for sending the Grades for RM-1 course(Mid-Sem, End-Sem) (pdf)
Ph.D Qualifying Examination 
  • Format for application to DRC for Ph.D Qualifying Examination (pdf /doc)
  • Format of evaluation sheet for Ph.D Qualifying Examination (pdf /doc)
  • Format for forwarding the results of Ph.D Qualifying Examination (pdf /doc) 
Ph.D Proposal submission
  • Summary of Research Proposal (pdf /doc)
  • Research Proposal (pdf /doc)
  • Checklist For Proposal (pdf /doc)
  • Appendix-I to be attached with research Proposals (pdf /doc)
  • Format for evaluation of the Research Proposals (pdf /doc)
  • Format for forwarding the Research Proposals (pdf /doc) 
  • Format for Proposed out side Co-Supervisor (pdf /doc)
  • Proforma for DAC approval after incorporating the correction as suggested by the DAC member(pdf/doc)
Ph.D. Thesis submission
  • Format for approval of the Ph.D Thesis Title (doc)
  • Format for evaluation of Pre-submission Draft (pdf /doc) 
  • Format for forwarding the Thesis (Doc)  
  • ARD-Thesis Form 1 (Doc)  
  • ARD-Thesis Form 2 (doc
  • Format for Submission of approved list of Examiners in Sealed Envelop  1 (Doc) 
  • Format for vital information of Examiners (Doc
  • Proforma for Thesis Certificate Page (Doc)
  • Proforma for Thesis Title Page (pdf /doc)
  • Supervisor Consent Form (Doc)
  • Proforma for DAC approval after incorporating the correction suggested by the Examiners(pdf/doc)
Ph.D Grades Submission
  • Format for sending the grades(mid-sem/end-semester)for Pre-PhD courses (Doc)
  • Format for PhD Grade Submission (pdf/doc)
 Ph.D work progress 
  • Annual Progress Report (pdf /doc)
  • Plan of work (pdf /doc)
  • Format for Recommending Extension of Time Limit for Submission of Thesis (pdf/doc)
 Other important proforma (Institute fellowship, Salary advance etc)
  • Format(consolidated) for Forwarding Continuation of Fee Waiver and/or Institute Fellowship (pdf /doc)
  • Format for Recommending Continuation of Fee Waiver and/or Institute Fellowship (pdf/doc)
  • Salary advance(own fellowship student) form (pdf/doc)


Requisition form
  • Items which can be purchased under the contingency (with Institute PhD fellowship) (click)
  • Contingency form (pdf/doc
  • Contingency form (for self-sponsored project) (pdf/doc)
  • Format for applying the bonafide / experience certificate (pdf/doc)
  • Format Form for Conversion of Project to Institutefellowship (pdf/doc)
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