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Academic Under Graduate Studies Division

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Academic Under Graduate Studies Division (AUGSD), earlier called as ARCD & ID, serves as the central node for all the Academic Instruction and Registration activities of BITS Pilani.Major activities include creation of Timetable, Registration of students, Counseling of students. In addition to these,maintenance of student academic records is also done by the division.AUGSD facilitates the usage of various academic flexibilities available to students.
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AUGSD is responsible for enrolling students in the courses necessary for the completion of their degree and elective courses as per their interest. This is done while providing  academic flexibility.
BITS Pilani is a pioneer in the use of ERP  for its registration related activities

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AUGSD is responsible for Instruction related activities.Creation of Campus level Timetable,Coordination with all campuses for common courses, scheduling and other arrangements for examination are some of the main activities.
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1. Download the application form, fill the details like name, Id. no., address of communication and the number of Original/duplicates transcripts/Gradesheets and/or forwarding letters etc. required.


2. The requisite charges must be paid through online; the procedure for the same can be Downloaded here.


3. E-mail the duly filled form to arctranscript@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in.


4. If a duplicate transcript/duplicate gradesheet is required in a sealed envelope, one has to provide the addresses of the Universities or the address of the university along with the e-mail. And the payment for the envelopes has to be done. The envelope charges are mentioned on the application form.Duplicates once issued cannot be sealed in envelopes by BITS at a later date.


5. For WES (US & Canada) application, University will forward the required documents to WES electronically. WES reference number should be provided and the documents should be specified. For WES request to student have to pay only for the transcript, no Postal or Envelope charges.


6. If a forwarding letter is required along with a duplicate transcript, the university supplied forwarding letter form or the address of university/person to which the letter has to be addressed should be supplied along with request.


7. If for some genuine reason, it is not possible to collect the duplicates by the student himself, an authorization letter /e-mail containing the following details, the name, Id. no., address of the authorized person and your signature should be in original, should be brought along while coming to collect the transcript.


8. Requests are normally processed within 2 weeks, depending on the queue, after the request is received, verified and found in order. This process may take longer during registration/exam time.


9. An e-mail would be sent to the student once the request is ready to be collected or dispatched.




1. For Attestation/Sealing of degree certificate, kindly e-mail the scanned copy of the original degree certificate and e-mail it to arctranscript@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in.


2. For sealing the university address should be e-mailed along with the scanned copy.


3. If the Attested/Sealed copy of the degree certificate has to be posted then the home address should be e-mailed as well. And a payment of Rs 100/- will have to be done.


4. The payment for envelopes the charges would be as follows:

Envelope Size


A4 Size

Rs 20/-

Legal Size

Rs 40/-

The envelopes should be requested as per the no. of sealed copies required.

For e.g. 4 sealed copies reqd.
4 * 20(a4 size) = 80
1 * 40(legal size) = 40

Total Envelope charge = 120/-


Payment of legal size envelope should be mandatory made, as the same would be used to write your home address and send the sealed copies.


5. The requisite charges must be paid through online; the procedure for the same can be Downloaded here


Registration for all students begin on 2nd NOV 2020


Other than the above certificates like course completion ,likely to graduate etc drop an email to registration.office@goa.bits-piani.ac.in.Mailing charges by speed post within India (Approx 15 sheets) would be charged Rs 100/-.The requisite charges must be paid through online;the procedure for the same can be Downloaded here.

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