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Publications 2022

Publications 2022

Publications 2022

1. Optical Bistability and Absorption characteristic of an optomechanical system embedded with double quantum dot and nonlinear medium, Surbhi Yadav, Vijay Bhatt, Aranya B Bhattacherjee, Pradip k. Jha and Sanchita Roy, To appear in Optical and Quantum Electronics (2022).
2. Magnomechanically induced absorption and switching properties in a dispersively coupled magnon-qubit system, Sabur Barbhuiya and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , To appear in Journal of Applied Physics (2022).
3. Normal mode splitting and four-wave mixing in Kerr-nonlinear optical system containing coupled double quantum dot, Vijay Bhatt, Surabhi Yadav, Pradip K. Jha and Aranya B. Bhattacherjee , Journal of Optics,, (2022).
4. Spectral response of vibrational polaritons in an optomechanical cavity, Sabur Barbhuiya, Sajia Yeasmin and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Journal of Chemical Physics, 2022, 157, 024301 (2022);
5. Optical response in a double quantum dot molecule inside a nonlinear photonic crystal cavity, Vijay Bhatt, Surabhi Yadav, Pradip K. Jha, Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, 51, 101043, (2022),
6. Enhanced Photon Squeezing in Two-Photon Dicke Model, Priyankar Banerjee, Deepti Sharma and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Physics Letters A.,Volume 446, 128287, 2022,
7. Effects of quadratic coupling on optical response of a hybrid optomechanical cavity assisted by Kerr non- linear medium, Sonam Mahajan, Madhav K. Singh, Tarun Kumar and Aranya B Bhattacherjee ,Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022,
8. Optical response in a double quantum dot in an optomechanical system, Surbhi Yadav, Vijay Bhatt, Aranya B Bhattacherjee and Pradip k. Jha, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022,
9. Cavity molecular dynamics of vibrational modes enhanced non-linear absorption and population dynamics, Sabur A. Barbhuiya and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , OPTIK, 262, 169217, (2022), DOI : 10.1016/j.ijleo.2022.169217. .
10. Far-infrared frequency mode conversion using bulk acoustic phonon modes, Surabhi Yadav, Sajia Yeasmin, Aranya B Bhattacherjee and Souri Banerjee, Applied Physics B, DOI : 10.1007/s00340-022-07770-6, (2022).
11. Tarun Kumar, Surabhi Yadav and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Optical response properties of a hybrid electro-optomechanical system interacting with a qubit, Journal of Modern Optics, DOI:10.1080/09500340.2022.2034191, (2022).
12. Nonlinear Optical Response in Coupled Quantum Wells Optomechanical microcavity, Surabhi Yadav and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Physica Scripta, 97, 015102, (2022),
13. Bi-directional photonic switch and optical data storage in a hybrid optomechanical system, Surabhi Yadav and Aranya B Bhattacherjee , Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials, 31, 2250005, (2022), DOI: 10.1142/S0218863522500059.

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