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Research Projects

Research Projects

Research Interests 

Sustainable Agriculture: With the increasing demands for biomass, the constraints of fresh water availability and fertile lands limits its production. Saline and arid tolerant grasses and legumes have potential for biomass production. Agroforestry and intercropping help minimize the effect of salinity and enhance nutrient recycling for biomass production. The use of organic farming techniques and smart technologies help water efficiency, energy, and increase agricultural production. The current research have relevance to renewable energy and sustainable food production. 

Plant Biodiversity: Desert climate host unique flowering plants and trees. They have applications in landscaping, carbon sequestration and help protect environment for a sustainable ecosystem. 

Molecular Biology: Microbial responses to environmental carcinogens and mutagens help understand the underlying mechanisms of mutagenesis. Electron microscopy ultrastructural analysis and gene expression studies provide an insight into the functional characterization proteins. 


Completed Projects

Seed grant project in collaboration with International Centre of Biosaline Agriculture, (ICBA): "Optimization of Selected High Yield Grass Species for Biomass and Bioenergy Applications Using Saline and Recycled Wastewater. PI: Dr. S. Ramachandran, Co-PIs: Dr. Khalil Ammar, Dr. Dionysia Angeliki Lyra,  ICBA, (ICBA); Dr. C. Babu, (TNAU); Dr. Neeru Sood, Dr. Trupti Gokhale, Dr. B.G. Prakash Kumar, (BPDC). Duration: Feb 2017- Feb 2020; Total sanctioned: BPDC: AED: 120,000 and ICBA: AED 125,000. 


Research Guidance

Ph.D Supervisor: Management of sustainable agricultural production systems under arid and saline conditions. (ongoing)

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