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List of Publications


1.K.A.Geetha. Contesting Categories, Remapping Boundaries: Literary Interventions by Tamil Dalits. Cambridge Scholarly Publications: UK (2014 ) ISBN 978-1-4438-6808-2


1.K.A.Geetha. " Embedded Hierarchies and Subjugated Differences : A Study of Tamil Dalit women"  Reading Dalit : Essays on Dalit Literary Representations  Ed. GJV Prasad, Pencraft International, Delhi (2021) 122-131 ; JSL (2008) 67-73

2. K.A.Geetha. “ Shifting Terrains : The Fashioning of the Tamil Dalit Subject”        Readings on Dalit Identity : History, Literature and Religion Ed. Swaraj Basu Orient Blackswan: Hyderabad (2016) 261-279

3. K.A.Geetha. “A Dalit Among Dalits : The Angst of Tamil Dalit          Women”  Literature of our Times: Post Colonial studies in the      Twenty First Century Ed.s Bill Ashcroft et al. Rodopi Press:        NewYork     (2012) 411-432


1.      K.A.Geetha. Entrenched Fissures : Caste and Social Differences among the Devadasis” Journal of International Women’s Studies Vol 22 : 4 (2021) 87-96 (Scopus Listed)

2.      K.A.Geetha. “Housing the Unhomely: A Study of Srilankan Panchamar Fiction” (2020) Interventions: International Journal of Post Colonial Studies (Web of Science & Scopus listed)

3.      K.A.Geetha. “ Memory as Communication : An Analysis of the Reclamation of Panchami Lands” (2020) Interventions : International Journal of Post Colonial Studies (Web of Science & Scopus listed)

4.      K.A.Geetha. “In Perennial oppression : Internalised Ideologies of the Devadasis”  Journal of International Women’s Studies Vol 21: 2 (2020) 67-75 (Scopus listed)   

5.      K.A.Geetha. “Stripping Illusions and Mirroring Realities: Ed Bullins, the  Absurdist” IUP Journal of English Studies Vol.XIII: 1 (2018) 23-32. (Scopus listed)  

6.      K.A.Geetha “Not a Literature of Lament : An Analysis of Emerging themes and Trends in Tamil Dalit Literature” IUP Journal of English Studies Vol 10 : 3 (2015) 50-58 (Scopuslisted)

7.      K.A.Geetha. “ Unified Tamil Dalit Identity: Problematics and Anomalies”             Prose Studies : History, Theory, Criticism Routledge : U.S.A Vol 36 Issue 2 (2014) 130 – 140 (Web of Science & Scopus listed)

8.      K.A.Geetha. “From Panchamars to Dalit: The Evolution of Tamil Dalit Writing” Prose Studies History,Theory,Criticism Routledge : U.S.A  Volume 33 Issue 2 (2012)            117-  131         (Web of Science &           Scopus listed)

9.      K.A.Geetha. “Societal Transformation Through Literature: A Study of Students’ Response to Tamil Dalit Literature” Interventions : International Journal of          Postcolonial Studies Routledge : U.S.A Volume 13 No.3 (2011) 398-421 (Web of Science and Scopus      listed)

10.  K.A.Geetha. “Representation and Resistance: Strategies in Bama’s Karukku and Raj  Gautaman’s Siluvai Raj     Sarithiram” Journal of Post Colonial Writing Routledge : U.K. Volume 47Issue3, (2011) 320-329  (Web of Science and Scopus   listed)

11. K.A.Geetha. "In Need of Translation: An Analysis of Srilankan Dalit LiteratureARIEL:       A Review of International  English Literature.  University of Calagary, Canada,  (2010)  Volume 41 33-44 (Web of Sciences & Scopus listed)


1.K.A.Geetha & Priyanshu Gupta “ Cultural in Context – Divergences in Rural and Urban      Consumer Behavior International Journal of Communication Vol 25 : 1-2 (2015) 77-95

2. K.A.Geetha & O.J.Joycee “Self-Consciously Indian, Sub-Consciously Judaic : A Study of Nissim Ezekiel’s Poems” Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies Volume 6 (2012) 45- 553.

       3. K.A.Geetha & K.Srilata  “From Subjugation to Celebration- A Study of Bama’s   Karukku and                               Sangati”  Language Forum, Bahri Publications: New Delhi.Vol.33    No.1. June (2007) 85-97

4. K.A.Geetha& K.Srilata “Tamil Dalit Women: Subjugated Differences” Akshara: International Annual Research Journal of Critical and Creative Writing Vol. 4.   March 2008, 24-30. 


K.A.Geetha “Virivu Perum Porulum Marupadum AdaiyalamumKaalasuvadu Pathipagam : Chennai Issue 107 (2008) 57-58 Kaalasuvadu


  K.A.Geetha“Roles” (Trans.) No Alphabet in Sight: New Dalit Writing from South India   Dossier 1: Tamil and Malayalam Edited by K. Satyanarayana and Susie Tharu  Penguin, India (2011) 75-80


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