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Research Projects


(a) Water Quality Monitoring Sensors - (i) BITS Pilani RIG and Grant of OPERA AWARD (18 Lakhs)
                                                                (ii) DSTE, Government of Goa (2 Lakhs)

At four out of 100 river water quality monitoring stations located in India, water is found to be unfit for use due to presence of copper beyond permissible limit. Moreover, chronic copper poisoning results in Wilson’s disease, which is characterized by hepatic cirrhosis, brain damage, renal disease, and copper deposition in the cornea. It is found that the electrochemical method for detecting trace heavy metals has attracted considerable attention in scientific literature due to its low cost, easy operation, good sensitivity, and high reproducibility. In this study, an electroless nano porous gold film (NPGF) was investigated through XRD and SEM.  NPGF on further surface modification is an effective gateway to build nanosensors for heavy metal ion detection.

 (Advanced Materials, TechConnect Briefs 2015)     
(b) Polymer NanoComposites -  Early Career Research Award (DST-SERB)  - 31, 74, 281/-
An access to safe, persistent source of fresh water is the urgent need of 21st century. Desalination is considered an important alternative for obtaining fresh water source. Membrane-based Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is one of the leading separation techniques that is used in various industries for separation either as unit separation process or as combination with other processes. Commercially, cellulose acetate and polyamide based polymers play an important role in reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. However, there is a requirement to produce high chlorine resistance with improved structural morphologies, porosities and anti-fouling abilities of desalination membranes.

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