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Research interests:
  • Heterogeneous catalysis: Syntheses of chiral catalysts by post-synthetic modification of pre-assembled metal-organic frameworks and their application in fundamental asymmetric syntheses.
  • Green chemistry: Reactions in organized aqueous media; on-water reactions etc.
  • Mechanochemistry: A simple and convenient route for organic transformations. Explore both Ball-Mill and Hand-Grinding for synthesis of bioactive compounds. 
  • Nanochemistry: Custom-made synthesis of smart nanomaretials and their application in bio-/nano technology such as drug/gene delivery vehicles.
  • Molecular sensors: Development of novel artificial receptors/molecular sensors for the selective recognition/sensing of biogenic substances, toxic ions of clinical interest and environmental pollutants
  • Method development: Development of new or improved methods for the preparation/purificatio/isolation of various organic molecules in the purview of their industrial applications.


Ongoing Projects:

  • Design and synthesis of smart supramolecular dyes based on TPE modified PDI–cucurbituril conjugates: their binding and photophysical studies, BRNS, 37(2)/14/20/2017-BRNS/37217, 28 lakhs, 2018-2020, ongoing.
  • Godrej ASTEC sponsored consultancy project, started in March 2021, ongoing.

Completed Projects:

  • UNICHEM Laboratories Ltd. funded consultancy project 05/17 to 08/17, 5.52.
  •  DST-SERB project “A comprehensive study on mechanochemical sp² C-H bond activation in five-membered heteroaromatics in a Ball-Mill” (Project no. EMR/2016/002253), 32 lakhs, 2016-2020, completed June 2020.

  •  DST Fast Track Project for Young Scientists for the project “Redox-sensitive Vesicles of Cucurbit[7]urils as an Efficient Targeted Intracellular Drug Delivery Vehicle” (SR/FT/CS 023/2010) as PI, completed on 30/4/14.

  • Kurade Agro funded industrial project “Isolation of Natural Products from Kokum”, as PI, completed on 31/12/14.
  •  CSIR project “Synthesis of Metal-Organic-Porous-Material Based Efficient Chiral Heterogeneous Catalysts by Post-Synthetic Modification and Their Applications in Asymmetric Reactions” (project no. 02(0075)/12/EMR-II), worth 23 lakhs as PI (Co-I Dr. Rahul Banerjee of NCL Pune).
  •  CSIR project “Spectroscopic investigation of the properties of low-lying electronic states of some chemopreventive retinylnitrones and their comparison with retinyliminium ions” (project no. 01(2681)/12/EMR-II) worth 14 lakhs, as co-invertigator  (PI Dr. Anjan Chattopadhyay).
  • CSIR project “Preparation of Magnetically Separable, Mesoporous TiO2 Catalysts and Study of their Catalytic Properties” (project no. 02(147)/13/EMR-II), worth 16 lakhs as co-investigator  (PI: Dr. Narendra Nath Ghosh).
 Position available:
  • Applications are invited from the candidates with own-fellowship (e.g. NET-JRF), who want to pursue Ph.D. programme in synthetic organic chemistry / green chemistry / heterogeneous catalysis / mechanochemistry / supramolecular chemistry

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