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Dr Alivelu Manga Parimi




Applications are invited from interested candidates for PhD position to work on the following project under Dr. Alivelu Manga Parimi, at the Department of EEE, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad campus jointly with RMIT, Australia.


No. of PhD Positions: 2 (Two Projects): Details of the PhD program is given below.



                                                                Project No. 1                   



Title: “Economic benefit of Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts for Distributed Energy Source.”

Project Description

The government has been encouraging the growth of distributed energy resources (DER), particularly solar PV, energy storage systems and electric vehicles (EV). However, some of the challenges associated with DER integration include intermittency of their electrical power, power system frequency stability, market strategy, and data management. Overcoming these challenges and ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy future requires a well-designed complex data management process that will facilitate the collaboration of multiple stakeholders, including energy regulatory authorities, power network participants, power system operators, and cutting-edge technology providers. Thus, the goal of this PhD project is to create deep learning and blockchain-enabled smart contracts that will allow for seamless DER integration in the energy trading market.

BITS Supervisor

Alivelu Manga Parimi, Associate Professor

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

RMIT Supervisor

Dr Manoj Datta, Senior Lecturer



Research Area

·         Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems        

·         Deep learning        

·         Software and application security        


Project Keywords

·         Blockchain        

·         Renewable Energy        

·         Optimization




Project No. 2



Socio-techno-economic impact analysis of renewable integrated energy storage system

Project Description

Solar and wind are the major sources that contributed to the doubling of renewable generation in Australia during the last decade. For example, small-scale solar energy generation increased to 29% in 2021 and 28% on average over the previous ten years. However, the increased renewable share from solar wind sources introduces uncertainties, requiring efficient control mechanisms to ensure system stability. One of the proven methods is to employ energy storage systems (ESSs) to provide system support services. However, battery energy storage systems have some limiting factors which are hindering large-scale deployment in power grids, such as supply chain issues, battery degradation, and high initial capital cost. This project aims to investigate these issues to identify the optimal ways to integrate energy storage systems into power grids while preserving system stability. The impact of storage systems on socio-techno-economic and environmental will also be analyzed. The type of storage, sizing requirements, and return on investment will be provided for establishing the suitable ESS for enhancing the system stability under uncertain wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) generation. In addition, the planning studies for storage systems will be conducted by investigating the data from the existing solar PV and wind plants. Thus, the project's outcomes will help determine the type of energy storage, sizing requirements, and return on investment for RES in small scale and large scale.

BITS Supervisor

Dr. Alivelu Manga Parimi and Associate Professor

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

RMIT Supervisor

Assoc. Prof. Lasantha Meegahapola


Research Area

·         Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems

·         Electrical energy storage

·         Software and application security        

Project Keywords

·         Renewable Energy, storage systems        

·         Power System Stability        

·         Optimization        

·         Techno-Economic Impact



BITS-RMIT Higher Education Academy (The Academy) aims to facilitate significant regional collaboration between Australia and India. Under the program, students will begin their learning at BITS, experience the RMIT academic environment through PhD program.


Student Benefits

·         Gain qualification from two reputable institutions.

·         Opportunity to spend PhD tenure (one year) in Australia at RMIT.

·         Benefit from dual supervision from BITS and RMIT.

·         Obtain a global qualification.

·         World-class facilities and resources.

·         International experience​.



Eligibility requirement:

ME/ MTech in relevant discipline or equivalent with 70% marks or 7.0 CGPA 

Last date:

31st March 2023

Portal for information

Apply at

Project Options


Interested students can check the “portal for information” and check for the projects mentioned with their Project ID “BITSRMIT100XXX” and apply before March 31st 2023.


For more details, please contact:

Contact email:





Associate Professor , 
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
​Senior Member IEEE: R10 -Asia and Pacific
PhD  (Power Systems), University Technology Petronas, MalaysiaM.E.  (Control Systems), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering),  Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. 
Contact Details
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal

Medchal District - 500 078

Telangana, India

Phone:                        040-66303606
About the Faculty:    Joined on May 3rd 2012
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