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·         Pailloux, Sylvie L.; Camus, Jean Michel; Chakravarty, Manab; Smith, Karen Ann; Duesler, Eileen; Paine, Robert T., Synthesis and characterization of new polypyridine (NO)x(PO)y(N)z ligands and coordination chemistry with Ln (III) ions, 239th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, United States, March 21-25, 2010 (2010), INOR-943


·         Sylvie Pailloux, Manab Chakravarty, Robert T. Paine. Preorganized and Immobilized Ligands for Metal Ion Separations, DOE Separations and  Heavy Element Chemistry Research Meeting; Airlie Center, Warrenton, Virginia, April 21- 24, 2009


·         Manab Chakravarty, Sylvie Pailloux, Eileen N. Duesler, Robert T. Paine, Synthesis of Multifunctional Pyridine Based Phosphorus Compounds Used as Potential Chelators for Heavy Metal Ions, 14th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry (NSC-14) Feb 3-5 ,2012 (From BITs, Pilani


·         New synthetically useful phosphonates derived from the cyclic phosphite (OCH2CMe2CH2O)PCl.

N. Satish Kumar, Manab Chakravarty, K. Senthil Kumar, C. Muthiah, B. Srinivas and K. C. Kumara Swamy. – 5th National Symposium in Chemistry, IIT Chennai, INDIA, Feb 7-9, 2003.


·         New Oxidation/Cycloaddition Products of Cyclodiphosph(III)azanes with Chiral and Achiral Substituents. Manab Chakravarty, K. Praveen Kumar and K. C. Kumara Swamy. – Chemfest –2005, School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad.


·        Differential “Oxygen”/ “Phosphorus Lone Pair” Occupation in Chiral Bicyclic 1,1’-Binaphthoxy Cyclodiphosphazanes: Nonstoichiometry and Isostructurality. Manab Chakravarty, K. Praveen Kommana and K. C. Kumara Swamy. – MTIC, IIT Delhi, 2005 and also presented a talk in the 3rd Annual In-house Symposium of School of Chemistry, ChemFest 2006, organized by School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India, Mar. 2006.

· Alkyl carbazole-linked anthracenyl π-conjugates as AIEgens:          Solvatochromism and     acid/base stimuli-responsive materials. B. Prusti and M. Chakravarty. 24th CRSI National   Symposium in Chemistry, IIT Madras, Feb 8-10, 2019.
· Aggregation-induced emission and piezochromism luminescence of Nalkylphenothiazine-based   anthracene derivatives with different lengths of alkyl chains. B. Prusti, Zubair Baig and Manab   Chakravarty at 20 th Tetrahedron Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, June 18-21, 2019.
· An electron-rich small AIEgen as a solid platform for selective and ultrasensitive on-site visual   detection of TNT in solid, solution and Vapor states. B. Prusti and Manab Chakravarty at National   Symposium on Convergence of Chemistry and Materials (CCM 2019) BITS Pilani, Hyderabad   Campus. 17-18, December 2019. 
· RAMS-2016: International Conference on "Recent Advances in Molecular Spectroscopy:   Fundamentals and Applications in Materials and Biology, HCU, Hyderabad, 2-4 Mar 2016.
· OCSD-2016: National Conference on Organic Chemistry in Sustainable Development: Recent   Advances and Future Challenges, BITS-Pilani, Rajasthan, 29- 30 Aug 2016.
· CRSI NSC-21: 21 st Chemical Research Society of India - National Symposium in Chemistry, CSIR-   IICT, Hyderabad, 14-16 July, 2017.


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