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Journal Publications (Impact factor based on 2018 report)
66. Joshna, P., Tiwari, A., Sahatiya, P., Kundu, S., Kanungo, S. Effect of artificial stacking configurations and biaxial strain on the structural, electronic and transport properties of bilayer GaSe - A first principle study. Material Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2021. (Accepted Manuscript)
65. Selamneni, V, Pranav, A., Singh, A., Sahatiya, P*. Hybrid 0D-2D WS2 QDs (n)/SnS (p) as Distributed Heterojunctions for Highly Responsive Flexible Broadband Photodetector. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2021 (accepted manuscript)  
64. Bokka, N., Gohel, K., Sahatiya, P*.A water soluble micropatterned MoS2 QDs/PVA Film as as Transient Contact Pressure) and Non-contact (Humidity) as Touch and Proximity Sensor. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2021 (Accepted manuscript)
63. Kamath, K., Adepu, V., Mattela V and Sahatiya, P*. Ti3C2Tx/MoS2xSe2(1-x) nanohybrid multilayer structures for piezoresistive mechanical transduction. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
 62. Amogh BS, Selamneni V, Bokka, N., Sahatiya, P*. Remarkably Stable Black Phosphorous Quantum Dots - Polyvinyl Alcohol Film as Water Soluble Breath Sensor. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2021 (accepted manuscript)
61. K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Venkatarao Selamneni, M.G. Syamala Rao, J. Meza-Arroyo, R. Ramirez-Bon*, Parikshit Sahatiya*.  All Solution Processed p-NiO/p-CdS Flexible Rectifying Junction: Applications Towards Broadband Photodetector and Human Breath Monitoring. Applied Surface Science, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
60. Bokka, N., Karhade, J., Sahatiya, P*. Deep Learning Enabled Classification of Real Time Respiration Signals Acquired by MoSSe Quantum Dots based Flexible Sensor. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2021. (Accepted Manuscript) 
59. Selemeni, V., Akshaya, T., Adepu, V., Sahatiya, P*. Laser Assisted Micropyramid patterned PDMS Encapsulation of 1D Tellurium Nanowires on Cellulose Paper for Highly Sensitive Strain Sensor and its Photodetection Studies. Nanotechnology, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript) 
58. Adepu, V., Kamath, K, Mattela, V and Sahatiya, P*. Development of Ti3C2Tx/NiSe2 nanohybrid based large area pressure sensor for unobtrusive sleep monitoring. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
57. Bokka, N., Som, D., Kanungo, S., Sahatiya, P*. Investigation of the Transduction Mechanism of Few Layer SnS2  for Pressure and Strain Sensing. Experimental Correlation with First Principle Study. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
56. Adepu, V, Kamath, K., Mattela, V., Sahatiya, P*. Laser Assisted Gaussian Microstructure Patterned PDMS Encapsulated Ti3C2Tx (MXene) based pressure sensor for Object and Touch Detection. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript).  
55. Adepu, V., Mattela, V., Sahatiya, P.* Remarkably Ultra-sensitive Large Area Matrix of MXene based Multifunctional Physical Sensors (Pressure, Strain and Temperature) for mimicking human skin. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2021. (Accepted Manuscript).  
54. Enaganti, P., Selamneni, V., Sahatiya, P*., Goel S*. MoS2/cellulose paper coupled with SnS2 Quantum Dots as 2D/0D electrode as high performance flexible supercapacitor. New Journal of Chemistry, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)  
53. Battina, S., Kothuru, A., Sahatiya, P., Goel, S., Nandi, S. Laser Induced Graphene Printed Wearable Flexible Antenna Based Strain Sensor for Wireless Human Motion Monitoring. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices. 2021 (Accepted Manuscript).  
52. Adepu, V., Bokka, N., Mattela, V., Sahatiya, P*., Highly Electropositive ReS2 based Ultra-sensitive Flexible Humidity Sensor for Multifunctional applications. New Journal of Chemistry, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript) 
51. Bokka, N., K G Sankalp., Sahatiya P* Large area deposition of MoS2xSe2(x-1) on paper as electromechanical sensor for versatile physiological signal monitoring. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
50. Selamneni, V., Kanungo, S., Sahatiya, P* Large area growth of SnS2/Graphene on Cellulose paper as a flexible broadband Photodetector and investigating the band structure through First Principle Simulations. RSC Materials Advances, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript) 
49. Bokka, N., Adepu V., Selamneni, V., Sahatiya, P* Non-contact, Controlled and Moisture Triggered Black Phosphorous Quantum Dots/PVA film for Transient Electronics Applications. Materials Letters, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
48. Veeralingam, S., Sahatiya, P., Badhulika, S. Papertronics: Hand written MoS2 on paper based highly sensitive and recoverable pressure and strain sensor. IEEE Sensors Journals, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript) 
47.  Selamneni, V., Harini R., Haza, A., Sahatiya, P*., MoS2 paper decorated with metal nanoparticles (Au, Pt and Pd) based plasmonic enhanced broadband (Vis-NIR) flexible photodetector. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2021 (Accepted Manuscript)
46. Selamneni V., K G Sankalp., Nerurkar N., Akshaya T., Sahatiya, P*.,  Facile Fabrication of MoSe2 on Paper as an Electromechanical Piezoresistive Pressure Strain Sensor. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript). 
45.  Selamneni. V., Dave, A., Mihailovic, P., Mondal, S., Sahatiya, P*. Large Area Pressure Sensor for Smart Floor Applications - An Occupancy Limiting Technology to Combat Social Distancing. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript). 
44.  Selamneni. V., Kunchur, A., Sahatiya P*. Large Area, Flexible SnS/Paper based Piezoresisitive Pressure Sensor for Artificial Electronic Skin Application. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)
43. Leelasree., Selamneni. V., Akshaya T., Sahatiya, P., Aggarwal., H. MOF Based Flexible, Low-Cost Chemiresistive Device as a Respiration Sensor for Sleep Apnea Diagnostics. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)  
42.  Bokka, N., Selamneni, V, Sahatiya, P*Water Destructible SnS2 QD/PVA Film Based Transient Multifunctional Sensor and Machine Learning Assisted Stimulus Identification for Non-Invasive Personal Care Diagnostics. Materials Advances, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript) 
41.  Selamneni, V., Gohel, K., Bokka, N., Sharma S., Sahatiya, P*., MoS2 based Multifunctional Sensor for Both Chemical And Physical Stimuli and their Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithm. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)
40. Bharadwaj, R., Selamneni, V., Thakur, U., Sahatiya, P*., Hazra, A*., Detection and Discrimination of Volatile Organic Compounds by Nobel Nanoparticles Functionalized MoS2 coated biodegradable paper sensors. New Journal of Chemistry, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)
39.  Selamneni. V,  K G Sankalp  Sahatiya, P*. All MoS2 based 2D/0D Localized Unipolar Heterojunctions as a Flexible Broadband (UV-Vis-NIR) Photodetector. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)
38.   K G Sankalp, Selamneni. V,  Sahatiya, P*. Water Dissolvable MoS2 Quantum Dots/PVA film as an Active Material for Destructible Memristor. New Journal of Chemistry, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript) (Selected as Cover Article)
37.  Selamneni., V, B S Amogh., Sahatiya, P*. Highly Air Stabilized Black Phosphorous on disposable paper substrate as a tunneling effect based highly sensitive piezoresistive strain sensor. Medical Devices and Sensors, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript)
36. Selamneni., V, Nerurkar, N., Sahatiya, PLarge Area Deposition of MoSe2 on paper as a Flexible Infrared Photodetector, IEEE Sensors Letters, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript).  
35. Chandrasekhar Reddy K,  Sahatiya, PSantos-Saucedaa, O. CortazaraR. Ramírez Bon a . One Step Fabrication of 1D p-NiO nanowire/Si heterojunction: Development of Self powered Ultraviolet Photodetector, Applied Surface Science, 2020 (Accpeted Manuscript)  

34.  Selamneni., V, Sahatiya, P*.Bolometric effect enhanced Ultrafast Graphene based Do-it-yourself (DIY) wearable respiration sensor for personal healthcare monitoring, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2019 (Accepted Manuscript)

33.  Selamneni., V, Barya., P., Deshpande, N., Sahatiya, P*.  Low-cost, disposable, flexible and smartphone enabled pressure sensor for monitoring drug dosage in smart medicine applications. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2019 (Accepted Manuscript).
32. Joshna, P., Rao, S. G., Raj, P. M. P., Rao, B. P., Sahatiya, P., & Kundu, S. Plasmonic Ag nanoparticles arbitrated enhanced photodetection in p-NiO/n-rGO heterojunction for future self-powered UV photodetectors. Nanotechnology, 2019, (Accepted Manuscript) 
1. Sankalp K G, Venkatarao Selamneni and Parikshit Sahatiya, International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology, (ICONSAT), Kolkata, Mar' 2020. 
2. Venkatarao Selamneni, Sankalp  K G, Nikita Nerurkar and Parikshit Sahatiya,  International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology, (ICONSAT), Kolkata, Mar' 2020
3. Amogh B.S, Venkatarao Selameni and Parikshit Sahatiya, International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology, (ICONSAT), Kolkata, Mar' 2020 
4. Venkataro Selamneni and Parikshit Sahatiya, International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices, (IWPSD), Kolkata, Dec' 2019.  
5. Venkatarao Selamneni and Parikshit Sahatiya, IEEE NMDC, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct' 2019.
6. Parikshit Sahatiya. Symposium on Carbon Nanomaterials Electronics (SCNE),  2019, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus (Invited Talk)
31. Veeralingam S., Sahatiya, P., Badhulika, S. First demonstration of low cost, flexible and disposable SnSe2 based photoresponsive ammonia sensor for detection of Ammonia in urine samples. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2019, (Accepted Manuscript)  

·  S30. Sahatiya, P., Jones, S. S., Mattela, V., & Badhulika, S. Direct growth of Black phosphorous (p type) on flexible substrate with dual role of 2D ZnO (n type) as effective passivation and enabling highly stable broadband photodetection. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2019 (Accepted Manuscript). 

29. Yalagala, B., Sahatiya, P., Mattela, V., & Badhulika, S. Ultra low-cost, large area Graphene-MoS2 piezotronic memristor on paper. A systematic study to both DC and AC inputs. ACS Applied Electronic Materials2019. (Accepted Manuscript) (Equal contributed First author)
 28. Vishnu, N. Sahatiya, P. Chang, K. Badhulika, S. Large area, one step synthesis of NiSe2 films on cellulose paper for glucose monitoring in bio-mimicking samples for clinical diagnostics. Nanotechnology, 2019 (Accepted Manuscript) (Equal contributed First Author)
27. C. Madhava., Sahatiya, P., Badhulika, S., Monitoring of physiological body signals and human activity based on ultra-sensitive tactile sensor by direct growth of ZnSnO3 nanocubes on silica cloth. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2019 (Accepted Manuscript) (Equal Contributed First Author) 
26. 26. Veeralingam S., Sahatiya, P., Kadu, A., Mattela, V., & Badhulika, S. Direct one step growth of NiSe2 on cellulose paper: A low cost, flexible, wearable with smartphone enabled multifunctional sensing platform for customized non-invasive personal healthcare monitoring. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2019. (Accepted Manuscript) (Equal Contributed First author) 
25. Yalagala, B., Sahatiya, P., Kolli, C. S. R., Khandelwal, S., Mattela, V., & Badhulika, S. V2O5 Nanosheets for Flexible Memristors and Broadband Photodetectors. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2019. (Accepted Manuscript) (Equal contributed First author)
24Sahatiya, P., Shinde, A., Kadu, A., & Badhulika, S. Functionalized water soluble nanomaterials and their applications in wirelessly destructible programmed flexible transient photodetectors. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 201993, 324-330. 
23. Sahatiya, P., Anand Kadu, Harshit Gupta, P Thanga Gomathi & Badhulika S, Flexible, disposable, cellulose paper based MoS2-Cu2S hybrid for wireless environmental monitoring and multifunctional sensing of chemical stimuli. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, 10(10), 9048-9059. Impact factor: 8.097  
22. P. Thanga Gomathi, Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S. Large-area, broadband photodetector based on ZnS-MoS2 hybrid on paper substrate. Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 27, 31. 1703611. (Equal contributed first author). Impact factor: 13.325 
21. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S. Wireless, smart, human motion monitoring using solution processed fabrication of Graphene-MoS2 transistor on paper. Advanced Electronic Materials, 2018, 1700388. Impact factor: 5.466 
20. Sahatiya, P., Jones, S. S., Gomathi, P. T., & Badhulika, S. Flexible substrate based 2D ZnO (n)/graphene (p) rectifying junction as enhanced broadband photodetector using strain modulation. 2D Materials2017, 4(2), 025053. Impact factor: 7.042 
19.  Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S. Fabrication of solution processed, highly flexible few layer MoS2 (n) – CuO (p) piezotronic diode on paper substrate for active analog frequency modulator and enhanced broadband photodetector. Journal of Material Chemistry C, 2017, 5(44), 11436-11447. Impact factor: 5.976
18. Sahatiya, P., Chandrasekhar Reddy K., & Badhulika S. Discrete distribution of 1D V2O5 nanowires over 2D MoS2 nanoflakes for enhanced broadband flexible photodetector covering Ultraviolet to Near Infrared region. Journal of Material Chemistry C, 2017, 5, 12728-12736. Impact factor: 5.976
17. Sahatiya, P., Kannan, S., & Badhulika, S. Few layer MoS2 and in situ poled PVDF nanofibers on low cost paper substrate as high performance piezo-triboelectric hybrid nanogenerator: Energy harvesting from handwriting and human touch. Applied Materials Today, 2018, 13, 91-99. Cite Score: 9.90 (Impact factor – NA)
16.  Sahatiya, P, S. Solomon Jones., & Badhulika S. 2D MoS2-carbon quantum dot hybrid based large area, flexible UV-vis-NIR photodetector on paper substrate. Applied Materials Today, 2018, 10, 106-114. Cite Score: 9.90 (Impact factor – NA)
15. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika, S. Eraser-based eco-friendly fabrication of a skin-like large-area matrix of flexible carbon nanotube strain and pressure sensors. Nanotechnology2017, 28(9), 095501. (Featured article). Impact factor: 3.404 
14. Sahatiya, P., Shinde, A., & Badhulika S. Pyro-phototronic nanogenerator based on flexible 2D ZnO/Graphene heterojunction and its application in self-powered Near Infrared photodetectors and active analog frequency modulation. Nanotechnology, 2018 (Accepted manuscript). Impact factor: 3.404 
13. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S., Strain modulation assisted enhanced broadband photodetector based on large area, flexible, few layered Graphene-MoS2 on cellulose paper. Nanotechnology, 2017, 28 (45), 455204. Impact factor: 3.404 
12. Sahatiya, P, S. Solomon Jones., & Badhulika S. Direct, large area growth of few layered MoS2 nanostructures on different flexible substrates: growth kinetics and its effect on photodetection studies. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2018, 3(1), 015002. Impact factor: NA 
11. Sahatiya, P., Puttapati, S. K., Srikanth, V. V., & Badhulika, S. Graphene-based wearable temperature sensor and infrared photodetector on a flexible polyimide substrate. Flexible and Printed Electronics2016, 1(2), 025006. (Featured article). Impact factor: NA
10. Sahatiya, P, Chepuri Madhava, Shinde Akash & Badhulika S, Flexible substrate based few layer MoS2 electrode for passive electronic devices and interactive frequency modulation based on human motion. IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, 2017. (Accepted Manuscript). (Equal contributed first authors). Impact factor: 2.857 
9. Veerla Raja Sekhar, Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S. Direct writing of ZnO pencil on paper based flexible UV photodetector and disposable photoresponsive Uric Acid sensor. Journal of Material Chemistry C, 2017, 5, 10231-10240. Impact factor: 5.976 
8. A. Gopalakrishnan, Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika. S. Template assisted electrospinning of bubbled carbon nanofibers (BCNFs) as binder-free electrode for high performance supercapacitors. ChemElectroChem, 2018, 5(3), 531-539. Impact factor: 4.446 
7.  S. Solomon Jones, Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika S. One step, high yield synthesis of amphiphilic carbon quantum dots derived from Chia seeds: A solvatochromic study. New Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 41(21), 13130-13139. Impact factor: 3.2 
6.  Kawahara, R., Sahatiya, P., Badhulika, S., & Uno, S. Paper based potentiometric pH sensor using carbon electrode drawn by pencil. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics2018, 57(4S), 04FM08. Impact factor: 2.176 
5. A. Gopalakrishnan., Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika. S. Low temperature, one-pot green synthesis of tailored carbon nanostructures/reduced graphene oxide composites and its investigation in supercapacitor applications. Materials letters, 2017, 198, 46-49. Impact factor:  2.687 
4.  Sahatiya, P., Gomathi, P. T., Jones, S. S., & Badhulika, S. Sponge and graphene/PVDF/ZnO composite based 3D stacked flexible multi-sensor platform. MRS Advances, 2016, 1-7. Impact factor: NA 
3. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika, S. Solvent-free fabrication of Multi-walled carbon nanotube based flexible pressure sensor for ultra-sensitive touch pad and electronic skin applications. RSC Advances, 2016. Impact factor: 2.936 
2. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika, S. UV/ozone assisted local graphene (p)/ZnO (n) heterojunctions as a nanodiode rectifier. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics2016, 49(26), 265101. Impact factor: 2.373 
1.  Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika, S. One-step in situ synthesis of single aligned graphene–ZnO nanofiber for UV sensing. RSC Advances2015, 5(100), 82481-82487. Impact factor: 2.936 
Conferences (International and National) 
1. Sahatiya, P & Badhulika, S. One step growth of few layer MoS2 on pencil for different flexible electronic components and broadband photodetector on paper substrate. MRS 2018 Spring Meet, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Poster presentation)
2. P. Thanga Gomathi, Sahatiya, P, Pittsburgh, USA. (Oral presentation). and Sushmee Badhulika. Solution processed ZnS-MoS2 for optoelectronic applications. IEEE Nano 2017
3. Sahatiya, P. Arthi Gopalakrishnan and Sushmee Badhulika. Large area Graphene-MoS2 visible light photodetector. IEEE Nano 2017, Pittsburgh, USA. (Oral presentation)
4. Sahatiya, P, Solomon Jones, P. Thanga Gomathi and Sushmee Badhulika. Flexible substrate based 2D graphene (p)/ ZnO (n) heterojunction architecture as nanodiode rectifier. ICEE conference, IIT Bombay, Dec 2016. (Oral presentation)
5. Arthi, G; Sahatiya, P.; & Badhulika, S. Electrospun mesporous silica templated hybrid carbon nanofibers for supercapacitor electrodes. International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials, IISC Bangalore, India, 2016 (Best Poster Award)
6. Sahatiya, P, Arijit Sen., “Stroboscopic Wave packet Description for transient current in nanodevices,” International Conference On Nanoscience and Technology (ICONSAT). Chandigarh, Punjab, India, 2014. (Poster presentation)
7. Kumar, Niraj, Sahatiya, P.; & Pranay Dubey. "Fabrication of CNT based Gas Sensor Using Interdigitated Gold Electrodes." Procedia Materials Science 6, 2014, 1976-1980. (Oral presentation)
Book Chapters 
1. Sahatiya, P., & Badhulika, S. Graphene Hybrid Architectures for Chemical Sensors. In Graphene-based Materials in Health and Environment. Springer International Publishing, 2016, 259-285
2.  Sahatiya, P., Sha, R., & Badhulika, S. Flexible 2D electronics in sensors and bioanalytical applications. Handbook on Flexible Electronics. CRC press (in press)

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