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The faculty and students at the Unit carry out research / development activities in the following areas:
  • Network Protocols
  • Wireless Sensor Networking
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Power-aware Routing
  • Internet Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Wearable computing
  • IPv6
  • Optical Networks
  • Quality-of-Service
  • Anti-Spam Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Telemedicine Framework


  • Theoretical Particle Physics

Major Research Projects

NGNi IPv6-based Multimedia Internetwork QoS Project
This four-nation European Commission Funded project was technically led by BITS Pilani but officially managed by UPM-Madrid. Focussed on QoS and IPv6.
Power-aware IPv6-Protocol Stack Design & Implementation for WSN Nodes
A major component of a French Govt. Funded four-nation research project in 6LowPAN area
Project NetFirst
a real network research laboratory being built atop the "NetFirst Architecture" set-up with a pool of resources accessible over the Internet; originally evolved atop the extended variant of the MIT iLabs architecture with several innovations introduced at BITS-Pilani --- a collaborative project involving BITS-Pilani and MIT-Cambridge, USA
Project BITS-WearComp
Wearable Computing initiative for saving human lives; currently includes Project BITS-Life-Guard and BITS-Heart-Guard
Project Grid-One
IPv6-aware Grid Computing, focuses on QoS, collaboration but includes features like heterogeneity, multi-role support, fixed and mobile nodes
Oxford Journal Server Project
Funded by JST, Trinity College, Oxford University

Latest News

BITS WearComp
It is an initiative of the CSD, BITS Pilani in the area of Pro-active Human-Centered Computing

Project Tiny6-STIC Wireless Sensor Network
Funded by French ministry of Foreign Affairs, INRIA, Telecom-ParisTech, Telecom Bretagne

Projects at SDETU

  • Project Embryo

    Embryo is a project to foster strong collaboration of BITS students and BITS faculty with the alumni and friends of BITS Pilani.

  • IPv6

    2Quality of Service Directions, Benchmarking and Roadmap for IPv6-oriented NGN Multimedia Internetworks  

  • Project BITS-WearComp

    It is an initiative of the CSD, BITS Pilani in the area of Pro-active Human-Centered Computing.

  • Nalanda

    Digital Life Intitiative at BITS Pilani

  • iCampus

    Joint Collaborative research by BITS Pilani and MIT USA

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