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Selected Invited Talks

Selected Invited Talks

Selected Invited Talks


1. Delivered an invited talk on “Dynamics of a prey-predator system: Role of fear, refuge and delay” in the 7th China-India-Japan-Korea International conference on Mathematical Biology held at University of Science and Technology Beijing during August 23-27, 2019 in Beijing, China.

2.  Delivered an invited talk on “Role of optimal harvesting in resource management: a mathematical modelling approach” in the School of Mathematics and Physics, China University of Geoscience, Wuhan during August 19-21, 2019.

3.   Delivered an invited talk on “Modelling the effect of harvesting in a prey-predator system with stage structure in predator” in an International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computations in Biology held at IIT Roorkee during March 12-14, 2018.

4.  Delivered an invited talk on “Mathematical Modelling: Development and Applications” at Mizoram University on Sept 27, 2018.

5. Delivered an invited talk on "Some mathematical models for harvesting of renewable            resources at an optimal level" in an International Conference on Mathematical Modelling      and Simulation held at BHU, Varanasi during August 29-September 01, 2016.

6. Delivered an invited talk on “Modeling the dynamics of a fishery model with optimal          harvesting policy” in the 2015 Joint meeting of the 5th China-Japan-Korea Colloquium and the 25th Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology held at Doshisha     University, Kyoto, Japan during August 26-29, 2015. 
7. Delivered the following two invited lectures in a refresher course on “Mathematical        Modelling and its Applications in Science and Engineering” held at  Rajiv Gandhi 
    Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal MP, during February 02-06, 2015: 
      (i)               Linear and Non-linear Dynamics of Population

(ii)             Optimal Resource Utilization Models

8.  Delivered an invited talk on “Role of Mathematical Modeling in Resource Management” organized by Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics at IISc. Bangalore during July 28-31, 2014.

9.   Delivered an invited talk on “Modeling the optimal utilization of a renewable resource” at Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur, Panjab, in a National Conference on “Recent Advancements in Mathematics” during February 01- 02, 2014.

10. Delivered an invited talk on “Mathematical models on a renewable and non-renewable   resources” at Vevekanand Global University, Jaipur, in a National Conference on “Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Applications” during April 04-05, 2014.  

11.Delivered the following two invited lectures in a Workshop on “Mathematical Epidemiology and Differential Equations” organized by IIT Patna during July 08-13, 2013:                    

          (i)    Optimal harvesting of a renewable resource 
          (ii)   Optimal management of a renewable resource utilized by a population with        taxation as a control variable 

12. Participated in the “Study Group Meeting” held on 10th July 2013 at IIT Patna. 

13. Delivered the following two invited lectures in a Workshop on “Differential Equations in  Ecology and Epidemiology" is organized by Department of Mathematics, IIT Roorkee  during 10-14 October 2012.     

         (i)      Dynamics of Prey-Predator Model with Self and Cross Diffusion

    (ii)           Modeling the dynamics of a human population living in a polluted environment        with health and environmental policy

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