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Theses Supervised


Theses Supervised

Ph. D

1.     Development and Validation of Performance Measures for World Class Manufacturing (awarded), 2006, Dr A K Digalwar

2.  Development and Validation of Performance Measures for Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (awarded), 2009, Dr P J Singh (as co-supervisor)

3.  Development and Validation of Lean Manufacturing Drivers, Barriers and Framework with a focus on Ceramic Industry (awarded), 2013, Dr J P Bhamu

4.     Selected Experimental Studies on Machinability of Ti54M, Ti10.2.3, Ti5553 and Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloys (awarded), 2013, Dr Navneet Khanna

5.    Development and Validation of Drivers for, Barriers to and Stakeholders of Green Manufacturing (awarded), 2014, Dr V K Mittal

6.    Multi-objective Design and Optimization of a  Closed-loop Supply Chain Network, and Assessment of Collection Methods, Product Recovery Methods and Network Configurations (awarded), 2015, Dr Anil Jindal

7.  Prediction and Optimization of Machining Parameters for Minimizing Surface Roughness and Power Consumption during Turning of AISI 1045 Steel (awarded), 2016, Dr Girish Kant

8.     Development of a sustainability Assessment Framework for manufacturing industry (awarded), 2018, Dr V Bhakar

9.  Development of an integrated performance measurement framework for leanness assessment of manufacturing organizations (awarded), 2019, Dr Narpat R Sangwa

10. Development of performance measures to evaluate green supply chain in Indian ceramic industry, (awarded), 2019, Dr Kailash Choudhary

11. Development of a model establishing relationship among machining process parameters, energy demand, material removal rate, and surface finish, (awarded), 2020, Nitesh Sihag

12. Design and Development of Business Excellence Framework for the IT services sector, Narasimha Murthy

13. Productivity Improvement in Micro, Small and Medium Automotive Enterprises by Using Lean Tools and Techniques, Krishan Rohilla

14. Development of a Cyber-Physical Production System Framework for Resource and Energy Efficiency at Factory level (Proposal Submitted) Rishi Kumar

15. Investigations on Thin-Wall Machining of Curved Geometries, Pawar Shrikant Shankarrao (as co-supervisor)

      16.  Design of Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains, Akshay Patidar (as co-supervisor).
      17. Empirical Studies on Lean and Green Practices in Indian Small and Medium Enterprises, Pankaj Kumar Soni
      18.  Development of Industry 4.0 Enablers and Challenges for Indian Industry, Rupen Trehan (as co-supervisor)

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