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Theses Supervised


Theses Supervised

Ph. D – 14

  • Development and Validation of Performance Measures for World Class Manufacturing (awarded
  • Development and Validation of Performance Measures for Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (awarded)
  • Development and Validation of Lean Manufacturing Drivers, Barriers and Framework with a focus on Ceramic Industry (awarded)
  • Selected Experimental Studies on Machinability of Ti54M, Ti10.2.3, Ti5553 and Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloys (awarded)
  • Development and Validation of Drivers for, Barriers to and Stakeholders of Green Manufacturing (awarded)
  • Prediction and Optimization of Machining Parameters for Minimizing Surface Roughness and Power Consumption during Turning of AISI 1045 Steel (awarded)
  • Multi-objective Design and Optimization of a  Closed-loop Supply Chain Network, and Assessment of Collection Methods, Product Recovery Methods and Network Configurations (awarded)
  • Design and development of a sustainability measurement framework for Indian manufacturing industry
  • Productivity Improvement in Micro, Small and Medium Automotive Enterprises by Using Lean Tools and Techniques.
  • Design and Development of Business Excellence Framework for the IT services sector.
  • Development of key performance measures for the implementation of green supply chain management in Indian industry
  • Development of a performance evaluation framework for lean manufacturing
  • Development of performance measures to evaluate green supply chain in Indian ceramic industry
  • Development of a model establishing relationship among machining process parameters, energy demand, material removal rate, and surface finish.

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