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Thesis Supervised

Thesis Supervised

Ph.D. Students

S. No. Name ID No. Topic Year
1 Virender Singh Phogat 2016PHXP0501P Study of Various Factors affecting hill roads and their Environmental Impact Assessment (As Co-supervisor) 2016 - Present
2 Gourav Deep Singh Gill 2015PHXP005P Improving load carrying capacity of marginal soil using waste plastic chips and geogrid 2015 – Present
3 Prashant Bhakar 2013PHXF106P Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources in the western Arid Regions of Rajasthan (As Co-supervisor) 2013 - Present

M.E/ B.E. Thesis Supervised

S. No. Name ID No. Topic Year
1 Sanket Rawat 2015H143048P Optimal Solutions for Eccentrically Loaded Isolated Footing (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Shibani K. Jha) Jan. - May, 2017
2 Spandan Bera 2015H143049P Response of Laterally Loaded Piles: Critical Evaluation of Prevalent Procedures Jan. - May, 2017
3 Tanish Anand 2011B3A2569P Optimization of foundation Jan. - May, 2016
4 Kartik Goyal 2011B4A2714P Prediction of Strength of improved soil using soft computing techniques Jan. - May, 2016
5 Rahul Bansal 2011B3A2594P Risk assessment of Infrastructure Projects Jan. - May, 2016
6 Rajat Sethi 2010B1A2366P Design of seismic resistant foundation in liquefiable soil using Biological methods (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Shilpi Garg) Jan. - May, 2015
7 Nisha Arora 2010B1A2750P Effect of Waste Plastic Strips and Waste tire chips on CBR Behavior of Sandy Subgrade Jan. - May, 2015
8 Shubham Lal 2010B5A2670P Improving load carrying capacity of marginal soils using waste plastic chips and plastic strips Jan. - May, 2015
9 Piyush Bansal 2011A2TS542P Economic Design of Shallow Foundations Aug. – Dec., 2014
10 Madhur Toshniwal 2009B2A2485P Optimum design of foundation subjected to eccentric and inclined loads Jan. - May, 2014
11 Kaushik Ravi Sharma 2009B1A2777P Economical design of foundation Jan. - May, 2014
12 Vikash Prasad 2008B5A2710P A Review of Code of Practice for the design of Pile Foundation Jan. - May, 2013
13 R. Narendran 2011H143030P Review of Code of Practice on Offshore Pile and Fixed Platform Design Jan. - May, 2013
14 Arvind Sankar D. 2004B1A2575P Behaviour of waste tire-chip reinforced soil under static and dynamic loading Jan. - May, 2009
15 Nirupama Jagannathan 2004B2A2520P Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Measure Using Reinforced Soil Jan. - May, 2009

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