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VLSI Design Lab

VLSI Design Lab

Courses to cater



Simulation Software
  • Matlab (Versions) 2015a , 2014b , 2012b
  • Xilinx Tool Suite:  vivado2016 , vivado2014 , hls2014 -50 users
  • Synopsys Tool Suite:3900-0 Asia Pac FrontEnd University Bundle  -5 users
  • Cadence Tool Suite (Research Bundle)
  • Operating System RHEL Std Edition
  • Master Nodes: IBM X3650 M4 Server with -2x6 Core 2.1 Ghz Intel Xeon E5 -2620 V2 Processor , 64GB DDR3 RAM,Dual 1GbE ports. – 1 No
  • Computes Nodes: IBM X3550 M4 Server with -2x8 Core 2.0 Ghz Intel Xeon E5 -2640 V2 Processor, 2x500GB NL SATA Disks, 64 GB DDR3 RAM, Dual 1GbE ports. -4 No’s
  • Zed boards -7000 series -19 No’s


Development of low power motion estimation architectures for HEVC application, BITS (internal), 2 lakhs 


  • Faculty Coordinator: S K Chatterjee
  • Other Faculty Users: S K Sahoo and S E Ahmed
  • Lab Technician:  S. Bhasker Reddy
  • PhD Students: 
    • Mr. Sai Phaneendra: Low power design
    • Mr. Chetan Kumar V: Low power design
    • Mr. Ganesh Kumar: FIR filter design
    • Mr. Sravan V.: Motion estimation architectures


[Project] Dr. Souvik Kundu (PI) and Prof. Souri Banerjee (Physics, co-PI) received a project from BRNS (3 years, ~35 lakhs) - "Metal-oxide and Nanocomposite based low-power non-volatile switching device".
[PhD Student Paper] Manu Gupta, V Rajagopalan, E P Pioro, B.V.V.S.N. Prabhakar Rao, Volumetric Analysis of MR Images for Glioma Classification and their Effect on Brain Tissues, Signal, Image and Video Processing, Published Online, 2017. 


[15 Sep 2017Visit by Prof. R. Karmalkar, IIT Madras
[24 Aug 2017Visit by Prof. Varun Jeoti (Signal processing and Wireless communication), University Technology Petronas, Malaysia 
[11 Aug 2017Interaction with New EEE Students

Recent Publications

Detailed List...

1. Manu Gupta, V Rajagopalan, E P Pioro, B.V.V.S.N. Prabhakar Rao, Volumetric Analysis of MR Images for Glioma Classification and their Effect on Brain Tissues, Signal, Image and Video Processing, Published Online, 2017.  

2. S. Chitraganti, R. Toth, N. Meskin, J. Mohammadpour, Stochastic model predictive tracking of piecewise constant references for LPV  SystemsIET Control Theory & Applications, in press, 2017.

3. Soham Jariwala, Rohit Nagpal, Saksham Phul, Sanket Goel and Balaji Krishnamurthy, Modeling the performance of an enzymatic glucose fuel cell, accepted for publication with Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2017.

4. Venkateswaran PS, Santosh Dubey, Abhishek Sharma, Ajay Agarwal and Sanket Goel*, Stereolithographic 3D Printed Microfluidic viscometer for Rapid Detection of Automobile Fuel Adulteration, accepted for publication with Sensor Letters, 2017.

5. S. K. Sahoo, A. Gangishetty, R. Sahoo and M. Muglikar, High Performance Ternary Adder using CNTFET, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology , Vol. 99, pp.1-1. 2017.

6. Young Ho Kim, Jeong-Woo Sohn,  Yeon Kyung Lee, Jaehoon Jung, Minyeong Jeong, Sanket Goel, Hee Jin Kim,  Sang-June Choi, Preparation of pH Sensitive MMT/PEGMEA Nanocomposite Micropatterns by Rapid and Simple UV Curing Procedures,Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, Vol 12(6), pp. 550-556, 2017.

7. Ganesh Kumar Ganjikunta and Subhendu Kumar Sahoo, An area-efficient and low-power 64-point pipeline Fast Fourier Transform for OFDM applications, Integration, the VLSI Journal, Vol. 57, pp. 125-131, 2017.

8. Kotha Srinivasa Reddy and Subhendu Kumar Sahoo, An approach for fixed coefficient RNS-based FIR filter, International Journal of Electronics, Vol. 104 (8), 2017.

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