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Engineering Degree Programs

Learning Excellence
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The BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus currently houses 8 departments, which are the combinations of pure science, applied science, humanities and management. Each of these departments is notable for their excellent faculty, the curriculum offered, the research it conducts and the number of sponsored projects the department has won.

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Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus is one of the premier chemical engineering departments in the Gulf region. Our goal is to produce students who will become leaders in their areas. 

Offering an undergraduate program since 2005, the department seeks to enroll students of exceptional promise and a variety of talents and to provide them with an environment in which they will grow intellectually and personally; a curriculum that is distinctive in its emphasis on broad based education and direct intellectual engagement with the faculty; a wide range of extracurricular opportunities; and the experience of living in a diverse campus community.
Chemical engineering is undoubtedly the most versatile of engineering disciplines. No facets of modern civilization can be envisioned without some applications and contributions from chemical engineers. Through a judicious mix of mandatory and elective courses, the  student at Dubai campus gains expertise in various areas of chemical engineering such as petroleum and petrochemicals, electrochemicals, paper, cement, ceramics and glass, polymers and plastics, food processing and products, paints and dyes, textiles and synthetic fibers, etc.


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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the first departments at BITS Pilani, Dubai campus established in the year 2000. The department is dedicated to the teaching and research activities in the areas of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department educates the students to take up challenging jobs in a wide range of industries and engage themselves in research and development activities for the good of society. 

Courses offered by the department cater to learning needs from basics to the advanced level. Department offers variety of discipline electives and covers most of the modern technologies. It has state of the art laboratories to provide hands on experiences and support research activities. 
The department has following laboratories
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Digital Electronics
  • Analog Electronics 
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Communication
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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Dept at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus is one of the major departments in terms of faculty, students, and activities. It continues to lead and expand its activities in various directions.

The Department offers academic programmes leading to B.E. Mechanical Engineering (Hons), M.E. Design Engineering and Ph.D. degrees.
The academic activities are supported by well equipped laboratories. The list includes Workshop, Engineering Graphics, Measurement Techniques, Computer Aided Design, Production Techniques, Transport Phenomena and Prime movers and Fluid Mechanics Laboratories.
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Computer Science

Computer Science Department was the first to start when BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus was first established in the year 2000. It started with a faculty strength of 2 and student strength of 40
Since then we have grown to 10 full time faculties and student strength of 350.
We work with a motivation and dedication to impart the best knowledge to the highly talented students admitted to our department. Our department has faculty experienced in various fields of Computer Science. Many of them are qualified from reputed institutions like IISC, IIT and BITS Pilani.
The department of Computer Science at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus aims at producing world class Computer Engineers. A wide range of courses are offered to students to help them understand the various intricacies involved in computing. The courses are designed in a way to invoke students’ ability to think originally and creatively. The faculty members of the CS department are trained to produce Computer Engineers with the ability to design and develop systems involving the integration of software and hardware devices. The department is equipped with modern Computer Labs, with well trained lab assistants, to enable students better understand the theory lecture sessions and to give them an exposure to practical problem solving.
We are in the continual pursuit of improvising the curriculum in line with the recent advancements so as to enable our students to hit the ground running, as soon as they graduate.
Our students have excelled in various programming contests, and academic competitions conducted by various International Institutes (both Gulf Region and in India). CS dept has various clubs like Dot net, Linux and many others to facilitate the students gain knowledge in areas outside the curriculum. Our CS dept facilitates ACM chapter to improve the research activities of the students. 
We are proud to say that our students are placed in top multinational companies and top universities abroad.

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Instrumentation Engineering

The department of Electronics & Instrumentation engineering started in the year 2001 and the first batch of students graduated in the year 2005. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty. The instrumentation laboratory is of international standards with different process control work benches for measurement and control of flow, pressure, level etc. 
The primary focus of instrumentation engineering is the development and implementation of electrical and electronic instruments for the purpose of measuring, monitoring, and recording physical phenomena. Among many other types of instruments, instrumentation engineers develop seismic sensors, blood glucose sensors, fire detectors and a host of sensors for many applications. Major users of these instruments include industries that rely on automated processes, such as chemical and manufacturing plants. A very large field of work is also offered in biomedical engineering, and in metrology.
The scope of instrumentation engineering is vast, and is fast growing, in part due to the increased use of automatic control in manufacturing and process plants. Growth is also tied to the development of more accurate and more robust sensors, which allow us to detect phenomena of interest (such as the presence of minute levels of toxins in food) with much higher precision than what we could do a generation ago.
The Electronics and Instrumentation curriculum includes courses on the design of analog and digital electronic devices used for measurement and control of parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, and level, and the calibration of such instruments. Students learn to program microcontrollers, and to design and implement communication networks composed of sensors, actuators, and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Since instrumentation engineering is closely related to control engineering courses on signals, systems, and control theory are also included.

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Changes in economy towards science and technology require new profile of knowledge and skills to be incorporated into academic criteria. Globally, biotechnology represents a major driver for a high technology professional carrier. The demands from the biotechnology work force sector for development of knowledge and competencies were a major driving force for starting the B.E. (Hons.) Biotechnology program at BITS in the Middle East. The Department of Biotechnology established in the year 2007, offers B.E. (Hons.) Biotechnology & M.E. Biotechnology. It houses a total of six state of the art laboratories which are active in teaching and research. The main objectives of the department are 
  • Generating laboratory facilities for taking up R&D projects from various sponsoring agencies /industries
  • Strengthening the University linkage through R&D projects 
  • Conduct Hands on training for the faculty members and students in the field of Biotechnology.
  • Strengthening the B.E (Hons) Biotechnology and ME biotechnology program 
The department of biotechnology has collaboration with Department of Pathology, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland, USA for exchange of faculty and students, visit of experts and scientists between both the organizations and transfer of students to higher degree program. The department also collaborates with International centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) for engaging in R&D activities such as biosaline agriculture and biofertilizer development.  As a part of MoU there is a provision for Internship (PS) for students through short term and long term projects at both the institutes.
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General Sciences

The Department of General Sciences provides quality instruction to promote student learning in seven engineering disciplines (CHEM, EEE, MECH , CS, EIE and Biotechnology, ECE) offered  at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus.
Courses offered in Department of General Sciences fulfill requirements for the Engineering degrees, with necessary prerequisites required for the various branches of disciplines and afford opportunities for personal enrichment and self-enhancement. 
Faculty provide students with a learning environment that both challenges and supports them so as to encourage achievement of high academic standards and to promote a deeper understanding of the foundation courses offered by our department.
These educational activities contribute to the Institute mission of "Innovate, Achieve and Lead."
The faculty and staff in the Department of General Sciences uphold the values of BITS Pilani in our teaching, concern for student success, participation in the college community, and commitment to provide the highest quality education to the people of Gulf Region and Expats.
As a multidisciplinary department, General Sciences values the unique composition and contribution of its faculty and staff. These qualities are evident in the variety of science courses that add value to students' lives through their understanding of participatory citizenship, providing knowledge about the diverse world in which they live, and teaching the conceptual tools and skills that will help them to achieve their career and work goals.
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Humanities and Languages

The Department of Humanities and Languages of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus was established in 2000. The department is a home to several disciplines, namely, English, Management, Economics, Finance, Psychology, and History. The department has a multi-disciplinary orientation in order to expand pupils' knowledge and widen their horizon. Although HSS at Dubai Campus does not offer any degree program, it supports the Engineering programs and  plays a significant role in developing a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, global and ethical issues related to technology.

Students' Achievements

  • Aerial Robotics Competition

    Students of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus won first position at the International Aerial Robotics Competition held in North Dakota.

  • Internet Radio Streamer application

    The 5th Edition of the Software Development Trade Show was organized by UOWD, Dubai. A team of students from BITS Pilani, Dubai, won 1st prize for their application 'Internet Radio Streamer with Station Information'.

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