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  • Research Thrust Areas

    The department, right from its inception has given high priority for research. The faculty is actively engaged in cutting edge research in the frontier areas of science & Technology.


    Research area :

    Inorganic, organic, physical, analytical, theoretical & computational chemistry and interdisciplinary research


     Research sub-areas

    ·          Coordination chemistry

    ·          Biosensors and bio-analytical chemistry

    ·          Nanochemistry and nanomaterials

    ·          Nanotechnology

    ·          Photochemistry and Bioinorganic chemistry

    ·          Synthetic porphyrin chemistry

    ·          Green chemistry

    ·          Organo-silicon chemistry 

    ·          Solid State Chemistry

    ·          Electronic Structure Calculation

    ·          Molecular Simulations of Soft matter 

    ·          Computational organic photochemistry

    ·          Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Liquid Mixtures

    ·          Physical chemistry of solvated Cations and Anions



  • Sponsored Research Projects-TO BE UPDATED

  • Conferences / Workshops organised-to be updated

    Prof Sunil Bhand (Conference Co-Chair),

    Prof NN Ghosh Technical Chair

    International Conference on Emerging Technologies: Micro to Nano (ETMN-2013) at its Goa campus from 23rd – 24th February 2013.


    Jointly organized by BITS Pilani and CSIR, CEERI Pilani Co-Sponsored by CSIR, N Delhi


    Prof Sunil Bhand (Convener)

    Dr NN Ghosh (Organizing Secretary)


    International Workshop on Biosensors for Environmental Analysis organized by BITS Pilani –KK Birla Goa Campus in collaboration with Lund University Sweden, Iran and Univ of Calcutta India

    Feb. 21-23, 2006


    SEK 55,000

    (2.75 lakh approx)


    The Swedish Research Council through Lund University Sweden

    Prof Sunil Bhand

    Prof. B Danielsson and Prof TC Goel ( Co-chairmanr)


    Dr NN Ghosh (Convener)

    The 8th Workshop on Biosensors and Bioanalytical µ–Techniques in Environmental and Clinical Analysis, Goa, India, October 3–6, organized by BITS Pilani –KK Birla Goa Campus in collaboration with IAEAC Switzerland Oct 3-6 2007




    EURO 5000

    (3.00 lakh approx)



    International Association of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry IAEAC Switzerland



     DRDO India


    Dr N.N. Ghosh


    DST PAC (Inorganic Chemistry) committee meeting


    6.00 lakhs


    DST New Delhi

  • Publications in peer reviewed journals-to be updated

       Publications before 2012

      •Publications 2012


      •Publications 2013


      •Publications 2014




  • Publications in Conference Proceedings-to be updated

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