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Book Published

Nadkarni, M. V., Sivanna, N., & Suresh, Lavanya., (2018). Decentralised Democracy: Gandhi’s Vision and Indian Reality. New York: Routledge. (SCOPUS Indexed)
Monograph Published
Suresh, Lavanya., & Suchitra, M. (2021). Suicidal resistance: Understanding the opposition against the Western Ghats conservation in Karunapuram, Idukki, Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram: Centre for Development Studies. Link to ebook
Papers Published

Suresh, Lavanya., (2021). Understanding the Relationship between Sustainability and Ecofeminism in an Indian Context. Journal of Developing Societies, 37(1), 116-135. doi:10.1177/0169796X211001648 (SCOPUS Indexed)

Suresh, Lavanya., (2017, February). Decentralised and Effective Forest Resource Governance in India. South Asia Research, 37(1), 78-92. doi: 10.1177/0262728016675531 (SCOPUS Indexed)

Suresh, Lavanya., (2015, January-March). Situating social science in the philosophical debate on research methodology with a focus on Public Administration. Indian Journal Of Public Administration, LXI(1), 169-176. (UGC Care Indexed)

Suresh, Lavanya., (2014). The Political Economy of Decentralisation and Forest Resource Management (FRM): A Study of the Effectiveness of Decentralised FRM Institutions. Man & Development, XXXVI (3), 1-22 (UGC Care Indexed)

Suresh, Lavanya., (2014). Governing the Resource: A Study of the Institutions of Decentralized Forest Resource Management. Studies in Indian Politics, 2(1), 21-41doi: 10.1177/2321023014526024 (SCOPUS Indexed)

Suresh, Lavanya., (2013). A Fixed Tenure System: Long Journey of Bureaucratic Reforms. Economic & Political Weekly. Vol.48 (48): 16-18 (SCOPUS Indexed)


Suresh, Lavanya. (2020). ‘Building Inclusive Frameworks: Review of Sharachchandra Lele, et al eds. 2018. Rethinking Environmentalism: Linking Justice, Sustainability, and Diversity, Cambridge: MIT Press’. Ecology, Economy and Society 3(2), 191-196. (UGC Care Indexed)
Suresh, Lavanya. (2017). Book Review of ‘The great derangement: climate change and the unthinkable by Amitav Ghosh’. Environmental Politics, 26(6),1158-1160. (Taylor & Francis). Available at: (SCOPUS Indexed)
Suresh, Lavanya., (2014). Books at a Glance. (Review of the book Environment and Tribes in India: Resource Conflicts and Adaptations. Vineetha Menon (ed)). Journal of Social and Economic Development,16(1), 386-387.  

Chapter in book

Suresh, Lavanya., (2019). 'The Broad-Basing process in India and Women' in M.V. Nadkarni (ed.) Socio- Economic Change and the Broad-Basing Process in India. New York: Routledge.

Suresh, Lavanya., (2016). 'Understanding Nestedness in Democratic Decentralisation through the Lens of Forest Resource Governance in Tamil Nadu' in E. Venkatesu (Ed.), Democratic Decentralization in India Experiences, Issues and Challenges (pp. 174-187). New York: Routledge.

Conference Proceeding

Suresh, Lavanya. (2018). Bovine Nationalism: The Story of Patronage and Populism in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. ERPI 2018 International Conference Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World, Vol , I , B 1-E 7
Suresh, Lavanya. (2018). Perspectives on Gender Equality in the Context of Environment Sustainability. Sustainability, Institutions, Incentives: Voices, Policies and Commitments(pp. 317-326). New Delhi: Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE). 

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