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Publications in peer-reviewed journals (as corresponding author)

1.      M. Karar and N. Dey*, Integrated Multifunctional Molecular Logic Device Powered by Ion-Specific Dual Mode Optical ResponsesOpt. Mater, 2023, Accepted Paper [IF: 3.75]

2.      R. S. Fernandes, A. Tiwari, S. Kanungo* and N. Dey*, “Formation of Stable Naphthalenediimide Radical Anion: Substituent-Directed Synergetic Effects of Hydrogen Bonding and Charge Transfer Interactions on Chromogenic Response Towards Hydrazine,” J Mol Liq., 2023, Accepted paper [IF: 6.63]

3.      S. A. Tiwari, R. S. Fernandes, N. Dey*, and S. Kanungo* “Site-Specific Ammonia Adsorption and Transduction on Naphthalimide Molecule- A Complementary Analysis Involving Ab-initio Calculation and Experimental Verifications,” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2023, Doi: 10.1039/D3CP01373A [IF: 3.95]

4.      A. Ray Choudhury, N. Dey*, Molecular Amplification as an Affordable Strategy for Trace-Level Detection of Ionic Analytes with Fluorometric or Colorimetric Readout, ChemPhotoChem, 2023, cptc.202200306R2 [IF: 3.68]

5.      R. S. Fernandes and N. Dey*, Metal Ion Responsive Bifunctional Bis(indolyl)methane Derivative: Excitation-Triggered Alteration in the Sensing Behavior. Mater. Chem. Phys., 2023, 302, 127637 [IF: 4.78]

6.      S. Mondal, M. Karar and N. Dey*, Dye-Surfactant Co-Assembly as the Chromogenic Indicator for Nanomolar Level Detection of Cu(I) Ions via Color-changing ResponseJ Mater Chem B, 2023, 11, 4111-4120 [IF: 7.57]

7.      S. Paul, S. Mondal and N. Dey*, Improved Analytical Performance of an Amphiphilic Probes Upon Protein Encapsulation: Spectroscopic Investigation along with Computational RationalizationACS Applied Biomaterials, 2023, 6, 1495–1503  [IF: 3.5]

8.      R. S. Fernandes and N. Dey*, Polarity-Independent Temperature-Induced Reversible Fluorescence Switching of Organic Nanoparticles: Application to Intracellular Temperature ImagingACS Applied Nano Materials, 2023, 6, 5168–5176 [IF: 6.14]

9.      V. Adepu, M. Tathacharya, R. S Fernandes, A. Tiwari, S. Kanungo*, N. Dey* and P. Sahatiya* Perylene Diimide (PDI) based Flexible Multifunctional Sensor Design for Personal Healthcare Monitoring- A Complementary Approach Involving Experimental and Theoretical Investigations. Adv. Mater. Technol., 2023, 8, 2201633 [IF: 8.56]

10. R. S. Fernandes and N. Dey*, A Combinatorial Effect of TICT and AIE on Bisulfate Detection using a Pyrenylated Charge-Transfer LuminogenMater. Res. Bull., 2023, 163, 112192 [IF: 5.6]

11. M. Karar, R. S. Fernandes and N. Dey*, Differential Response for Multiple Ions: Smart Probe to Construct Optically Tunable Molecular Logic SystemsAnalyst, 2023, 148, 1460-1472 [IF: 5.23] (Invited cover page)

12. S. Paul, A Ray Choudhury, N. Dey*, Dual Mode Multiple Ions Sensing via Analyte-Specific Modulation of Keto-Enol Tautomerization of an ESIPT Active Pyrene Derivative: Experimental Findings and Computational Rationalization” ACS Omega., 2023, 8, 6349–6360 [IF: 4.13]

13. N. Dey*, An anthraimidazoledione-based charge transfer probe for dual mode sensing of calcium ions: role of the counter ion in signal improvement, J Mater Chem B, 2023, 2023, 11, 1222-1231 [IF: 7.57]

14. B. Chettri, S. Jha, and N. Dey*, Tuning Anion Binding Properties of Bis(indolyl)methane Receptors: Effect of Substitutions on Optical Responses, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2023, 287, 121979 [IF: 4.82]

15. B. Chettri, S. Jha, and N. Dey*, Unique CT emission from Aryl Terpyridine Nanoparticles in Aqueous Medium: A Combined Effect of Excited State Hydrogen bonding and Conformational Planarization, J. Photochem. Photobiol. A, 2023, 435, 114210 [IF: 5.14]

16. D. Sunil, K. Muthamma, S. D. Kulkarni, R. S. Fernandes, and N. Dey*, Water-based Flexographic Ink using Fluorescent Barbituric Acid Derivative for Security Applications. Chem Papers., 2023, 77, 119-127 [IF: 2.15]

17. R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, “Ion-Specific Bathochromic Shifts: Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Heavy Metal Pollutants via Charge Transfer Interactions. J Mol Liq., 2022, 367, 120369 [IF: 6.63]

18. S. Paul, R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, Ppb-Level, Dual Channel Sensing of Cyanide and Bisulfate Ions in Aqueous Medium: Computational Rationalization of Ion-Dependent ICT Mechanism. New J. Chem., 2022, 46, 18973-18983 [IF: 3.92]

19. R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, Anion Binding studies with Anthraimidazoledione-Based Positional Isomers: A comprehensive Analysis of different Strategies for Improved Selectivity. Talanta, 2022, 250, 123703 [IF: 6.57]

20. R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, Modulation of Analytical Performance of a Bifunctional Optical Probe at Micelle-water interface: Selective Sensing of Histidine in Biological Fluid. Asian J. Org. Chem., 2022, 11, e202200257 [IF: 3.12]

21. R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, Synthetic Supramolecular Host for D-(-)-Ribose: Ratiometric Fluorescence Response via Multivalent Lectin-Carbohydrate Interactions. ChemBioChem., 2022, 23, e202200044, [IF: 3.46] (Invited cover page)

22. N. Dey* and R. S Fernandes, Moisture-Sensitive Ratiometric Color Changing Response: A Useful tool for Precision Farming. ACS J. Agric. Sci. Technol., 2022, 2, 546–554. [IF: not declared]

23. S. Jha, N. Kumari, B. Chettri, N. Dey*, Monitoring Local pH of Membranous Aggregates via Ratiometric Color Changing Response. ChemPhysChem., 2022, 23, e202200208 [IF: 3.52]

24. N. Dey*, A pyrene-based ratiometric probe for nanomolar level detection of glyphosate in food and environmental samples and its application for live-cell imaging. New J. Chem., 2022, 46, 8105-8111. [IF: 3.92]

25. R. S Fernandes and N. Dey*, Acyl Hydrazone-Based Reversible Optical Switch for Reporting of Cyanide ion in Industrial Wastewater Samples. J Mol Struct., 2022, 132968. [IF: 3.84]

26. N. Dey*, and N. Kumari, Anion-Induced Deprotonation as a Simple Strategy to Improve Analytical Performance of an Amphiphilic Probe at Mesoscopic Interface. Results Chem. 2022, 4, 100248. [Invited paper]

27. N. Dey*, Coordination-Driven Reversible Supramolecular Assembly Formation at Biological pH: Trace- Level Detection of Hg2+ and I- Ions in Real Life Samples. Spectrochim. Acta A, 2022, 267, 120447. [IF: 4.83].

28. N. Dey*, and S. Bhattacharya, Hydrogen Bonding Induced Unique Charge-Transfer Emission from Multichromophoric Polypyridyl Ligands: Ratiometric Probing of Methanol Impurity in Commercial Biofuel.   ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2021, 9, 50, 17078–17084. [IF: 9.22].

29. S. Jha, N. Dey*, Differential Chromogenic Response towards F- and H2PO4-: Hydrogen Bonding vs Deprotonation, Chemistry Select, 2021, 6, 9211 – 9216. [IF = 2.30]

30. N. Dey,* Metal Ion-Responsive Chromogenic Probe for Rapid, On-Location Detection of Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens in Contaminated Food Items. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021, 4, 6893–6902. [IF = 3.5].

31. N. Dey,* A Simple Strategy for Visual Detection as well as Discrimination of Hg2+ and CH3Hg+ Species Using Fluorescent Nanoaggregates. Dalton Transactions, 2021, 50, 12563-12569. [IF = 4.40].

32. N. Dey*, Use of Biocompatible Natural Product ‘Quinine’ for Naked-Eye Sensing of Sarin-Surrogate both in Solution-State and Vapor Phase. J Mol Liquid, 2021, 321, 114799. [IF: 6.17]

33. N. Dey*, ‘OfftheShelf’ Material for Ratiometric Sensing of Phosgene at Nanomolar Level Both in Solution and Gaseous Phase. Chemistry Select, 2020, 5, 6823-6827. [IF: 2.10]

34. N. Dey*, Naked-Eye Sensing of Phytic Acid at Sub-Nanomolar Level in 100% Water Medium by Charge Transfer Complex Derived from off-the-shelf Ingredients. Analyst, 2020, 145, 4937-4941. [IF: 5.23].


Publications in Conference Proceedings (as corresponding author)

1.    N. Dey*, Perylene Diimide-Based Fluorescent Nanoassembly for Sequential Recognition of Fe3+ and Inorganic Phosphate in the Aqueous Medium. Materials Today Proceedings, 202144, 2952-2956. [IF: 1.21]


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