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Invited Talks and Oral Presentations

1.  N. Dey, ‘Revisiting Laboratory of Prof. P C Ray: Design and Execution of Experiments’ at International Conference on Contributions of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray as a Chemist and Freedom Fighter (oral presentation)’ from 2nd-3rd August 2022 (oral presentation)

2.     N. Dey, ‘Bis(indolyl)aryl methanes: A promising chromogenic probe with multifaceted applications’ at IC-AIEFA held during 16th to 18th December, 2022 at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Goa Campus (invited talk).

3.     N. Dey, ‘Use of biocompatible natural product ‘quinine’ for naked-eye sensing of Sarin-surrogate both in solution-state and vapor phase’ at Advance Research in Molecular & Material Science (ARM2S-2022) held during 1st - 2nd March, 2022 at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (oral presentation) (Best presentation award).

4.     N. Dey, ‘Oxidized bis(indolyl)aryl methanes: A Promising Chromogenic Probe with Multifaceted Applications’ symposium series at GITAM University on 8 th July 2022 (invited talk).

5.     N. Dey, ‘Y-shaped Push-Pull Heterocyclic Dyes for ‘Naked-eye’ Detection of Environmental Toxins via Mild Chemical Reactions’ International Conference on Noble Heterocycles’ at University of Pardubice from 16-17 th March 2022 (invited talk on-line).

6.  N. Dey, ‘Hg2+-Induced Coordination-driven Supramolecular Assembly in Aqueous Medium: Analysing Real-Life Samples for Heavy Metal Pollutants’ at 4th International Conference on Science & Engineering of Materials from 19th - 22th July 2021 (oral presentation)

7.   N. Dey, ‘Flexible p-Conjugated Molecules as 'Photoresponsive Probes' for Mechanobiological Applications’ at "Future of Chemistry" symposium series on 6th August 2021 at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (invited talk)

8.     N. Dey, ‘Pyrene-based Fluorogenic Amphiphiles for Biosensing and Drug Delivery Applications" symposium series on 2nd June 2021 at Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata (invited talk)

Presented research works at several international conferences and seminars during PhD and Postdoctoral Research




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