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1. BSc Biochemistry (1998-2001)
Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi  
2. MSc Biochemsitry (2001-2003) 
Dept of Biochemistry, Unversity of Delhi South Campus 
3. PhD Biochemistry (2003-2009)
Dept of Biochemistry, University of Delhi South Campus 
Mentor: Prof. Anil K Tyagi 

Work Experience

1. Research Associate (2008-2010) 
Dept of Biochemistry, University of Delhi South Campus
Lab: Prof. Anil K Tyagi 
2. Scientist-C (2010-2011) 
Dept of Biochemistry, University of Delhi South Campus 
Lab: Prof. Anil K Tyagi 
3. Post-doctorate (2012)
Department of Microbial Pathogenesis at School of Dentistry, University of Maryland, USA. 
4. Post-doctorate (2012-2016)
Center for Tuberculosis, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
HHMI Lab: Prof. William R Bishai 
5.  Senior Research Fellow (May 2016-Nov 2016)
MGH and Broad Institute of  MIT and Harvard
Lab: Prof. Ramnik Xavier 
6. Assistant Professor and Ramalingaswamy Fellow (2017 -till date) 
Dept of Biological Sciences, BITS Pilani Hyderabad  

Research Interest

Multimodal approach for disease management:
1. Host-pathogen interaction with respect to tuberculosis
2. Development of novel drugs, therapeutics and vaccination approaches 
3. Novel rapid molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases  
4. Infection induced infertility- exploring new biomarkers and in vitro models


Current Team Members:
 PhD students
1. Naresh Patnaik- Diagnostics (Infertility)
2. Monica Singh- Drug development (Anti-TB drugs)
3. Kotwal Shifa Bushra-Vaccine development (Anti-TB vaccines)
4. Nidhi O- Diagnostics 
ME Thesis
1. Neha Ashtikar (Probiotics to produce Selenium Nanoparticles) 2019
2. Poojita (PCR based Diagnostics of wound infections) 2020
3. Haripriya (PCR based Diagnostics of neonatal infections) 2020
4. Jaya Manocha (Recombinant BCG approach for Covid vaccine) 2021
5. Remanika Girish Kumar (In vitro model of M. tb induced infertility) 2021
JRFs trained
1. Nidhi (2018-2019)
2. Divya (2019)
3. Poojitha (2019-2020)
4. Wajeeda (2020-2021)

Membership of Societies

 Life Member of: 

      ·        American Society for Microbiology (ASM)-since 2013

·        Life Member of Society of Biological Chemist (SBC), India- since 2008

·        Life Member of Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)- since 2009

·        Life Member of Probiotic Association of India (PAI)-since 2017

  •   Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility- since 2021

Expertise of the PI

A note about the PI:
Dr. Ruchi has more than 17 years of research experience in the area of Tuberculosis (TB) especially TB immunology and vaccinology as well as genetic engineering of mycobacteria for functional analysis of virulence genes as well as construction of genetically engineered live attenuated vaccines and DNA vaccines. She specializes in area of host-pathogen interaction. Especially, her work in the area of bacterial and host cyclic dinucleotide (CDN) signaling and development of host-directed therapy against TB using novel strategies targeting the c-di-AMP pathway for last few years led several ground breaking discoveries and published in leading journals- Nature Medicine, Nature Chemical Biology and Journal of Infectious Diseases. She has a track record of multiple well cited publications in the area of TB vaccines. She is an expert in BSL3 and Animal BSL3 set up and establishing in vitro and animal models (mice and guinea pig) for Tuberculosis infection for testing vaccines and for conducting virulence studies. She is trained at various BSL3/Animal BSL3 facilities at Delhi University, JALMA Agra, Johns Hopkins, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard during her doctoral and post-doctoral research (2003-2016) 

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

1. Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship (2017-2022)
2. Awarded with Life membership of Indian Society of study of Reproduction and Fertility
3. Global Scholarship Awards
• Keystone Symposia eSymposia meeting eSymposia | Tuberculosis: Science Aimed at Ending the Epidemic International; December 2-4, 2020
• Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia on Integrating Metabolism and Immunity - EK16. International; January 25-28, 2021
• Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia, "The Microbiome: From Mother to Child" ; International; January 18-20, 2021.
• Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia on Synthetic Biology: At the Crossroads of Genetic Engineering and Human Therapeutics - EK41 ; International; May 3 – 4, 2021
• Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia on Innovative Vaccine Approaches, International, June 28-30, 2021

4. Senior Research Fellow (2005-2008): Council of Scientific and Industrial Research [Govt. of India].
5. Travel Grant for participation in International conference (Keystone symposium ‘Immunologic memory and host defense’, Colorado, USA) (2009): International Travel Scheme, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India].
6. CSIR/UGC – Junior Research Fellow: National Eligibility Test December 2002, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Tech., Govt. of India. (2003-2005)
7. Monsanto Student Fellowship for Post Graduate students (2001-2003).
8. Awarded by University of Delhi for outstanding performance in B. Sc Hon. in Biochemistry (1998-2001). 

Contact Details

A -115A, Department of Biological Sciences, 
Phone: Direct : 040-66303550; Mobile: 7042777262

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