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Courses Taught

Course 1: CS C342 Advanced Computer Organisation 
Objective:  This course aims at introducing the concept of computer architecture and organization. It involves design aspects, and deals with the current trends in computing architecture. System resources such as memory technology and I/O subsystems needed to achieve proportional increase in performance will also be discussed.
Course 2: CS C471/IS F311 Computer Graphics (2015-16 Ist sem, 2014-15 Ist Sem, 2013-14 Ist Sem, 2012-13 Ist Sem)
Objective: is to introduce the concepts of computer graphics through theoretical, algorithmic and advanced modeling aspects along with, applications in 3D graphics and visualization. This course is also covering part of OpenGL for graphics. After successful completion of the course student should be able to apply the concepts and techniques to various problem domain and visualization of data sets and processes.
Course 3: CS G526 Advanced Algorithms & Complexity (2015-16 Ist sem, 2014-15 Ist Sem, 2013-14 Ist Sem, 2012-13 Ist Sem)
Objective: is to enable students to explore advanced topics in algorithmic and complexity theory; engage in analysis and design of complex algorithms for real-world problems in application domains; learn and evaluate advanced / novel algorithm design strategies (Randomized algorithms mostly) and techniques; and understand sturdy / open problems in algorithmic or complexity theory by analyzing known approaches and their limitations.
Course 4: IS F242 Computer Organization (2013-14 IInd sem)
The course aims at understanding the important components of a computing system, how these components are interrelated. Also it attempts to look at the problems and methods of designing computers like pipelining, RISC architectures and parallel processing architectures. The treatment on the architecture is general and not specific to a particular processor.  
 Course 5: IS F364 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (2014-15 IInd sem, 2013-14 IInd sem)
 The objective of the course is to introduce students to different paradigm of algorithms and various techniques to analyze them. The analysis is of the correctness of the algorithm and the time complexity (also space complexity). They will also learn about the computational intractability; a class of NP-complete problems and techniques to prove NP-completeness. They will learn major techniques to deal with such computationally intractable set of problems.
Course 6:  CS F111 Computer Programming (2014-15 IInd Sem)
The primary goals of the course are to introduce:
  • Basic representation of data and how to process data using the representation inside a computer.
  • Techniques for specifying data, operations on data, and problem solving using a programming language.
  • Systematic techniques and approaches for constructing programs. 

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