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Lab members

Lab members

Post-Doctoral Fellow

# Name Thesis Title Year started Funding
1 Dr. Vigneshwaran Pitchaimani Alternate day fasting resembles recurrent insulin-induced hypoglycemia model in rat April 2018 SERB-NPDF

PhD Students

S.No Name Thesis Title Year started Status
1 Mr. Almesh Kadakol Role of angiotensin II on vascular epigenetics in the development of atherosclerosis and therapeutic intervention of esculetin under type 2 diabetic conditions associated with renal failure Feb 2013 Completed on 23rd April 2018
2 Mr. Santosh Kumar Goru Role of histone ubiquitination and ACE2 activation in the progression of renal fibrosis in type I diabetic kidney Jan 2014 Completed on 9th Jan 2018
3 Ms. Anuradha Pandey Role of epigenetics in modulating inflammatory response mediated by NF-kB through AT1 or AT2 receptor in the development of renal failure under type II diabetic condition Jan 2014 Completed on 21st  March 2018
4 Mr. Malek Vajir Role of neprilysin in the development of cardiovascular and renal complications associated with type 1 diabetes. Jan 2015
Writing Thesis
5 Ms. Nisha Sharma To study the role of hyperglycemia on the progression of acute kidney injury Jan 2016 Work in progress
6 Mr. Himanshu Sankrityayan To study the role of ER stress in the development of Type I Diabetic Nephropathy July 2018 Completed course work

M Pharm Students

S.No Name Thesis title Year
1 Mr. Jaspreet Singh To evaluate the hepatoprotective and hepatocurative activity of Punica Granatum peels 2013
2 Mr. Virendra Singh Life Saving Potential of NMD 04 Intravenous Fluid Against Animal Models of Hemorrhagic Shock 2013
3 Mr. Vishakh Prabhkar Biological clock and Parkinsonism: Influence of the neurohormone, melatonin on experimental model of Parkinson’s disease (Co-supervisor) 2014
4 Mr. Shreyash Bagal To study the expression of angiotensin – II (AT1 & AT2) receptors, oxidative stress and fibrotic markers in the aorta of type II diabetic rats. 2015
5 Ms. Vibha Kumari To study the different animal models for AKI 2018
6 Ms. Jyotima Mishra Role PARP inhibitors in Firosis 2018

B Pharm Students

S.No Name Thesis/Project title Year
1 Ms. Ananya Role hyperglycemina in kidney injury 2017
2 Mr. Priyank Raj Role of Epigenetics in the development of liver dysfunction under Type II Diabetic conditions 2016
3 Ms. Garima Partial Parallelization of de novo genome assembler. (Co-supervisor) 2015
4 Mr. Karthik Gangavarapu The Cure: Developing an interactive decision tree builder for breast cancer survival prediction. (Co-supervisor) 2014
5 Ms. Anjana Ramnath Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Positron Emission Tomography Drugs 2011
6 Ms. Masuma Hasan Good manufacturing practices For processing of mesenchymal Stromal cells 2011
7 Mr. Monil Thakkar cGMP for Phase I Investigational Drugs 2011

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