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PhD Students


Students working for their PhD
7) Mr Akash Gayakwad (2019PHXP0428P, Jan 2020, BITS Sponsored)
  • PhD qualifying completed on 17th March 2021.
  • PhD thesis proposal on 4th May 2021.
  • Thesis proposal approved on 22nd July 2021.
6) Mr Amrit Kumar (2019PHXF0063P, June 2019, DST sponsored)
  • Thesis proposal presentation on 11/11/2020 on "Studies on thin films of organic and nanomaterials at interfaces and applications"
  • Thesis proposal approved on 25/11/2020. 
  • Research Articles published: 4 (JPCM (IOP), Plasmonics, Europhysics Letters, IEEE TED)
  • JRF to SRF conversion: 5th June 2021
5) Mr Ashutosh Joshi (2017PHXF0035P, March 2017, DST Sponsored)
  • Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance Instruments (Funded by DST India), Joined in March 2017    
  • Thesis proposal presentation on 14/11/2017 on "Development of surface plasmon resonance instrument and its sensing application"
  • Thesis Proposal Approved: 29/1/2018
  • Research Articles published: 3 (Nanotechnology, Plasmonics, Materials Today)
4) Ms. Parul Taneja (2016PHXF0010P)
  • Detection of contaminants in water using functional ultrathin  films (Sponsored by BITS under WWE, DST INDIA)
  • Supervisor: Prof R. K. Gupta (BITS Pilani, Physics Dept)
  • Co-Supervisor: Prof. K. K. Gupta (BITS Pilani, EEE Dept)
  • Thesis proposal presentation on 17/4/2017 on "Development of thin film based sensor"
  • Thesis Proposal Approved: 8/7/2017
  • PhD Thesis Pre-submission seminar: 23rd October 2021
  • PhD Thesis Submission: 24th November 2021
  • Research Articles published: 5 (Cols. Surf. B, IEEE Sensors, Sens & Actu. B, Liq. Cryts., Mol. Sym. )
As Co-Supervisor:
1. Mr Punit Khatri (2017PHXF0009P, Dept of EEE, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus)
    Supervisor: Prof. K. K. Gupta, BITS Pilani, Dept of EEE.
    Co-Supervisor: Prof. R. K. Gupta, BITS Pilani, Dept of Physics    
  • Thesis proposal presentation on 15/11/2017
  • PhD Thesis Pre-submission seminar: 17th November 2021
  • Research Articles published: 5 (MESE, SNCS, JAIHC, IJESD,MAPAN) + 1 book chapter (SpringerNature).
  • Pre-Submission Seminar of PhD Thesis: 17th Nov 2021
  • Thesis Submission: 3rd January 2021
1) Dr. C. Karthik (BSR Fellow, UGC India, ID: 2007PHXF401P )
  • Thin films of liquid crystals (PhD pre-submission seminar held on 28/5/2015)
  • Thesis submitted on 8th July 2015
  • Thesis defended on 21st March 2016. Thesis examiners: (a) Prof Dipak Goswami (IITKGP) (b) Prof A Patnaik (IITM)

Present Address: Pilani 
2) Dr. Monika Poonia (BITS Pilani Sponsored, ID: 2011PHXF028P)
  • Thin films of nanomaterials (PhD pre-submission seminar held on 10/5/2016)
  • Thesis submitted on 15th September 2016
  • Thesis defended on 25th November 2016.
 Present Address: Kansas State University, Lawrence, USA.
3) Dr. Devanarayanan V. P. (DST Sponsored, ID:2011PHXF045P)
  • Development of surface plasmon resonance instrument (DST sponsored Project) 
  • PhD Pre-submission seminar held on 21st November 2016
  • Thesis submitted on 15th December 2016
  • Thesis defended and degree awarded on 26th June 2017.

Present Address: IIT Madras. 


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