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Sponsored Projects


Title: Investigation on Langmuir-Blodgett films of pristine and functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes and application
Funding agency: SERB - Core Research Grant
Duration: 3 yrs
Date of Commencement:  28/3/2019
Fund value: Rs 45.7 Lakhs
 Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow(JRF) for this project.
Title: Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument
Agency: DST, India under IDP
Fund Value: Rs 56 lakhs
Duration: 2 years
Date of commencement: 28th Dec 2016
PI: Dr. RK Gupta
Co-PI: Dr Manjuladevi V.
Industrial Partner: Optiregion, New Delhi 
 Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow(JRF) for this project.
Title: Soft Computing framework based Integrated Multi Sensor Array for Water Quality Assessment: Targeting Fluoride as major parameter
Agency: DST, India under WTI
Proposed Fund: ~ Rs 49 lakhs
PI: Dr. K K Gupta, EEE, BITS Pilani
Co-PI: Dr RK Gupta (Physics)
Date of commencement: 23/12/2016
 Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow(JRF) for this project.
Projects Completed:
Title: Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument with a novel optical design
Agency: Department of Science, India under IDP
Fund: Rs 25.66 Lakhs
Duration: 3 years (2010 - 2013)
Co-PI: Dr. Manjuladevi V.
Participating Industry: Optiregion, New Delhi
Awarded 7 out of 10 by DST. 
Title of the main project: "Rooftop rainwater harvesting for sale potable healthy drinking
water and ground water replenishment for BITS Pilani campus "
PI: Prof Rajiv Gupta
RK Gupta (Co-PI) and P Shukla (Co-I) are working on sub project titled as
Detection of contaminants in water using functional ultrathin films
Agency: BITS Pilani under Waste Water Energy
Date: 17/2/2014 
Duration: 3 years
Fund value: Rs 10.35 lakhs
Co-I: Dr Paritosh Shukla (Dept of Chemistry, BITS Pilani) 
(A) Title: Development of surface plasmon resonance array biosensor for rapid molecular drug resistance detection for MDR and XDR TB
Agency: DST, India under TDSP
Proposed Fund: ~ Rs 194 lakhs
PI: Dr. RK Gupta (Physics, BITS Pilani) & Dr. Urvashi Singh (AIIMS, New Delhi)
Co-PI: Dr. Manjuladevi V (Physics, BITS Pilani) & Dr. Hitender Gautam (AIIMS, New Delhi) 

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