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Research Guidance

Research Guidance

Research Guidance

Ph.D. (Name, Title, Tentative Month & Year of Completion)
  • Dr. Arshad Javed - "Development of Integrated and Innovative Design Methodologies to Improve Life and Reliability of Compliant Structures and Mechanisms" - April 2014. (Completed)
  • Dr. Sangram Keshari Das - "Some Investigations on Vision based Detection and Tracking of Mobile Robot during Navigation in Structured Environment" - Dec 2020. (Completed)
  • Mr. Chetan Jalendra - "Development of Vision-based controller for Assembly of flexible objects using Industrial Robots" - May 2023 (Submitted)
  • Mr. Amresh Kumar - "Design and Development of Cavitation Machining Process" Dec 2024 (Expected)
  • Mr. Prasun Mukherjee - "Reliability Modeling of Oil and Gas Mining Equipment" - Dec 2024 (Expected)
  • Mr. Ankit Agrwal - "Development of Supply chain strategies for Solar Photovoltaics (PV) to deal with disruptions in Nonrenewable Energy Sectors" - Dec 2024 (Expected)
  • Mr. Iqbal Jawed - Design and Development of Vibration Suppression Strategies for Flexible Objects during Robot Assembly Using Vision and F/T Sensors" - Dec 2026 (Expected)
M.E. Thesis (Name, Title, Year)
  • Srikant Inje, Neural network Approach for Product Design Optimization" Aug 2003.
  • Abhisek Kumar "Taguchi Methods for Robust Design of a Product" Aug 2003.
  • N Gunasekhar "Evolutionary approach for Product design Optimization" Aug 2004.
  • SB Belapure "Design of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Rescue operation" Jan 2006.
  • Arshad Javed, "Failure and Life prediction of a compliant mechanism" Jan 2008
  • Manoj Kumar, "Life testing and Fatigue life estimation of a compliant mechanism" Aug 2010.
  • Prasad Sonar "Design and Development of an exoskeleton for Rehabilitation Engineering" Jan 2012
  • Jigar Patel "Design and Development of Mechatronic 2 – Axis Gimbal for Target Tracking" July 2012.
  • Sujeet Telang "Gesture Based Manipulation of Industrial Robot" July 2017.
  • Anirshu Devroy "Parameter Tolerance Synthesis of Flexible Manipulator" July 2020.

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