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PhD student

PhD student

PhD student

Postdoctoral fellow: 
Dr. Ravi Manohar, who completed his Ph.D. from IIT Mombai under the supervision of Prof. Asmita Mukherji, joined in my CSIR project as a postdoctoral fellow in 2013. He was in my project during the period 2013-14 and worked on "ttbar anomaly and space-time noncommutativity " (Paper). 
Recently, he has joined in a college of University of Mumbai. His current research interests include the application of GPD(Generalized Parton Distribution) in Higgs production at LHC.

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Name      :  Selvaganapathy J  
Research Topic: Some phenomenological aspects of beyond the standard model physics
Status:  Graduated in June 2018. Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.
Educational background: M.Sc from University of Madras

Name       :  Atanu Guha
Research Topic:  Astrophysical and collider signatures of dark matter
Publication: 5 publications
Status:  Graduated in August 2020. Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at IISER Pune.
Educational background: M.Sc from IIT Mumbai

Name      :  Saumyen Kundu
Research Topic: Exotic quark, Dark Matter search in High Energy Colliders 
Publication:  One work is completed. To be communicated to JHEP.
Status:  Ongoing. 
Educational background: M.Sc from Visva Bharati University

Name      :  Payel Sarkar
Research Topic: Inflationary cosmology and its several aspects
Publication:  One work is published in Physica Scripta(2021).
Status:  Ongoing.
Educational background: M.Sc from IIT Guwahati

Name      :  Manish Kumar Sharma 
Research Topic: Neutrino astrophysics, relic density 
Publication:  To be updated
Status:  Ongoing.
Educational background: M.Sc. from IIT Dhanbad.

Name      :  Ashmita  
Research Topic: Dark Energy, Field theoretical aspects of gravity, CMBR 
Publication:  To be updated
Status:  Ongoing.
Educational background: M.Sc. from Himachal Pradesh University.


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