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Student corner

Student corner

Student corner

Few interesting videos - 

1.  Can machine think? R. Feynman (click)
2.  Knowing versus understanding. R. feynman (click
3.  Secret of Concentration. Swami Sarvapriyananda (click
4.  Positive psychology. Seligman (click)  
5.  Secret of happiness. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  (click

Students who are interested to work on project problems in semester 1, 2021-22, are requested to fill the google form click here on or before 17th April 2021. 
Project topics:
1. Data Analytics in Financial Markets
2. Machine Learning in Stock Market Predictions
4. Machine learning cosmological structure formation
5. Type 1a SNe and Machine Learning
6. Machine Learning in the Classification of Stars and Galaxies
7.  Quantum Computation as a high school module.
NEW: Students who may work under my supervision in Semester 1, 2021-22 after getting registered into project (SOP, CP) type course. 
NameID No.Title of the project
Cheriyan Homey 2019B5A80558GAnalysis of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation with Deep Learning
Rutvik Keche2018B5A30077GQuantum Computation as a high school module
Vishnu R Nambiar2018B5AA0865GMachine Learning in the Classification of Stars and Galaxies
Siddhant Lakhaiyar2018B5A70583GQuantum Computation as a high school module
Yash Bhartia2019A7PS0151GMachine Learning in Stock Market Predictions
Aritra Mukherjee2018B5A30656GMachine Learning in Stock Market Predictions

Area of Study Project Problems
Astronomy & Astrophysics
1. The cradle of life: Astro-biology
2. Extraterrestrial Intelligence
3. Cosmology expansion rate measurement
4. Nature of Dark Matter
5. Cosmology(acceleration) with Dark Energy
6. Gravitational lensing
7. Gravitational wave in Astronomy
8. Hydrogen-I science in cosmology
9. Re-ionisation problem
10. Transient universe
11. Supernovae and its remnants
12. Pulsar science
13. Angular momentum in cosmology
14. Galaxy formation and Dark Matter 
15. Radio-Astronomy
16. The world as viewed by HST
Computer  Projects
1. GEAS(General Education Astronomy Source) project
UG Thesis problems: 
High Energy Physics:
After the discovery of Higgs particle (also known as GOD particle) at Large Hadron Collider@CERN on 4th July,2012, the next question now people are asking: what's next? Is there anything beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics? Is there any kind of New Physics. If yes, how it looks like and how to probe this. Can one test these ideas in high energy colliders e.g. proton-proton Large Hadron Collider, electron-positron Linear Collider?
Problem:  Searching for New Physics signatures at high energy electron - positron linear collider. 
Prerequisites: Understanding of Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and familiarity with the basics of Particle Physics. 
In 1987 the core collapse supernova (SN1987A) was observed in a nearby galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud. The total energy emitted in SN1987A explosion was larger than that by 10 billion Suns. The kinetic energy of the explosion carries about 1% of the gravitational binding energy of about  ergs and the remaining 99% going into neutrinos.
Now the numerical neutrino light curves can be compared with the SN1987A data where the measured energies are found to be “too low”.It is remain unclear whether this anomaly is due to a statistical problem or whether there is some New Physics.  

Problem: Constraining new physics from supernova, relic density constraint 
Prerequisites: Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics. Some familiarity  with Quantum Field Theory may be useful. 
  •  To know more about my research work and my group, click here.
SKA India: BITS Goa student activities: Recently, Five students  from BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus working in the Radio Telescope project under the leadership of Dr. P K Das took part in the event Vigyan Samagam 2019.  They conducted two session (i) Astro Quiz and (ii) Radio Telescope making workshop during the SKA week (17th - 23rd June, 2019). A complete report for this is available here (click).

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