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Materials Physics Lab for Solid State Ionics research

Materials Physics Lab for Solid State Ionics research


*Students interested in PhD may write to Prof Dalvi*
Materials Physics Laboratory for solid state ionics research was created by Prof. Anshuman Dalvi in 2006. The lab is equipped for synthesis and characterization of materials for all-solid-state battery ans supercapacitor applications. Lab has following facilities:
  • AUTOLAB 204 Electrochemical workstation (2 channel galvanostatic charge-discharge with CV and EIS) 
  • Gamry Electrochemical workstation (galvanostatic charge-discharge with CV and EIS)
  • BET Surface area analyzer (Belsorp MiniX) 
  • Vacuum Oven 
  • HIOKI IM 3570 impedance analyzer (4Hz-5 MHz) for impedance spectroscopy
  • HIOKI 3522-50 LCR meter (1mHz to 100kHz)
  • HIOKI 3532-50 LCR meter (42Hz-5MHz)
  • Scientific LCR meter 
  • High resolution Keysight multimeters
  • Keithley electrometer
  • Temperature controllers - PID controller Libratherm PRC 309; Multispan  421P
  • Ionic mobility setup by transient ion current technique (homemade) 
  • A Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat (home made) for 150-300K. 
  • High temperature electrical transport studies (300-1000K)
2. Synthesis
  • Fritsch P6 planetary ball mill (with 80 mL Agate, Zirconia, and Tungsten carbide pots and balls)
  • Polymer Spin coating unit
  • Lanton Furnace (300-1400K)
  • Polymer Hot press (Microtech)
  • Mac Furnace (300-1000K)
  • Microwave oven 
  • Controlled atmosphere Glove Box (MTI)
  • Shimadzu Digital balance (0.01 mg)
  • Hydraulic press (10 T)
  • Hydrtothermal Autoclave (50 mL)
3. Structural Studies
  •  X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku miniflex-II) from DST-FIST support
  •  Homemade Differential thermal analyzer (DTA)
4. Lithium/Lithium ion 2032 coin cell fabrication unit (Ranga Techno Implex)

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