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International Journals:
  1.  Karthika Suresh Kumar and R.Gomathi Bhavani, Forecasting Photovoltaic Power Output using Long Short-Term Memory and Neural Network Models,  International Journal on Engineering Applications (Italy) (Accepted for publication).
  2. M. Utsav and R. Gomathi Bhavani, 2-D Terrain Chart Mapping for a Navigation Robot using Tactile Sensor for System Modelling, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences  Vol. 14, No. 19, 2019, pp. 7187-7192.
  3. Parth Anant Berde and R. Gomathi Bhavani , Investigation of Energy savings potential for a University in Dubai", Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 6, No. 7, ISSN: 2141-7024, pp. 231-235, 2015.
  4. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, Advanced Lighting Simulation Tools for Daylighting Purpose: Powerful features and Related Issues. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, Vol. 6, No. 4, 2011, pp. 345-363.
  5. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, Intelligent Controllers for Integrated Lighting Schemes: Model Based Approach combining Simulator and Learning, International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology (UK Simulation Society), Vol. 11, No. 4, 2010, pp.33-40.
  6. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, An Intelligent Simulation Model for Blind Position Control in Daylighting Schemes in Buildings. Building Simulation: An International Journal (Springer), Vol. 2, No. 4, 2009, pp. 253-262.
  7. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M.A. Khan, Prevalence and Penetration of Lighting Control Systems in Dubai Buildings: A pointer to Future Measures. Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 19, 2008, pp. 3460-3466.

International Conferences: 

  1.           Samyuktha Athiban and Gomathi Bhavani, Optimal Performance Analysis of Building Interiors using IES VE2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Fluid and Thermal Sciences (iCRAFT 2020), BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, Dubai, UAE, March 19-21, 2021

    2.     Arjun Venkatesh and R. Gomathi Bhavani, Mathematical Modelling of Probability and Profit of Single Zero Roulette to Enhance Understanding of Bets,  International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computational Intelligence,  NIT Agartala, Tripura, India, March 19-20, 2020

    3.     Gaurav Saxena, Lavika Goel, Gomathi Bhavani, Shilpee S Saxena, Survey of Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms in Fuzzy Control Systems. International Conference on Differential Equations and Control Problems, Modeling, Analysis and Computations (ICDECP19), Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India, June 17-19, 2019

    4.     Swetha Sivakumar and R. Gomathi Bhavani, Image processing based system for intrusion detection and home security enhancement, 2018 3rd IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information & Communication Technology (RTEICT-2018), pp. 1676- 1680, Bangalore, May 18-19, 2018.

    5.     Steve Lobo and R.Gomathi Bhavani, Performance and Comparative Analysis of a Medium Sized, Grid Connected Photovoltaic System for Some Locations in the UAE, Proceedings of 2018 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia (ISGT Asia), pp. 1215- 1220, Singapore, May 22- 25, 2018.

    6.     Raunaq Saraf and R Gomathi Bhavani, Assessment of Daylight Performance of a Commercial Office Space in Hot, Arid Climate for Enhanced Visual Comfort Conditions, Proceedings of 2017 IEEE International (Biennial) Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy, pp. 412-417, Kollam, India, December 21-23, 2017.

    7.     Lauren Alisha Fernandes and R. Gomathi Bhavani, “Comparative Performance Evaluation and Assessment of Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Light Emitting Diodes”, Proceedings of 2016 IEEE 59th International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), pp. 597-600, Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 16-19, 2016.

    8.     Friedrich Samuel and R. Gomathi Bhavani, “ GPS Based System for Detection and Control of Maritime Boundary Intruding Boats”, Proceedings of 2016 IEEE 59th International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), pp. 601-604, Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 16-19, 2016.

    9.     Parth Anant Berde and R. Gomathi Bhavani, "Investigation for reducing Energy Consumption for a University Campus in Dubai using Automation", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computing Systems (IEEE RAICS), Trivandrum, Dec 10 – 12, 2015, pp. 358-363, 2015.

    10. Neenu Sivanand, Srinivasan S V, Gomathi Bhavani, Physical Level IC Implementation for Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motors, 4th International Symposium on Next Generation Electronics (IEEE ISNE 2015), Taipei, Taiwan, May 4-6, 2015.

    11. Parth Anand Berde and R. Gomathi Bhavani , Investigation of Energy savings potential for a University in Dubai, International Conference on National Capacity Building Strategy for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation, Pg 518-522, Dubai, UAE, May 26-28, 2015.   

    12. R. Gomathi Bhavani and Maya Mohan, Awareness on Lighting Energy Saving and User Satisfaction in Residential and Office Buildings, International Conference on Biological, Civil and Environmental Engineering, pp. 211-215, Dubai UAE, March 17-18, 2014. 

    13. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, Daylight Harvesting: Principles and Design Aspects. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Solar Radiation and Day Lighting (SOLARIS 2007), pp. 140-144, presented at IIT, Delhi, India, Feb. 7-9, 2007.

    14. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, The Vital Role Played by Building Automation Systems in Equipment Control and Energy Management on Real Time Basis. In: Proceedings of National Conference on Energy Management in Marine and Engineering Applications (EMMEA 2007), pp. 260-267, presented at TMI, Induri, Pune, India, March 2-3, 2007.

    15. R. Gomathi Bhavani and M. A. Khan, Present Trends and Future Direction of Lighting Control in Dubai. Paper presented at the 4th IEEE-Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Conference 2007, at the Gulf International Convention Centre, Manama, Bahrain, Nov. 11-14, 2007.

    16. Syed Hasan, R. Gomathi Bhavani and M.A. Khan, Authorization in Biometric Systems using one-way encryption, The 10th Inetrnational Symposium on wireless personal multimedia communication (WPMC 2007), Paper presented at Birla Science and Technology Centre, Jaipur, India, December 3-7, 2007.

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