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PhD Students

Research Scholars

Research Scholars

S.No. Students Name  Category  Email  Status
1 Prof. D M Kulkarni  Lecturer   Completed
2 Dr. V V S N Prasad  Lecturer   Completed
3 Dr. Sachin D Waigaonkar  Lecturer   Completed
4 Dr. Abhishek Kumar  Lecturer  -   Completed
5 Dr. C. P. Kiran  Lecturer  -   Completed
6 Dr. Dillip Kumar Mohanty  Lecturer   Completed
7 Dr. Raghvendra Dutta Naik  Lecturer   Completed
8 Dr. Vikas V Chaudhari  Lecturer   Completed
9 Dr. Varinder Singh  Lecturer   Completed
10 Dr. Kiran D Mali  Lecturer   Completed
11 Dr. P L Ramkumar  Lecturer   Completed
12 Dr. Girish Chandran V  Full Time   Completed
13 Dr. A. C. Kulkarni  Lecturer  -   Completed
14 Dr. M Sreedhar Babu  Lecturer   Completed
15 Dr. Vishal Vasantrao Patil  Part Time   Completed
16 Dr. Mullya Satish Anand  Part Time   Completed
17 Harichandra Uttam Chandekar  Part Time   Ongoing
18 Mahesh Dasar  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
19  Full Time   Ongoing
20 Dixit Swadesh Sandesh  Full Time   Ongoing
21 Hendre Kedar Madhukar  Part Time   Ongoing
22 Harugade Mukund Laxman  Part Time   Ongoing
23 Ravindra Singh Saluja  Lecturer   Ongoing
24 Abhilash Kumar Tilak  Lecturer   Ongoing
25 Naveen K S  Full Time   Ongoing
26 Chandrashekhar Chauhan  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
27 Pozhil S N  Full Time   Ongoing
28 Amal S. Siju  Lecturer   Ongoing
29 Manoj Kumar Hilalpure  Full Time   Ongoing
30 Mahesh Madhukar Patil  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
31 Nikhil Shrikant Mane  Full Time   Ongoing
32 Pritam Vivek Kulkarni  Part Time   Ongoing
33 Gangipamula Rajavamsi  Part Time   Ongoing
34 Pathan Firojkhan Zinnatkhan  Part Time   Ongoing
35 Mane Sanjay Pandurang  Full Time   Ongoing
36 Gavade Atul Arjun  Full Time   Ongoing
37 Suhas Nayaku Ankalkhope  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
38 Ravi Raj B. M.  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
39 Vipin Gupta  Full Time (JRF/SRF)   Ongoing
40 Sudhanwa Mahesh Kulkarni  Full Time   Ongoing

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